I’m Alister Latter. I founded Nubuc
in 2008. It’s a small shop in Zurich selling clothes and accessories.
We now have 3 employees. I started out doing photography
for small fashion labels: that’s how I got into the fashion industry.
Then I decided to start my own shop. Two years on we added an online store,
which really helped boost our sales. Combining Google AdWords
and Analytics shows me exactly which ads are working, for which
clients, keywords or products. Google Shopping is good for us because
the search results include pictures, – so of course it’s much easier
to sell clothes and accessories. AdWords accounts for 50% of our growth
and 30% of our sales. Google products are easy to use
and give you a constant overview of your advertising costs. You know
exactly where your money’s going. We’re hoping to open a second shop,
and to rent a warehouse to boost the efficiency
of our online store.