today we feast like kings – we’re hunting
half dollars that’s right everyone it’s Rob with Rob finds treasure and I’m gonna be doing a two-box half dollar hunt I have several boxes that I’m picking up
this week I thought why not hunt a couple of boxes you guys know that I
have had a lot of success I think 18 straight streams where I found at least
one silver coin there’s two boxes here they’re the lucky boxes with the stamps
on them I’m picking up a ton from this bank this week so I figured why not hunt
these two that are left over from last week figured also I’d do a live opening
with you see if we can get lucky and find
ourselves a vendor with the nature you can ask it a lot it’s a role that has a
coin of some value on the end could be a proof could be a silver could be a Ford
could be an NISC so we’re hoping for an ender it’s always
fun to find him but you never know till you get into the box if we can all right
let’s get this box Wow a little bit of a tough spot there there we go well we do
have kind of a tender we have a coin with the hole in it but that’s not what
we’re looking for we’re looking for silver and on a quick perusing does it
look very promising I don’t see anything silver we haven’t checked the other side
yet but we’ll save those ends for as we hunt all right boxwood not looking great
but it’s not what’s on the outside that matters
it’s what’s on the inside rule 21 and this is why we hunt half dollars pretty
bad tear job but it didn’t matter we expose something silvery hopefully it’s
a true silver and not a painted coin although I don’t find a lot of painted
coins it does look pretty good too this could be 90% and it is 1964 Philadelphia minted I
believe my eyes could be deceiving me Philadelphia minted half dollar that is
how you start off a box before you get to the halfway mark I’ll take it
silver in the box silver on the board 29 more rolls to go same roll
oh no six nifc roll number 26 and we’ve got kind of a toasty 2014 and is e but
gotta add it to the finds and you probably saw right behind it as it
turned my camera off I know 5n is c2n IOC’s in a row roll number 34
just place 274 D under the microscope and sure enough double serifs on the
floor doubling on the are the T doubled serifs appear on the you doubling on the
s and doubling on the T and this is a really good example cuz there’s even
doubling on the Y the T a little bit on top of the are a little bit on the B the
eye very fun example even on that 9 definitely will take this and added to
the collection I find a lot of these I’ve got over a roll found on my own and
over a roll found for my subscribers so we can find them and we’ll take another
one roll number 44 and we’re finally gonna get another find it’s our fourth
NISC from oh five so hopefully finding at nifc which proved to find silver last
time gets us another silver out of this box
let’s keep looking and hoping box one is hunted
just that one lone silver enroll 21 but I will take a 90 percent silver all day
I think that was four in IFC’s and 174 d-d-do not a bad bucks I’ll take another
one just like it or I’ll take one better let me clear
this away and let’s do an ender search all right
Branford ender but it’s not goodies inside very similar to the last box I do
not see any end coins that say that they are silver or proofs porns so same as
the last box let’s kick it off with the first roll let’s see if we can find some
more those roll number four and I’m not gonna reroll these to save some time but
and I have C number 5 2007 roll number 5 had three NIF C’s all 2004 might be an N
IFC box I won’t bring in for all of them but I will recap some times 3 in that
role 8 now for the hunt roll 23 a box – and I’m telling you something’s going on
lately because I’ve been fine and silver like 1 in every box only and that looks
like it’s going to be another 90% it also looks like it might be older now I
could be wrong maybe it’s not even silver maybe I’m blind as a bat but I
have to bring you in on this one cuz it does look like it could be old it’s a Walking Liberty half dollar
unbelievable a Denver Mint 1941 and it is beat up but
I don’t care a Walking Liberty half dollar in the box
we have been finding a lot of these lately
in these boxes that white or the top off that’s marked with that 3365 stamp and
unbelievable I’ll take that all day to 90% hopefully it’s not the curse of the
one Walker because I have found boxes that had one Walker either as an end or
an ender and that was it still we got a Benjie want the trifecta
let’s get back to the hunt we’re all 27 not gonna be silver another 74 D
underneath the scope right there and sure enough another poor example but it
is a double to die obverse as you can see clearly I don’t need to keep
pointing it out every time but it’s another obvious one it looks good at
first inspection but under the scope you can see it’s ugly
either way second double die of the hunt along with two 90s and I think twelve
and IFC’s now well we finished the second box 100 rolls of half dollars
hundred and you know what I will definitely take this hunt we got 17 nifc
s11 from oh four to five and oh six oh seven fourteen and an 18 we got 274 d
double die obverses I’ll take those we even found a gold-plated one it’s
lightly gold-plated but it’s a Bicentennial so I’ll be keeping it and
then ironically one 90 percenter and both boxes right in the middle of the
box pretty much roll 21 and like roll 28 or 29 I can’t really remember but either
way crazy I’ll take to 90% and this gets me thinking we found a Benjie in the box
I did on silver seekers Christmas corner on right around the 25th roll as well so
three straight boxes with one 90 percenter one Kennedy one Walker one
Benjie the irony either way can’t turn down silver can’t turn down varieties
can’t turn the fun hopefully you had fun watching
this video as well if you did I’d appreciate a thumbs up and as always
everyone happy hunting and thanks for watching