Do you want to change the fate of your business? Now, with Correos, you can reach China Think about it China, the largest market in the world A market with more than 1.3 billion potential buyers Where more than 600 million buy Online And with annual sales of more than 500,000 million USD It is a unique market in which Tmall (Alibaba Group) is the B2C leader with 60% market share and more than 300 million active buyers And what is better, most of them love Spanish brands China, has been an historically complex market: High costs, need to have presence there, logistics, problem with fake products That is why Tmall Global emerged. A space where only foreign and quality brands are offered aimed at Chinese consumers. Correos has reached an agreement with Tmall to help and accompany our partners to enter a continuously growing market We introduce you Correos´storefront in Tmall Global. The only place where quality Spanish brands, can sell their products directly to the Chinese consumer, with agility and security. How can we help? With us you will discover how easy it is to sell in China without needing to be there. We will take care of all the process In addition, we manage the writing, adaptation of contents, and marketing materials, currency exchange, the activation of promotions and the customer service. And of course, we guarantee all the logistics without advancing transportation costs. We will be from the beginning to the end, together, in this project. As you see, the biggest market in the world is waiting for you at the hand of the Post Office.