What is EMI? What is No cost EMI? How to Calculate EMI & No cost EMI? What is difference between EMI & No cost EMI If you want to buy any product So how can you buy that product with No costEMI Offer What will the company benefit from this And most importantly This is what many people say That if we buy that product with No Cost EMI offers That product will not be Good quality So is this right Let’s know Unlocking Something Whenever you go from an online or offline store Buy any product Then there are mainly two ways to payment The first way is that You have to give a total amount of the product price as soon as you buy the product. But that is the other way That’s of EMI Whose Full Form is Equated Monthly Installment Or, Easy Installment This option is for those people People who want to buy a product But they do not want to buy that product by making full payment They want to buy that product too And its price is amount Let him Pay n installment in few months So that no pressure on them and their payment can also be completed. So now we get to know what is the full concept of EMI How to calculate EMI or Installment? Friends, whenever you want to purchase a product on EMI So the company first knows this from you How long do you want to buy that product for the installation And accordingly, the company Charge interest on your product price. Interest amount & Product Price After adding that the amount comes For the number of months you are purchasing that product for installmen that times divide the total amount And this way you have A smaill amount of your product price have to give Every month with interest So, this is the Concept of EMIs Now matters comes of No cost EMI How to Calculate No cost EMI No cost EMI is also Calculate like EMI But in No cost EMI process do not have to give
interest Which division is here According to your EMI month, it is your product price. It means that Whenever you buy any product yourself, On No cost EMI So first of all, Company know from you how many months you want take for installment And after that, your product price is divided into equal parts. And in this way, only a small part of your product price Every month the company has to pay There is no interest here The amount of money you had to pay here was to make a full payment at a time when you bought that product. The same amount you are giving to the installation Do not giving anything extra But if you buy on EMI So he gets a peak interest extra So this interest is what happens to friends, the company gets benefited The first advantage is to get the company from here Now it comes to the fact that if you want to buy any product on EMI then So what do you need? Friend if you wany to buy any product on EMI The most important thing is that it is a card You must have a financial card Like Debit Card, Credit Card , Bajaj Finserv EMI Card You should have any card like this So if you have a card then it’s right But if you do not have these cards hen how can you make these cards? This video link will get you in the description You can know how to make these cards by looking at it So friens if you have these card The how can you buy products on No cost EMI First of all you have to find out The product you want to buy Is there any offer for that No cost EMI? And if it is going So what do you have to do Go to the product detail page And he has to see that the where is EMI option And after that you have to click on EMI When you gone to the EMI Option If the offer of No Cost EMI is going on, you will see 2 options. EMI & No cost EMI Then you have to click on No cost EMI Then, on which bank’s card means in which bank’s Debit card, Credit card financial card Offer of No Cost EMI will be running that’s all cards are showing here So the card you have from them is to click on it As soon as you click on that then there will shows you If you want to get 3 months’ installation then how much amount will have to pay monthly and if want to get 6 month installment Then how much amount you have to pay monthly Like these you can gets option of 24 months So,From there you can know how much amount you have to pay monthly But if there is not running No cost EMI offer So there is showing two options then only one option is showing there Of EMI and when you click on that So all the cards which I am getting EMI are showing So, which card you have you have to click on that card When you click on you card name then there also showing time what you can get for installment that what amount you have to pay monthly And along with it, there will also show you the interstate rate also That if you take a 3 month installment, then you have to give an interest of% if you take 6 month installment then waht %age of interest you have to Pay Like this you also can get 24 months option So,rom here you can know how much amount you have to Pay how much time you can get fro EMI All other information are here So it is now that if you have to buy then how you will buy The way you buy any product you buy for friends In the same way you have to click on the buy now Then do checkout and select your address then you comes in Payment Gateway So the payment gateway will be showing you 4 or 5 options One of which option will be of EMI So, you have to select EMIoption Then click on continue As soon as you click on continue So many more cards will come in the next page Then click on the card you have on the card. If you click on that card then a new page will open again. In which the installment time will be showing then which option you want to selecet you can select it Aftere then click on continue the option come to Fill your card details Then fill the card details of the card you have here. Afeter filled again click on continue then you get one OTP in you card Registered Mobile no. you have to fill that otp here Afetr Filling OTP your order will be Placed o,In this way you can buy any Product With No cost EMI So now it comes to the benefit of the company We are not even giving pay interest here The advantage is that Well people who can not buy that product by making full payment at one go When those people see that the No cost EMI has been offered on this product at No Cost Amy Then they also want to buy that product Because of which the product starts selling more And when it sells more, the seller is also more profitable. So what happens here is that the bank offering you No Cost EMI And the seller who is selling this product Both have tieup The bank says that because of me the products you sell We have to share the profit margins in it And here the Seller and the bank both share the profit margins of Product Because of that banks and Sellar both gets benifited So now it is said that many people say this Do not buy a product with No Cost EMI Offer Because the product is not of good quality is this Right No, Friends This is not exactly right Because the number of E-commerce Websited in the place here Every website’s payment gateway remains in this way The seller does not know how the customer has paid EMI, Debit Card,Net Banking or any other method it only shows whether a custom prepaid order is placed or a COD order So how will they be able to judge who produces the product well, to whom the product is not good And if he started sending bad products to all the people So here it will be so The market will spread that their product is not good And secondly, there are many ways to do this on the website. Which gives feedback on that How is their product bad or good That product is selling bad or selling good So now you may be thinking that I had already said before that there was a tieup of both bankers and sellers So in this way both would know But it’s not like the friends here is the algorithm of knowing order detail How many of your product sold due to Banks offer This is not a Daily, it is not that they knows monthly Whenever you order, delivery date is 3 to 4 days means Ordering and delivering the product home This total process gets completed in 4 to 5 days Whatever you order from anywhere So they know the monthly So after buying your product, they know that Which custom is buying on EMI and which custmer buy with Direct Payment So,These are the process of EMI So friends still have no concession related to you. You can comment in our comment box Otherwise, you can direct message on our Facebook page. You will get reply immediately