Hey guys it’s Ruth and welcome to my channel! So today’s video I’m gonna show you what i bought In Instagram shop here in the philippines I bought a lot of baby clothes Here And yeah, If you are interested In this kinds of video just keep on watching I went on a shopping spree On instagram. i chosen the clothes Since we already know what’s the gender of the baby We’re gonna have a baby boy yaaaay! Baby boy, I always want to have a baby boy that’s my first baby So i bought clothes and accessories for the baby boy so today Let’s open the things that i bought so this first Package is from the shop called LittleBoss.zedroe And we will see I bought actually 13 Pieces Of garments here and it cost me about 850 pesos to them I chose Something… Instagram shop that sells pre-loved baby clothes And i also chose the one on a bundle So excited! Let’s see what’s inside OMG So, since im gonna have a baby boy it’s all boys Accessories so this is what’s inside the package And yeah OMG these are so cute Let’s see I remembered this one this is the first item that i bought so this is actually Branded clothes so I Really like it cause it’s branded this is from carter for kids age 0 – 3 It is so cute! white and blue Stripes are my favorite That’s why i like it and here It shows “dads allstar mvp” That’s so cute. this is the first item, and I reallty remembered this one on the shop, they are selling this for 140 and I think it was a good buy No damage, “Maganda” It smells nice, they laundered it.. That the first item guys Everything is so cute This one looks like kinda of the same I really like to buy something the one with buttons all the way down because I don’t want it hard to dress my kid my baby boy once he’s here I don’t know what it is called but this is a t-shirt/shorts onesies something that he can wear when we go out and this is for 6 months old also from carters look at the back it’s so cute theres a ball right here little allstar so yeah I remember this is also sold by piece 90 pesos or close alright and then i have here 3 onsies okay some of these are packaged the shop sold it by 3 pieces bundle and the shop will sell it for 150 or 250 pesos or something like that so this is also from carter it says six months old it’ really small this is a onesie with football marks all over it it’s so cute. I really like the onesies because it’s easier to put it on the baby and you can change the diaper It also smells good as well there is a bit of stain They show all the damage it in their shop page And also I got this onesies That is color blue. this is so cute okay, it’s called Circo. 3 to 6 months I really like the material cotton. because we are in the Philippines, humid It’s made of cotton and all the things that i bought are made of cotton And this one, Another onesie This is one is so tiny. how cute I Think i have over Like i have a lot of onesies cause it’s really cute As in really. they have plenty of this online and This is from the brand small wonders 0 – 3 months Made in the philippines Yeah, actually they are very cheap Because of the bundle or if ever the shop will sell it 1 by 1 it will be 60 pesos each 75 pesos. I like it cause I know All the new version of onesie is 190 pesos So this is so cute, I think it will fit my baby boy What i bought today is something that my baby can use it at the moment after 3 months the baby will get big I have to shop again I think im gonna buy everything pre-loved for my baby Because, I am not really that picky when it comes to things Or something like that I am a very practical mom. I am a very practical person. even for me this one is a bundle It is packaged in a Plastic. I think this whole bundle is 450 pesos All i know is that my total bill is 850 pesos Including the shipping fee OMG It’s really cute guys So i have another onesies here from cartes 3 months. look OMG look at that little brown onesies. my baby can be paired with his dad. because John really likes the color brown Okay and it comes with a matching Pyjamas look, It has a teddy bear at the back this is so cute Okay so, little pyjamas. because the babies I think they really felt cold all the time Especially when it’s a new born baby pyjamas And another pyjamas oh, this is so cute this is in a blue and brown pyjama omg it’s cute, the brand is Carters 3 months old so small okay, and it also comes with a long sleeve there is a handsome child of mine printed in the front the brand is carters 0 – 3 months also it’s cute right? and another onesies which is small this is so cute, there is no tag but i think this is also from carters look. I like the way that the hole to enter the head of the baby is big and then, you know you can easily change the diaper all the time I guess for the first few weeks and months his life my baby will wear onesies and then, i also have this frog suit frog suit because, it includes the socks yeah, you can easily open the whole suit these are the things that i like for a new born so it will not be hard to dress them. so from under the nile 100% cotton made in egypt, see It’s so cute I am gonna cry so anyways the package includes this bib it’s also cute this is from cuddle bear collections 100% cotton 3 – 6 months it’s detachable so this is will be very handy cause some babies drool, right? and the package also includes This small hat it’s cute there’s a little truck printed all over it This is so cute OMG so I guess this is the joys of motherhood yeah, all of this is from littleboss.zedroe shop littleboss.zedroe shop That’s where i bought this. The delivery is quite nice the quality of clothes are also good also the delivery is fast and also, it’s just laundered recently it smells nice All these items are from the first shop littleboss.zedroe and the next one @baby_stuff_collection This is the next package and we are gonna open it now I remembered my bill in this shop Is around 1050 pesos Including the shipping fee So this is the package guys it’s very well placed inside the package It’s in a clean wrap So excited It’s feels like Christmas right now Actually the due date for my baby is during Christmas yeah Okay im gonna show you guys what I got from this shop ah yes, So the first item Is this this blanket right here Actually this shop sells a lot of bundles Like 1 blanket and 2 onesies for 250 pesos or something like that It’s big Blanket for baby see So it’s in blue Another one it’s bigger also in blue so when the baby is sleeping the baby will not get cold this one is crib bed sheet. actually we don’t have a crib yet so At least, we have a crib bed sheet I kinda excited Another blanket there a blue color at the back in the front it’s full of balls image see childhood of mine I really like it Because the designs are very cute This is the 4th blanket I think i bought a lot of blankets I don’t know how many blankets that the baby needs in this life time this one is It has a silk lining on the borders of the blanket it’s cute I actually saw this on instagram in the pictures but it’s actually the quality is good The brand carters is actually good It’s say there that carters are a US brand I don’t know if there’s one here in the PH So it’s really nice and theres a monkey image at the bottom It’s green, so my baby won’t be using blue items okay and now let’s go to the other stuff okay omg There’s a lot of it The good thing about this shop She gave me an extra clothes that I know it’s not in the bundle She put extra things in my package this is it, the clothes that i didn’t ordered but the shop added it anyway thank you so much sis! for this extra clothes this is also a frog suit it has a socks It just lacks the mittens or the gloves This is a frog suit because you can open it all over so yeah, I think this will be really good the first few days of the baby outside the room because the baby get’s cold easily so this is a carters and for a 3 month old baby So cute Alright and then the next things that i bought also a frog suit. I bought frog suits For little babies. this one also is a frog suit I think this comes with this suit 2 frog suits these are bundled together this are 150 for both of the suits so this one is gerber 0 – 3 months this blue suit 0 – 3 months so the baby can wear something all the time of course babies get’s dirty fast it has socks also No need to wear socks so the baby wont get cold so yeah, frog suit 123 we have a lot of frog suits and this is frogsuit no. 4 look it’s blue and white it has zippers amazing right? easy access just one zip and you’re ready to dress the baby so cute 0 – 3 months also from gerber right and then what other clothes did we got here so that’s the clothes The next things that i bought is called swaddleme I don’t know I will show you a picture When i saw that picture i said, OMG I want that for my baby and here is Okay, so swaddle, this is a halo sleepsack swaddle swaddle this how it looks like yeah… it looks like a sleepsack and then there is a velcro like this I thought it’s a blanket like a square blanket I am wrong, it a swaddle with a velcro So it’s velcro’ed like this So this is where we put the baby and then use the cover and another cover then we are done So the baby is now fully covered easy breezy so i bought 4 swaddleme And this one is a sleep sack so cute sleep sack so you put the baby there all covered and zipper and yeah it has long sleeves and it’s made of fleece so it’s warm to wear it’s good for the baby, the baby will not get cold so yeah That’s all for the things that i bought for baby in the instagram shop total price is about 1000 total price is about 1900 for all of these stuff all of these! so that’s all the things that i bought from the instagram shops in the philippines i might have been carried away on some items like the swaddle im just so excited and it’s a good thing for me because it has good quality even though they are pre-loved. they have the right price and they have good quality and it’s hassle free I don’t need to go to the mall or something like that and it’s delivered to my home so yeah it’s so convenient for me specially i lived in a tall building i lived in a building without elevators and we are on the 4th floor it’s a hassle for me to go up and down the building I avoid walking through the stairs that’s why i think online shopping is for me so make sure that when you shop just the basic pre cautions, make sure that you check if they are really legit. not scam and a good seller. has a good track record and things like that so That’s all. I hope you guys enjoy this video I will be posting videos every single monday all about the pregnancy. what I bought mainly cause I love shopping and I love doing videos about the things that I bought or hauls so yeah I will see you on the next one and also i will really recommend to subscribe to my channel because I will be always posting videos every single monday so I will see you guys on the next video okay? See you on next monday bye! Mwah!