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websites like as anyone working on sik shoes that home to working on days
almost own and a mass and a mass Empire dog these are all e-commerce sites right
interesting thing is that building an e-commerce site from Nigeria know a lot
of other passengers use PayPal and nutella’s crew to collect money but as a
challenge in Nigeria uh tourists all these things so doing this website
actually opened my my my eyes and why I’m actually running this video
for you right now to show you what I’ve learned right
during this video I felt it was necessary so another website I did when
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money on the internet it’s something I’ve done a buddy reason you know I’m
assuring you that you know we are not making a mistake so number one this
video I’m gonna be showing you guys how to set up a stock account right here
pick an account and you know use it to collect money online from all over the
world and the money gets deposited into your bank account doesn’t matter a bank
yeah in Nigeria right because that is challenge that we have had with people
you know Skrill and metal are all those things right so people is what is number
one way to action s analyzing money on the internet what excellent is that in
Nigeria you can no withdraw money from a PayPal account L to your bank account
does it challenge that we’ve had with all this people Skrill donates Allah all
these things we’ve had that challenge you do Salinger’s very rare what P stock
actually has come to our rescue right so P stock helped businesses in
Africa get paid by anyone any way in the waters actually what it does right now
there are a lot of companies using the as you seen paper Domino’s Pizza MTN
defy their own a giant companies you pay them online the money can seep into the
bank account instantly and most of the websites have done for my client they
all run on I image economist on what price we’d be
stuck don’t want somebody piece for the product on on their website the money
gets to paste our campus tax sends the money directly into their bank account
instantly right you can learn about the uprising the commission which is minimal
1.5 percent plus hundred maintenance that requires it just minimal it’s
actually awesome actually think is better than pepper right so now what is
paste back over to have taught some businesses of all sizes use paste are to
accept payments online including some of the naturals biggest brands such as
vamonos Pisa opera smile tax if I examine sandesh around you know a lot
okay god is good mottos g IG the GMO tools all of the or use a stock right a
most times we make up maintenance on the internet actually using a stock brand
new in it right so now how do you set up a pen stock account um does come to pay
Starcom a stock dot-com this is a right so click on creative free accounts could
be free account I already have an account with pay start right but for the
purpose of this I’m gonna be creating a new account so I’m just gonna take this
out no signup not like it I come to sign up right here right then I put business
or happening was my business line hosue online soon laughs ooh yeah
email address and let me use on page who want to do it fresh that you see –
contain no content right the video one that’s my that’s my email a gin mill
calm the video goo video when I choose a password
what were you okay I confirm the password again right so I click on
create my account properly damn much okay for the path of this much and so
this is highlighted so I create my account right also oh I logged in right
so you see the business in my online hosu still loading I think I got my
first name around um eh my phone number so age there it can add close to true
for here this number what’s up doesn’t cause harm so don’t try calling it you
won’t get me just send me a missing with this number what’s happy to want to
contact me I guess also lupa select new note I’ll show you a note but for me
I’ll see yes I am because I am right so it selects no you are not right it’s
already reduced but it okay that’s the difference between um registered
business and they start a business right so let’s go find out what what
differences registered business right why that is opening instead business if
you are a registered business with an ERISA number business name or
Nebuchadnezzar number this means that you have a CNC written document I also
have an account with it Nigerian Bank I’m with the name of your computer not
your personal whatever right if you don’t have this most people group was
taught a business because this you use your personal account I your personal
information you don’t need any business you know what the difference is that
this one can receive payment from all over the world just for a Supreme Court
justice Nigeria right so I complete setup you can come and read this when
you can write okay this is done right so what I need to do now is test most
subtle business are all selected I click on activate your business start right
profile verification continued good – they enter your ID card
select your ID card and put it here select atychiphobia to any computer
uploaded right I don’t want to do that right now
IV Epiphanes your PBL number you type your VPN number whatever it is you know
be honest if you live in Nigeria right let me help you I show you how I find and I could stop five five star five six
five nine zero hush stop five six five zero ha so it was dialed is from your
phone the food number that is attached to the bank account that you used to
register your Vivian automatically your video new Yoshi or your phone
immediately right so put a Vivian here at close and seal right then you come to
bank information of course you normally mean select the name of your bank like
mine is GT Bank that’s what I use who my account number right come on both
masculine shoes my car my accounting would okay he automatically right and I
click on save that’s it second step right so they touched a business
information does give you a brief history bio business online how to write
a brief intro for a business those blues on is an example blues on limited sells
roses tulips and many or that types of lovers who put individual incorporates
customers right those put that in here also 140 characters like Twitter right
it’s optional your business will be exceptional most people don’t select it
but business email if it’s something with the supporting well you copy it and
paste it here if is something you pasted into a game for chargeback right if you
don’t know what chargeback is please read this my chains are required to
respond within 24 hours to child back emails so make sure that this in box is
checked often so what is held back I’m going to call it when they say disputes
on the transaction on your account also a coach head back
he also happens in paper and phone number of your business you put here
right then physical addresses a business you put here also right very important
so I close this then I come for chocolate is optional just leave it
alone right if I selected August if I student this one would have been
activated just click on send activation request
and that’s all you need to do as all you need to do your paste act is as good as
done right but if you have your registered business or let’s say you
really want to combat you reach that business you just come here and click on
ready start business does it right once you do that then you move this from test
mode from test mode right to live mode because I have more few days from that
is why I show in like this you know so but once you do this you can now select
this and change it to life mood right so I’m like that then let’s see somebody
contacted me right now and I want to send a pass in the link I want to send
the person a link to pay me right like a customer from Fiverr or wherever
right like you send a you send a paypal email address or something to get paid
right so what I’m going to do just to come
here payments pages right remains pages I click on it select new page one time
payment search um payment one-time payment that’s what I want because the
pieces of the you once out one time just paid name of the page description
optional optional I want fixed amount on the speedy person
wants to pay you less a fifty thousand era right collect phone numbers of this
video if you want to advance if you want use custom URL
okay so if you want you can show that in I click on create so this is the paste
that link they stock page not I can used to collect them in from this person and
that demons will come into this place instantly right so if you visit this
page now let’s see what happens if you show you this page showing this a test
page where you can blood level as a distinct walks why is it so interesting
because you have not activated your account is still in text test mode you
want this thing goes to life would this stuff disappears and actually becomes
real so let’s say I want to make a payment to
myself right now Jeremy it’s my email phone number to sit out and it’s fixed
right click on pay now easy demo right so you showed me use a test card I show
you me this because it’s a demo so lest we can use a test card if use this tin
in a move to the next day such cells Bank authentication and in a blah blah
use another card I just showing me the test card P 50,000 so let’s see success
when if this payment is assessed for this way show maybe 50,000 it’s a really
high walk she paid on this money now comes into your balance and you can got
an email now on my phone arriving web see 50,000 or ammonia was sent to you
Jeremy just paid blah blah blah blah you know so he’s basically how they start
works right don’t set up a pay a payment the page on
a stack right now so once somebody is we should fill you for something that
you’ve done you just copy this link to send me to the person the person music
editors any money comes here then you can now move the money to your bank
account you like we need to move it they start automatically in length about an
four hours in for working hours they move the money to the bank account are
you selected when you Nokia account so that’s basically how
paste-up works right an interesting thing about penstock is that you feel
what principal OOP are you walking WordPress yeah plugins for what for a
stock on wordpress this is plug-ins for page touch right that’s one for
WooCommerce payment form for pay stock plugins categorize a haystack how to sit
up at a start blah blah blah right so there’s a whole
lot of resources that you can use so these are the plugins that they have for
job websites like a new job website right you do have to have a plug-in for
that payment forms for charge foundations and all that there’s a
plug-in you know this is beautiful WordPress WooCommerce right payment paid
membership pros protein voices engine teams premium prayers right cool lot of
it for Magento users they have plugins also open card exists Shopify that’s a
guide on how to get it on a search fortify SMS portal creates on no for SMS
windows where you can sell pork SMS and order this is the one for you for
hosting or hosting companies can use this people that use Joomla this is the
one for you append card to PrestaShop yes you know they have resources for
basically everything so I’m if you want to know how to repay pay stack or you
have an online business you have issues collecting money with four people
all right you sell on Instagram or wherever all you need to do you just
copy this link copy this link once you create this form right send it to the
person the person put his car details and the money comes to you is just as
simple as that we need to go to the bank or to bank classify or network
okay blah blah and interesting ceilings that if he’s GT Bank you can also okay
let’s look at this again for instance let’s look at let’s come here I want to
show you guys something he don’t encourage you to please
subscribe to my channel click the like button click the bell but you know so so
that whenever I choke a video you would be the first to get it right
so I’m just gonna fill this out again he can even use bank they need bank let’s
say GT bike continue right you need to check in transaction starters we try
with test details and try with is it okay verify account blind and tiny
little bit and blah blah blah okay let me show you guys a real a real
case scenario where I have a stack set up so I’m just gonna log out of this
account we look into a real account but I’m actually using to collect payments
online so I’m just gonna go to I personally I need to do a pass over
yourself working my passwords I’m just gonna be a part of it right from here okay my email it’s loading loading
loading loading loading okay okay this is it right oh I was gonna
reset my password my flood okay good so this is my old pay stock
accounts on live mode so if we come to payments pages see this these are
payment things I’ve created so I click on this for instance and it brings me to
this page when you pay 205 for this first select my name you may want to
paid for this right now and I say hey now right
it brings me here so I have other options I can ever use GT banks that
seventh race I would say ussd code so all I need to do so use my phone now
this number and you know click confirm’ payment and does it right I usually use
a QR code and those candies you did beside your if you stopped payment up on
your phone then define payment you choose your bank lesson first bank I
click on continue and you know the other two FS checkout page blah blah blah to
meet the face back interface ok this is 8 for my account number click on
continue I want me to Rico started in making the payments right so that’s
basically how they start working actually interested right so I’m glad
you guys have learned something today I hope you have learned something if you
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