Hey guys my name is Jewellianna Palencia, AKA JeweJeweBee and today I’m here to show you my realistic nighttime hair routine
and usually I’m listening to music before I go to sleep. And then you know I
decide to go to sleep and when I wake up the next morning when I don’t wrap my
hair, my hair is all over the pillow….Okay this may be a little bit dramatic. But
I’m going to show you my hair routine to keep my hair healthy and on my head and
my hair growing long and strong. So usually by the end of the day, when I’m
at home I don’t even recognize that hair in the mirror. That’s not the hair that’s
on Instagram. That’s not the hair that you all see on YouTube. But this is how my hair
looks by the end of the day and a long weekend. So my hair is pretty stiff and
dry right now so I’m going to show you guys how I moisturize my hair and take
care of it at the end of the day. And I actually have three different hair
routines depending on which wash day I’m on! So thank you to SLAPS by Grace Eleyae for helping me make this video! I’m using their satin and scrunchie right now. And it
helps to keep my hair protected while it’s in a bun or a ponytail at night.
And it also prevents any bends in my hair. So this is my day one hair routine. This
is the hair routine that I do when I just wash my hair and there’s no frizz
and there’s really nothing to do because my hair is freshly moisturized. All I do
is put it up in this really quick bun. I don’t refresh it. I usually don’t put
any products in it. I just put it up and go to sleep. Right here I’m using my SLAP which is Grace Eleyae’s Satin Lined Cap and as you
guessed it it is lined on the inside with satin just like the scrunchies. And
this helps to protect my hair at night. I like how long it is so it can fit
my massive bun while still covering my scalp. BUT it doesn’t have any ties or
any elastic–like tight elastic–on the inside. So I can sleep
comfortably at night because I actually gave up hair ties and hair caps for a
while because they were just irritating at night, but this one is comfortable. So
the next routine is my day 2-3 hair routine and this is where my hair gets a
little frizzier. Right here is the Innate Life Scalp Treatment, and a little
bit spilled out. But this stuff is expensive so I literally am NOT going to
waste any; I picked it right back up. So I’m going to be using this oil to give
myself a scalp massage. And scalp massages are awesome for hair growth! If
you guys follow me you know that I had a haircut a few months ago that I didn’t
really want. And so I’ve been using scalp massages to grow my hair back because
they stimulate the hair follicle and they increase blood flow, which helps
your hair to grow. And I noticed a significant difference when I use this
technique. And here I’m just wetting my hair with water. I’m only wetting the area
that gets frizzy. So that tends to be my edges in the back of my hair.
As you guys can see the curls at the bottom are good, but it’s just
this area that tends to get frizzy. After putting water on it, I like to take my
ORS Olive Oil for Natural’s leave-in conditioner. And I’m literally applying it like it’s
relaxer… I don’t know why I’m doing tha. I just enjoy doing it that way! I applied that all over the front of my hair, and also the back of my hair. Then, I take this bristle brush. This brush is so soft so you don’t have to
worry about it tearing out your hair, or anything like that. And I take my bristle brush and I just smooth the edges of my hair. Then next,
I twist my hair into a bun. So I don’t just–you know– do a loose/ messy bun. I try to twist it into a bun that stretches my curls out a lot. I actually have a
video on this and I’ll leave it down in the description box below. But this is
how I stretch my hair overnight! And THIS is my day 2-3 hair routine. And of
course, I put my hair cap over it so that it can stay smooth and sleek all night! And next is onto my day 4 and up hair
routine! So right here I’m saying good night to my Mama! But if you guys
follow me, you know that I typically wash my hair on day 3 or 4. So I usually don’t
have to do this routine. I only do it if I like really just don’t feel like
washing my hair… or if I just want to stretch my hair out! So what I do is I
wet my hair with water–of course. And I make sure that I focused the water a lot
on the ends, because those tend to get dry. And those are also the oldest
parts of your hair so you want to make sure that the ends of your hair always
stay moisturized. If you don’t moisturize anything else, moisturize those ends! Right there it’s the same leave-in conditioner and I added a little bit of
my Jirano Oil Blends to it. I think that’s what it is… I think it might be sold out
or discontinued. But you can use any oil! I put that all over my hair and I
brushed the top of my hair. Next–I don’t know why I look like I have a
crook neck–but I’m using my Eco Styler gel to smooth down my edges and the top
of my hair. And then I just brushed that through. As you guys can see, this
brush is really really soft, like I said before. It’s very gentle on the hair. There’s a rough side, but I usually use the gentle side just to make sure that
I’m treating my hair very very nice. The next thing I do, is braid up my hair.
Like I said before, I do this day 4 and up hair routine anytime but I always do
it after day 4. The benefit of this routine is that it not only stretches my
hair out, but it helps to keep my hair moisturized and also helps a little bit
with detangling when I finally wash my hair. Because I’m braiding it up, it’s
stretching out my hair. It’s keeping the curls separated and
elongating the curls a little bit. I don’t know why my hair so stiff this day…
like it’s crazy. But anyway, these braids really helps to stretch my hair, protect it, keep it moisturized and
elongates the curls for wash days. Right here is my Grace Eyelae Satin
Pillowcase. You can choose to put a cap over your hair. This one is a
different color; it’s the Olive one. But if you prefer you can also sleep with just
a satin pillowcase and no cap. And that toss and turn as much as
you want, and your hair will still be protected. So thank you guys so much for
watching this video! I hope you enjoyed it! Leave your night time hair routine down in
the comments below! I would love to hear what it is! I hope you guys have a great
day… Bye!