You gotta be careful when you go online shopping because you never know what’s gonna happen I mean, after all, you’re just looking at photos. It’s not like back in the day We’d go into the store and saw the actual item before buying it! today it’s all photos and you can get tricked super easily, especially when it’s a little too good to be true Just when it’s too good to be true. It probably is. so this looks like a normal pool Maybe you can fit five people maybe kids. The guy says to be fair My wife did think this paddling pool was suspiciously cheap than if you zoom out just for comparison There’s a shoe and there’s the pool this pool is this big Yeah, you can uh, you can dip your feet in there Just you know, play in there Oh what? That is really bad. That is an online shopping FAIL! How is it going everyone today? We’re gonna be looking at people who should have read the reviews more carefully to be honest Almost every product I buy is based on reviews. So reviews are super important I know some of you guys gonna say well some of reviews are fake But I mean for the most part I look at reviews and it’s really accurate But before we begin this compilation, I wanna make sure you guys follow me on Instagram It’s gonna be @talfishman. If you don’t already, I really love to see you follow me on there Maybe I’ll buy some things on Amazon that uhh are pretty hilarious and put it on my Instagram story But without further ado, let’s jump right into it. So this is how the blanket looked like in the ad. It looks amazing It’s big enough for three people. It’s like the parents and the little girl Well when it arrived, it was actually made of old rope. That’s right. This is what the blanket looks like Here’s another photo on the carpet. That’s pathetic that’s not a blanket You bought some yarn that is really sad, but not as sad as this first photo as you can see It’s supposed to be a chair at first I thought it was supposed to be a mirror for some reason but it’s not because there’s nothing Reflecting but it’s a glass chair. It was supposed to be huge. You guessed it Yeah, it’s supposed to be huge but it’s not the girl warns everybody This is why should always Read the description while shopping on Amazon always, read the description and read the reviews if it’s a little antique chair That’s this big and it cost $25, it’s obviously not gonna be this big or this big you want that nice charcoal face mask to get rid of Acne, but it can only do so much. so I can’t get rid of your acne and blackheads. Yes, but only on your forehead Oh, look at her face. That is the face of disappointment. I’m so sorry you failed and tried I would never ever think that there would sell something like this. Like this is a complete ripoff. That is an online shopping.. FAIL! How pathetic is this? I can never imagine a seller would actually be approved by Amazon to sell somebody something like this What is this used for who has a face that small Amazon animal pillow case? It’s a huge huge Ripoff as you can see, it’s just a pillow case a printed pillow. Oh My god, how did you get jinxed? It’s like jinx you got ripped off so bad So sad I’ve seen so many of these where it’s a photo you’d think it’ll look like this But if you guys see the photo you can actually tell this is a pillow case the whole thing is actually fabric on the sides I’m sorry sleep on a regular pillow tonight Not on Dino pillow here is a workout stringer multi color tank top for manly men. But um, they sent you a dress, dude Well, you literally wearing a freaking dress. I was gonna go with the exact same dress. The guy says on the plus side It doesn’t make my a** look great Wow. Yeah, bro It’s cuz when you do those squats, you gotta make sure you have good form. Okay, spider-man a Marvel classic costume But what is this for? Is this for a little kid because look at this oh.. It does not fit what I think this was made for kids They assume the kid would buy it not a grown adult But hey, you can’t discriminate you have to make one size fits all oh, I’m sorry I mean, I mean even the costume on the picture doesn’t look good Like why would you even consider buying a t-shirt a t-shirt spider-man costume you could have done way better man read the reviews Fail these are rings okay These are relationship rings you know the ones where like it says my other half or it’d be like love her love him and If you are the smallest person on earth, you might actually have a finger small enough for this ring cuz look at that I would need to zoom in so much for that loss. Keep zooming in like I can *earrape* ๐Ÿ˜ There it is, I see it now it’s on the index finger it’s that little thing right there you see it There it is. That is sad. I really hope you didn’t pay too much for this but and they look cheap They look like they’re plastic guys. What do you do? What do you do? What is the process so you don’t get scammed like this? It is so sad. What are you gonna do with this now? Why are you gonna put it? You gotta make it maybe get a string and loop it through and just put it on your neck I don’t know all my favorite ones are Yeezys like in the photo You see those they’re very very comfortable if you know what I’m saying, like fluffy puffy THERE SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE! And you just got ripped off I just wanted some Canas, all right, I want some con Yeezys, bro I got like slip-on shoes guys. You know what the funniest thing? I know. I’m not even. Joking. Have you seen Michelin Man? oh YeAh.. Michelin Man with all his glory and that’s my foot. That’s right. Just like the puffy feet. We got a puffy rain jacket It’s like a coat vintage puffer jacket. and wow. She looks fashionable But look what you got. You look like Big Hero 6! Sorry. I cannot make that comparison. You know what? like I said, my shoes are the Michelin Man shoes if you’ve never seen those now you have so uh I don’t know how this went wrong As you guys can see this clearly has fabric in the torso Region, and this does not it was made for this a human potato. Yes This is a perfect example of something that could wear that. What what are you doing with your time? Don’t what what is going on? Oh, this one’s nice It looks like you just got drapes from like a curtain, you know Your curtain drapes and just come down and then someone just cut it and like, sowed it a little bit Now, you have it! It just.. just looks weird mom orders deck chairs for the garden for her and my dad and this is what came this is what came it’s for Ken and Barbie I’m disappointed in humanity. Oh my god the same chair Everybody thinks this chairs legit, but it’s not someone else bought it as well. Look she even put it near that little shelf It’s supposed to be a chair for like the makeup section, but it’s just horrible. My sister ordered boots online and this is what came Barbie Sorry it’s for Ken. Ken! Were you at? Ken: whats up Barbie? Let’s go party Big stuffed panda that fits perfectly in your hand. How much do these costs? I don’t understand because if they’re like that small you either got ripped off or it was clearly not gonna be a giant panda but That is definitely false advertising Expectation vs. Reality I’m sorry Expectation vs. Meow-ality Well, it fits the cat my 16 year old daughter bought this thing It is ridiculously small and probably couldn’t legally post a picture of what it looks like if she attempts to wear it But so you can see her as a picture of my cat wearing it at least something positive came out of it, you know If the dog can wear it the cat did guys not gonna lie? You have to be careful read the reviews because they will tell you whether something is a ripoff or a scam. Okay? Hope this helped. Hope you enjoyed the video check out all these photos and more in the description First link and check out more videos. Thank you so much watching leave a like if you enjoyed the video I’ll see you guys soon. Have a great one and peace out!