>>Scott Dueser, First Financial Bank: Well, I’m so passionate about the program because of the need in the banking industry. In fact, in the next two weeks, we’ll have ten students starting. And we still can’t hire enough.>>Margaret L. Williams, Dean, Rawls College of Business: Well, I was contacted by bankers from the West Texas region, and really a need throughout the state for qualified bankers.>>Scott Dueser: There’s a reason for this Excellence in Banking program to be established.>>Margaret L. Williams: A great program, access to internships, every student will have an internship. They’ll be mentored by bankers, people in
the banking profession. One of the things about it is that we are endowing the program, which means that the financial support will be there, forever.>>Scott Dueser: I think starting it with being endowed, you know it’s going to be there, you know you’ve got the money, and you continue to build that endowment.>>Margaret L. Williams: We’re very excited about that aspect of sustainability. So, we’ll be recruiting our first class for fall 2019, so we want to get the best and the brightest students into that program. We want to produce the best prepared bankers in the state.>>Scott Dueser: When the student graduates from this program, because this program is going to be the best in the United States, they’re going to be so much more marketable. There’s a real need, and it’s going to be great for Tech. It’s going to be great for the students. It’s going to be great for the industry.