hey what’s up what’s up this is Sherisse the afropunk entrepreneur coming at you and for those of you who don’t know me I am electric bassist slash affiliate marketer entrepreneur slash SEO and there’s a lot of slashes but just ignore that anyway so if you’re new to my channel what I do is I do reviews of affiliate marketing products I show you guys how to make money online as well as I have some free training I have a blogI’m gonna link up a bunch ofstuff in the description for you so youknow a little bit more about me and can reach out to me if you need so let’s goahead and get started and also if you’rebrand new consider subscribing to my channel smash that subscribe button signup for my alerts so you know when I’mdoing a new video so we can get you guys making money as soon as possible okay so the course that I’m doing today is called print profits it’s a course byFred Lam and Michael Shaw Michael Shahis a seven figure earner as far as adrop shipping and ecommerce as well asFred lam and basically they’ve puttogether this course that’s a really in-depth course on print on demand if you don’t know what print on demandprint on demand it basically is kind ofbeen on the rage the last couple years is where you can kind of basically create your own t-shirt design print that up sell it in a Shopify store and make some serious Bank so I’m going to be showing you the membership area and then towards the end I’m gonna explain it to you some really cool bonuses that I have that you can only get through me so let’s just go ahead and start it I’m gonna do something a little bit different what I normally do I want to show you the sales page I don’t think the sales page is done but it’s basically I just wanted to show you kind of what you’ll be seeing a complete step-by-step course on how to build a fully automated ecommerce business using nothing but print on demand and that’san image of Michael Shah and there’sbasically it’s eight modules and I’m gonna basically go into the modules itself so I’m gonna stop rambling and let’s go ahead and do this so where are we okay so this is the membership area this is what you’re going to see when you log in and you get this course so just so you know there is eight modules but inside of each age modules there’s a bunch of other kind of sub modules and in addition to – for bonus modules and this court this package also comes with by elite bi-weekly training so they’re throwing out a lot of value into this one course so let’s go ahead and get started basically module one is going to show you what the basics if you don’t know what print-on-demand is and you didn’t like my really short description they’re gonna walk you through the process the next thing that you’ll want to know is how to select the niche I mean that’s all the rage and that’s the biggest part of making money online is knowing which niche is going to be the most profitable for you and then they’re gonna want to talk about your brand branding is very important if you can create a great brand that people will remember you’re going to really do well securing a domain is the status standard you know finding you know showing you how to get a domain I don’t I don’t know how else to say it getting a logo acquiring email support setting up your shop getting a toll-free number which I actually used to have a Shopify store I decided to close it because I want to go into a different direction as far as affiliate marketing and I’m more of an SEO these days but I never I never occurred to me to get a toll-free number so that’s a really good tip in there they’re gonna show you how to configure your store and also Shopify like any other kind of content management system there’s always apps and extensions that can that can make your your site work better so they’re gonna give you recommended apps and all this stuff down here I don’t want to list every single thing but you can kind of see where I’m scrolling module number two is kind of taking taking things to the next level designing you’re designing your your t-shirts and it’s not just t-shirts it’s as you’ll see below it’s gonna be leggings it could be baseball caps it could be backpacks socks you know whatever you want I’m not I did I’m a musician but I’m not a designer incline I’m not artistic in that way so they’re going to show you how to work with the designer and if you are in a graphic designer and you’re good at that they’re going to show you how to create your own designs also paying special attention to the section on copyright infringement this is a very difficult area for people because a lot of people don’t understand they just can’t grab something off of Google and then put it on a t-shirt and sell it I actually had trouble on a shop with my Shopify store with one design that I found that I thought was was basically copyright free and the owner found me and basically told me to stop and that’s it does happen don’t don’t get discouraged so module three is probably one of the more important sections because when you’re working with Shopify it’s important to find the right suppliers the rights of vendors because there’s nothing worse than getting and getting angry emails and stuff from from your from your buyers because it said that it would take two weeks and it actually took six weeks because you had an unreliable vendor so really paid attention to this section price like psychology is actually something that’s really cool and I’m not gonna give too much away of that but there’s a reason why you know certain prices and with 99 cents and you know and there’s a certain psychology to the reason why things are priced the way they are and the stuff that I actually that was actually new information to me I’m used to seeing as the affiliate marketer you know courses that are 997 and sometimes if you go to a sell at you know Walmart products for $9.99 there’s know Walmart products for $9.99 there’s a reason why that well those numbers why it ends that way so they’re gonna talk a little bit about this and then you’re gonna get into Facebook and Facebook is the best and biggest way to promote your Shopify store there’s it’s it’s it’s it’s amazing how much money can be made once you create a fan page once you run ads to it and all this other stuff in addition to Facebook then there’s Google and loyal fans is basically how to create like a loyal following people who basically you know love your brand module for is further into Facebook advertising again you really want to pay attention to that because learning how to master remarketing via pixels and all this other stuff is all covered in this whole this whole module and it’s a it’s really really valuable stuff if you can nail down Facebook Mars Facebook marketing and all that other stuff you’re gonna do really well with Shopify and that’s when I started finally making some money is because I got better with not only the Facebook Ads but learning how to use the pixel to retarget people and running videos and things like that so Michael is going to help you out with that module 5 is basically how to scale your ads again when you’re running if Facebook ads can be kind of intimidating because they can cost you a bit of money I mean of the method that I learned was the $5 a day a method by Chris record in the $5 a day a method by Chris record in it and there’s and you can do that if you’re starting so don’t be afraid if you if you don’t have a huge budget but you’re gonna wanna learn to scale quickly and you’re going to want know whether you should kill an ad or a scale Aetna so he’s basically all these modules here to the side are basically how to scale your ad manual bidding is something that’s more for advanced people but it’s definitely worth taking a look at once you get more comfortable with the basics so module six is managing your fan page an automatic comment basically basically managing your fan page it was very difficult for me because I was just doing it I was getting instant messages at all times you know and I was trying to do it all so those are things that you can outsource so he’s gonna talk to you about basically managing your fan page because as your business grows so will your fan page and it can be kind of daunting and he’s gonna cover a running your business and customer service module seven is a really cool section it’s all about funnels if you anything into internet marketing you know how you know about funnels or you keep hearing about funnels and or you don’t understand what a funnel is or people keep saying the word click funnels and you don’t know what the hell it is but basically they’re gonna show you how to set up a funnel funnel as a way to get from a person from being someone who doesn’t know anything about your business by different steps to eventually converting into a purchase or getting onto your email list or whatever so this whole section is something that you really want to pay attention to that’s where the money is made the funnel module eight is email marketing which is actually a really cool section I really really like the fact that he included email marketing because a lot of courses that I’ve taken email marketing is probably one of the most important things to learn they say the money is in the list and it’s true I’ve had to learn that the hard way I lost my youtube channel a while ago it wouldn’t have hit me as hard if I had built a list to begin with email marketing is incredibly valuable so once you combine and master email marketing with your with your brand and with your Shopify store it’s really gonna help you increase your products Google branding selling your business gdpr I don’t even want to talk about that it’s almost like a curse word to me it’s something that just happened recently go look it up he’s gonna talk to you about it but I just I got tired of tired of hearing it but it’s it’s a pain so this course comes with actually some pretty cool bonuses they’re going to show you basically how to get started by started doing FBA fulfilled by Amazon so basically getting products that you’re going to source you know via the other modules and then selling that MOU on Amazon and obviously as you know Amazon is one of the biggest platforms that you could possibly have so that’s that’s one of via the modules they’re bonus number two I had to kind of laugh at legging mastery because leggings are everywhere like I I don’t want to say that I’m wearing leggings right now because I’m not but I I’m wearing yoga pants and I guess that’s kind of close so I’m gonna go onto my my my blog post just to kind of show you so this is the merch by Amazon I’ll just kind of be in my blog from now on so they’re using a company called exclusion and it’s basically all about creating these custom leggings only a lot of women love leggings that use them for yoga they use them to go shopping they you know it’s use them for everything so they’re going to be showing you how to kind of make money where’s my fourth course okay mastering leggings and of course it doesn’t have to be likings it could be again t-shirts baseball caps but legging mastery is kind of catering to you know this huge niche of women who are really into leggings not just for exercise but just for kind of everyday wear so a bonus number three is really cool it’s called funnel steal again we’re talking about funnels you’re gonna keep hearing the word funnel as you become a better marketer but basically what he’s gonna do this does require you to have a software called click funnels by Russell Bronson but he’s basically going to give you his converting funnels so it’s not only gonna help you if you’re brand new to this have a place to start but he’s basically going to give you the funnels that are working it’s all you have to do is kind of copy and paste this into your click funnels and again you do need click funnels and it click funnels and unfortunately is a bit pricey it’s about a hundred dollars a month but it’s well worth it if you’re really sure serious about getting into having a Shopify store so bonus number four is how do I get your stuff show it show showing on Google Shopping and if you don’t know about Google shopping let’s just I just kind of want you guys to see you can find pretty much anything that you want on Google shopping but I rarely I we use it but I feel like it’s an untapped resource so let’s just go into people shopping I just kind of want to see what show what shows up based on what I’ve been looking at and what they’re retargeting what they’re targeting me with so if you go to a plate paste page like this this is Google shop and it’s gonna help you find the top tip top tech products a plant is office supplies yada yada yada yada you can go shopping on Google and there’s a way to get your products into this into this this form into into Google shopping so they’re going to show you how to do that so what else so again I said the course comes with bi-weekly training which is actually invaluable being able to get training from Michael Shaw again this guy earned seven figures doing this and there are plenty of other people who do this but this guys is giving you really good training I mean I really enjoyed the training it I went through it over a couple days because I’m a little a DD and I couldn’t sit through the whole thing but I think probably all together it’d probably take you maybe two and a half three hours to go through the course if you’re a good student like I am you want to take notes might take you a little bit longer Michael shop my only gripe is his voice is a little bit kind of monotone I tend to watch things you know it twice the speed or 1.5 or whatever button is other than that just you know if you got a watches and shifts that information is value like I said this guy’s seven figures so he knows what he’s talking about so let’s talk about the price point of this thing and I’m going to go back into my blog so again this is my blog and I’m gonna link up everything in to its description and basically anything that I didn’t really say out of my mouth it’s covered in to my blog post which is again is in the description I’ll talk about what I like but I didn’t like I gave it a rating this product launches July 5th so if you’re looking at this now around the end of June if you click this link right now this is the page you’re going to come to I want to make sure I show that to you guys so you kind of have the you can kind of pre-register to get this course by putting in email you can do that or not do that but he’s basically kind of brink trying to bring you into his world so the once the course is live it’ll actually take you to the course itself but for right now this is where it’ll take you if you click the button so I would just wait she want to be on you know his email list until it’s time for it to be sold so where are we I got I don’t know if you guys are like me but I have like eight million tabs open in all times and it’s out of control so bonus times because there’s going to be so many people selling this product what can I do to bring you guys to buy it for me so this is what I’m gonna do so my first bonus like I said I’ve been doing making money online for about nine months I am also a musician I play on Broadway but for as far as making a money online I went through several models including Shopify before I finally set it on settled on affiliate marketing and SEO I’m a pretty good SEO I’m not a pro yet but I’m a pretty damn good SEO so I’m offering to give you a 30 or 45 minute on page SEO Skype lesson and I basically want you to go and search for the term SEO glossary 2018 it’s a blog post that I did a few months ago and I’m ranked about number three and I said don’t believe me have a look notice I’m in incognito mode and this is me right here so basically if you’re in if you’re trying to create a niche site if you’re new to blogging all this other stuff and you just you know on-page SEO is one of the major things that you can do to get your site’s to rank so I’m willing to kind of get on a Skype call with you and you know for 30 minutes 45 minutes if you just contact me once you’ve purchased this and I’ll try to go through your blog post and tell you what you can do to improve your on-page SEO so basically and I’ll give you my little on-page SEO checklist and sheets you can kind of go through that together that’s something that I like to do because I want to help people I’m still learning but I can help people who are brand new to SEO brand new to creating affiliate news sites and things like that that I do both number two is my custom off page SEO hacks it’s a YouTube video that I made it’s about 15 minutes but I’m going to show you how to optimize your titles how to increase your retention how to get good backlinks places back to get backlinks it a lot of people don’t know about and how to index of index those backlinks I’m sorry I’m talking really fast I apologize again read my blog posts to kind of get the slowed down version did be less frantic me version bonus number three is it’s a quick video but it’s some hacks that I learned by taking I took Chris records 90 day Shopify challenge I went through the whole thing and that’s how I was able to start making I linked up the notes and this is kind of public the public access at this point you know the challenge is over but it’s probably a hundred page document of all the lessons from the videos you can find the videos on on YouTube but there’s some hacks that I took from other courses that I that I am that I study from so it’s a it’s a short video but it’s um some hacks on how to get t-shirt ideas how they get free t-shirt mock mock-ups and bases yeah places to get mock-up ideas so bonus number four is the print-on-demand playbook it’s just going to turn you how to give you sorry and give me more tips and tricks on basically how to grow your print on demand that business is an e-book but in conduct all this stuff in conjunction with the course I think it’s going to give you a great foundation this v bone is to see if Shopify secrets and it’s going to help you target if identify your target company company customer hacking the competition adding products to your store customizing your website and setting up your chef shipping and taxes which is where I started to go wrong in my story I live in the States and I wasn’t sure if I should charge taxes or not charge taxes so this book this ebook series it has a whole lot of like cheat sheets and things like that that’s so that’s going to help you so those are my bonus is in order to get them like I said if you’re ready to take action once this bad boy comes out so just click the shiny button the Buy Now button and then once you’ve done so then email me you’re gonna send me a proof of your poke purchase once you click that button it’s actually going to link to directly email me and then just put subject subject bonuses send me proof of your purchase and then once we once we get bad I’m gonna send you all your bonuses and then I’m gonna link you up to my calendar and we’re gonna find a time for me and you to do our 30 45 minute call and then that could be the start of a relationship I mean I do do coaching but I want to be able to you know offer this as a as a freebie to bring you guys into my world so you get to know a little bit more about me and all that good stuff oh my god okay so you’re gonna see it cut somewhere in this video because I did the whole thing I got all excited and I realized I didn’t tell you guys what the hell the price point was so this course is not cheap it’s well worth it if you have the funds to play with it the cost for the course is nine ninety seven or you have the option to do three payments of three ninety seven every thirty days yes I do realize this is quite a bit of money for some people and for some people it’s pocket change it’s not pocket change for me yet but it may be for some of you but if you’re at all interested in getting into Shopify what better way to get into involved like then studying with a 7-figure ecommerce print-on-demand earner like Michael Shaw so I just want to make sure that I covered that in like I said there will be some sort of editing going on to make up for the fact that I just completely spaced on that but I want you guys to know what the prices because that may play a factor in if you buy this or not so sorry about that and see you guys if you want to know more about me more than I didn’t say in this video you can go to my about me contact me page the standard one but I also just gave you guys my email and I don’t mind if you guys email me I’m also in social media all my social media and all that stuff how to reach me is in the description again like I’m very accessible I’m you know I’m um like I said I’m a musician so I’m pretty chill so so I want you don’t send me messages at all hours of the night or you know call me or leave me weird messages you know friend me on Facebook or whatever so I’m here I’m here to help help you guys because I’ve it been doing this from nine months and I had a lot of stumbling blocks along the way so I’m happy to pass on any knowledge that I can to to those who are just trying to you know trying to get started on maybe feeling a little bit of frustration so anyway thank you thank you thank you for listening to my print profits review I hope you enjoyed it if this is the first time watching me again I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit please subscribe to my channel you know sign up for my notifications and check out my blog this is my blog here at the afropunk entrepreneur.com it’s it’s only a couple months old but I’m you know I have some articles on SEO some product reviews and other things that will be growing pretty much on a weekly basis and and you get to know me a little bit better so and this is my Facebook page go ahead and like that if you’d like as well so anyway I hope you enjoyed the review thank you thank you thank you for sticking with me for 19 it’s and get everything but you need in the description once you get this product contact me and let’s crush it together have an amazing have an amazing week keep crushing it take care of guys peace