I’m Dibyendu Ganguly, your Cross Border eCommerce Expert Today we are going to discuss about what are the pain points of domestic eCommerce merchant if you want to sell through Indian online market places what are the pain points left if we talk about orders and about revenue generation from eCommerce perspective only Amazon and Flipkart are able to generate orders for you and if you are a fashion seller who sells fashion footwear and fashion accessories then Myntra and Jabong can generate online orders for you the number of channels which used to generate orders are very limited now similarly, if we go back in past for 4 to 5 years there you may find nearly 8 to10 marketplaces in Indian market can you see here, there are too many online channels which used to exist 4 to 5 years back Shopclues, Snapdeal are still there but not able to generate that much sales Fashionara, Fashion and you, Indiatimes shopping these market places have disappeared one more pain point is “Returns” Returns is one of the major pain point for an Indian merchant like you, who is selling in domestic eCommerce if we talk about statistics somewhere the statistics shows the returns percentage as 40 to 45% of your entire sales you may think that your sales are too good you also may think that your orders are increasing but , when you are getting 40 to 45 % returns somewhere your net profit margin decreases very badly are you getting it? and the main reason for this is cash on delivery even now in India we are working on cash on delivery 50% of your orders are going through cash on delivery that’s the reason the return percentage is very high this might not had been the problem if these orders were prepaid but what to do? “Returns is always a critical pain point for an Indian merchant and which needs a very serious speculation lets talk about margins if we talk about margins, the profit margins which you have is already reduced to a large extent the profit margin is not that high and the reason for this is International players are making entry into Indian market you might have heard about a company named “club factory” which is into fashion segment and which is doing awesome similarly, if we talk about electronic segment the companies call Oppo and Vivo are also doing very good apart from this there are other categories in which many International players are entering into Indian market you are falling prey to this competition and have to be prepared to face it lets take an example “Micromax” micromax was doing good 3 years back but today! nobody talks about micromax anymore this is what is happening and how prepared are you for this margin war? somewhere you need to be ready and be prepared to find solutions to the pain point another pain point which I can see is too much of dependency on seasonality what is seasonality? you are depending on specific seasons you will wait from holi to diwali till then your sales will be down again it pickups from diwali and plummets by the time christmas and new year arrive so the seasonality factor is somewhere a pain point because your sales will increase only during those seasonal times rest of the time your inventory will be ideal There is a saying A dead Inventory is like a dead business at the end of the day so, somewhere seasonality is also a pain point so these are the pain points of domestic eCommerce the point to note here is what exactly are you doing to resolve the problem the problem exists what are the solutions around it so this is what we will talk in our next video which will give you a new scope of new channels of sales we will talk about cross border eCommerce how you can ship your products to 60 to 70 countries from India that is what we will talk in our next video till then, Thank you.