Hi Viewers, Good morning. Welcome back to Think Again. Now a days we are depending completely on Online shopping for everything.. either it could be a writing pen or it may be hair pin. This week our topic is “Amazoni”. Come on Lets watch !! Janu, I am going to office. Bye. Ok bye. Ok, thank you Deashna, come here baby. Yes mummy. Oh Noooo mummy, Shut up and come here. Hmm.. Looks like this dress is shorter to my baby. I will return this back. Delivery item madam, Delivery item madam. Return item madam. Delivery Item madam. Return item madam. Hey what rubbish. Can you people please wait ? Listen, Delivery items boys come one side & Return item boys come another side first. Now gimme delivered items and take back return items. Where is our TV ? What happend to Fridge ? Is our house robbed or what ? No dear, I sold them in OLX. What ? what do you mean by Sold ? We bought them just few months back. Did you sell them and bought this stupid stuff ? Dont take tension dear, I saw wonderful offers in Amazon on new items and impressed to sell old items. Got lot of discount you know !! Bull shit, Are you Crazy ? I dont understand why you keep buying goods online and selling online.. Its like a to and fro process …ahh You always behave like this only. I felt its a super discount on new items so I bought them and as I see a great quote for old items, So I sold them in OLX. Hmmmm… You mean, if you get better offer than this, Will you sell these items too ?? Nano families replaced Joint families, Bigbaskets replaced weekly markets. And now Amazon is serving home delivery for all kind of items and making people to be addicted within four walls of house. I feel its very much better process instead driving and travelling in this hectic traffic. Sitting at home, We can happily do shopping for all varieties of items at home and save petrol, time and physical stretch. We may save time but wont you miss touching the product at showroom and having trial there ? I can feel it even when it comes to home too dear. Until you are in this illusion, You will feel this process is better one only. But going to shop and selecting 10 items, filtering 2 among them & finally selecting We analyse the quality of material , size, color and even we think whether it is falling in our budget too. But through online, we just think about offers and discounts. Eventhough its not needful to us, we buy it as it shows offers on it. But through online, we just think about offers and discounts. Eventhough its not needful to us, we buy it as it shows offers on it. I don’t all those things, See this the list of products I ordered online. Oh my god, These many items ?? Why you ordered 10 gas lighters ? There was a washing scrubber free for them dear. Why 20 dinner plates ordered ? I think 5 plates are more than enough for us. Tea spoon was free for them dear. So ordered them. Who Are you? Hi President ji, How are you ? Please come in. Iam Fine.. Are you Fine? What is the matter ? Have to talk to you sir. Raghu ji, Looks like many parcels are coming to your home daily. Visitor’s book is being filled by delivery boys for which you ordered good through online shopping. Even our lift got repaired now. Watchman complained that this month power bill also got increased due to this reason. Why are you telling them to me President ji. You can add them to common expenses right ? No sir, Its all because your family ordering many products through online. And many delivery boys coming with products daily. If I add these extra expense in our common expenses other flat owners wont accept. So please take this additional bill to you for the repairs and maintenance. Pay them as soon as possible. What ? 15000 ??? Oh my god. See Jaanu, Because of your stupid shopping, now I have to pay this additional bill too. Hubby, Tell president to pay half of that bill. Because half of the bill items are being ordered to his wife only. May I know who is Raghu here ? Yes, Its me, Please tell me. I am from Roads Transport Office, Yes Tell me.. We got several complaints against your family. Looks many heavy vehicles keep coming to deliver products to your family. Even colony roads got damaged it seems. But You dont worry Raghu ji. I will take care. But hope you too know the way how generally Cargo business people satisfy our RTO department too. Hahaha. Cargo business ?? Mine ?? No no sir, You are mistaken. I dont have any business, My wife keep ordering products through online shopping. So those vehicles come to deliver products. Thats it. What non sense !! Why big vehicles like DCMs come often here ? Ohh…Frequently my wife sells our old Sofa sets and Fridge etc items. So they take away those big items in DCMs sir. Hmmm…I understood now. Be careful, Otherwise looks like your wife will sell you soon online.. Ahhh Its my bad luck. Oppchh.. Hai, Janu Started again , Janu, Everything has some limit. Please try to understand. We should think twice to buy anything whether it is value to money ? or how much it really costs at outside market etc. Its not just simply sitting in front of system and doing 24 hours online shopping. Not only that Jaanu, but also we should not buy each and everything online. Sometimes we may get cheated too. You should analyse Vendors rating/reviews & customers feedback too and then have to order products. But we should not get impressed with small offers and buy costly products unnecessarily. And we should not sell our current useful products in the impression of new models features illusion. In the past, We used to have bonding/memories with our using products. like its my dad’s cycle/My grand father’s chair etc. But now many of us not keeping any old items. Its very bad. Just remember..You are not selling your old products..You are selling your uncountable sweet memories ..!!! Haa.. OK Ok… Yes… Coming….