Before I talk let me just enjoy this air-conditioning. Every time I film in the car it’s always hot. Why do I do this to myself? Hello my frens it’s Nina and for this video I~ am on the road. I wanted to take you guys out. Just wanted to have a chill time with you guys. So I’m going shopping. I’ve been meaning to thrift shop for a very long time. It’s been months now and I keep waiting for someone to go thrift shopping with me but at this point I can’t wait any longer for my friends to make time and go thrift shopping with me, so I’m doing this by myself. I am gonna go and shop till I drop Usually when I go thrift shopping, it’s mostly successful. Like I got this top from a thrift store and I got these pants that I always wear from a thirst store, so hopefully it’ll be good? Who knows, but I really need clothing. Also it’s really hot again. Hold on. Ah I’m looking for t-shirts like this. I have no summer clothing cuz I donated all of it during winter, thinking I wasn’t gonna need it, but look at me now I have no summer clothing. Then hopefully I can find some more mom jeans. I also need a belt, this belt’s just way too big now. If I could find some room decor, that’d be great too and then some jackets maybe. I just need a lot. Without further ado we’re gonna get going cuz I’m fricking sweaty Safe driving y’all! Always look left and right. So I am going to a thrift store called Savers. It’s a very big thrift store. A very big thrift store and hey sir HEY It’s a four-way intersection sir, if I came before you then you stop, okay? Why are people so entitled? So I am going to a thrift store called Savers. It is a very big thrift store. I looked it up on Yelp, and it looks great so hopefully I’ll be able to find something. I just really need clothing. It may look like I’m driving without hands, but don’t worry. My hands are here. Let’s listen to some tUNES. (crystal snow – bts) (closer – oh my girl) (best of me – bts) (press your number – taemin) (silver spoon (baepsae) – bts) *lowers music so she can see better* I have arrived. Now let me just make sure I parked right. I haven’t thrifted in months, so this is going to be quite an adventure. All right, so I’m gonna get out now it’s time to do this. I want to look through all the sweaters. I need turtlenecks. There’s an entire men’s section that I didn’t go through and I’m already like above budget. I don’t know what to do. I’m gonna have to come back again. Wow. This is the fit. So like all the clothes I was kind of looking for, now I found them but I already got a lot of stuff so Gonna have to come back. I actually look like a cartoon character. Oh hey, Cal. There’s an entire flower vase section. Should I get Joonie a pot? There are too many sections, I don’t know what to do I’m gonna need to come back The damage is dONE I was literally in Savers for probably three hours. So I said I came here with intentions to buy summer clothing. I ended up not buying that much summer clothing at all I feel like I only got went to clothing. Me being me, I like winter clothes and winter clothing is expensive. So I’m happy with what I got. But that is all the thrifting I’m doing for today. I got a lot of stuff so I’m just gonna go home. I’m gonna show you everything I got. Do a try on haul, all that. So let’s go. (peek a boo – red velvet) (danger – bts) Went the wrong way. (limitless – nct 127) How did I just go the wrong way dang it (if you – bigbang) (pied piper – bts) Someone always parks in my parking space. This is my parking space. Who do you think you are? Running round leaving scars? (fire – bts) This video is sponsored by water. It’s good for you, keeps you alive. Anywho, we have arrived home. So I am going to go inside and show you what I got right now Alright so now that we are here we are going to go through this haul very quickly because the sun is going down. I took a little break. Also, my battery is running out of juice so I’m just gonna go through this very quickly. I got 10 items for a total of 51 dollars. But honestly if I went to a mall, for 50 dollars I could have gotten a sweater and like maybe a t-shirt or two So I’m, I think it’s a deal. But anywho, let’s get into it. So one item I got is what I was looking for, which is a t-shirt. It is this red Polo Ralph Lauren t-shirt. It was $2.50. You can tie it up. You can wear it around the house. It’s a great t-shirt. It’s red. $2.50. Along with that I also got another t-shirt, which is yellow. It also happens to be Polo Ralph Lauren. I don’t know how that happened but it just happened. I’ve been really wanting a yellow shirt. So I’m glad that I found this for two dollars. Next I have this button-up shirt. It is a tan striped pattern. I really like the pattern and it was $3.50. You can easily just put this over any outfit as a cover-up. You can wear it by itself I don’t know what you want to do with it, but it’s very versatile, and I’m happy about it. Next thing I got is very interesting and it is a pair of overalls. I don’t own a pair of overalls and I’ve never really worn overalls but I just wanted a pair of overalls. This pair of overalls was $8.99 But because it was a yellow tag and savers was having a yellow tag discount This was 50% off so it ended up being $4.50. They were just calling my name and if I’m ever feeling quirky and bold I’m gonna wear these. Next I just have a simple tank top. I have no tank tops especially tank tops that you can just wear by itself so it’s this nice maroon color and it was $2.00 and then now we are going into the winter section. I really like winter. So I am very glad I got these I just love winter clothing So the first item I’m gonna talk about is this red sweater. It is a knit… knitted sweater. I got a red sweater. I really wanted a red sweater I finally have it and I got this for four dollars Next item is a green zipper hoody It is just a casual hoodie that I can wear on a cozy day if I’m running outside of the house I can just throw this on I love zipper hoodies, but I don’t have enough and this is green so it’s just another fun color and I got this for $7.50, it was a little bit pricey but I really liked so I just got it. And then next I got oh my god this actually made me scream when I saw it. It was this gray Champion crewneck sweatshirt. I got this for $7.50 which is a fricking deal. This is just perfect for a lazy day and every day I dress lazy so this is just another addition to my collection, and I’m so happy about it $7.50! What?? Next thing I got is a giant turtleneck sweater. It is giant. Look at how giant this turtleneck is. I got this for $8. Sweaters like these can be so pricy and I’ve wanted a giant turtleneck sweater like this so I’m very happy about it I’m happy about all my purchases. And then finally I got this cashmere sweater. I just love this mock neck style and it’s like this nice Dark navy color. This cashmere sweater was six dollars and it just looks great with pants and anything you want to wear with it just everything looked great and I am so excited to wear these. But that ends this try on haul which ends this video. I hope you enjoyed thrifting with me. I enjoyed this time. It was a great time for us. It was pretty successful too. I’m gonna go now. I am going to take care of these clothes and I’m going to rest, it’s been a long day. So thank you for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it and we are going to end it with a hug as usual. So that will be it. Hope you enjoyed thrifting with me. I will see you next time! Come in for a hug. Goodbye Bless me