Reconnective Healing is a natural return to our original state of balance and health, and how it happens is actually very easy. We tune in to frequencies which are present here all the time and everybody can feel them, and the moment our body feels them it remembers that it knows this degree of balance and health too, and it starts to return to this in a way that is for everybody very natural and the most optimal, and in accordance with how each of us is made. I would like to invite you to our new Reconnective Centrum which has been launched by myself and 25 other practitioners who also provide this method. Right in the center of Prague you can try this method yourself – whether you come to receive Reconnective Healing or The Reconnection (the whole process of The Reconnection), or whether you just come by to find out and discuss how this method works. The quality of life has changed for sure, I am happy, I’m content, I’ve got a smashing family, my career has resolved… Yeah, I would say my whole life has turned up side down, for the better. Yes, my experience was very beautiful, I underwent it a fortnight ago and now I have a lot of energy. It was like a meditation, and since then I have felt the energy supporting me, every day from dawn to dusk. After that my life changed in a major way. I broke up with my long-term partner, a new person entered my life, and we’ve been together ever since, we’ve had three wonderful children, and everything is great. Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection have brought a huge change and acceleration into my life. In a way, my life has turned up side down. Pretty much everything has changed. As Eric Pearl puts it beautifully in his book: “It will become you and you will become it”. And this is the best description of what has happened to me. Well, I didn’t feel anything at all. I had a quiet dream, a logical dream between reality and dreaming, and I thought I was resting…I don’t know… at the sea or on a beach… I simply had a good sleep. And since then I have had this new energy. Everything depends on energy. I exercise a lot, and I used to exercise in the evening, but now I have so much energy, I exercise at 6am, than again in the afternoon and also in the evening. I don’t know but I think I have something extraordinary now, something I didn’t use to have before. I feel more … Well, I knew before I was not very satisfied with my life, and I guess it really made me make the changes in my life. This method has been introduced by Dr. Eric Pearl, an American doctor and chiropractor, and I find really interesting about it that everybody can learn it, and everybody can use it very easily. It is a connection with frequencies that are here all the time, and we just play with them – as the other practitioners have already mentioned. And the fact that our body can feel them somehow very easily speaks to us somewhere deep inside, and we begin to remember – – the whole system, the body begins to remember that it knows this degree of harmony too, and whatever is at that moment out of harmony, whether it be our psyche, our emotions, our relationships, our physical body, perhaps our physical challenges in the form of diseases… all these begin to harmonize in a very natural way. I was dealing with many problems. My business wasn’t successful, my relationship didn’t work, and thus a client of mine offered me help. We started to address my health challenges first – my hurting kidneys, my allergies… And this client offered she might try to help me. During the session I felt warmth in the area of my kidneys, but more or less I took it for a nice rest. I learned about Reconnective Healing by coincidence when I saw Eric Pearl and what I must call his miraculous healings in the internet. At that time I was having a problem with my knee, I was scheduled for a surgery, and I said to myself: “Hmm, perhaps I could be a “big girl” and heal the knee myself!” However, after Eric Pearl’s lecture my knee kept hurting, so I felt disappointed, and I thought it was some sort of illusion. But two days later a friend of mine told me: “Hey, what’s going on, you’re not coughing, you’re not using the spray!” And I realized that the asthma I had had for 20 years, being on pills and daily using the spray, was gone. It was something unbelievable, something incredible for me. I am really keen on this method. And just to finish the story, the knee stopped hurting six months later and there was no surgery. I am happy to provide this Healing, and I know it helps the people to whom I do it, and it’s absolutely wonderful. People often ask what they will experience. Although it differs person from person, for most people it is certainly a very pleasant and a very beautiful experience. This method enthralled me because I had never thought I could feel any energies, I thought I simply wasn’t the kind of person to feel something like this. But I soon realized that it was very natural and that I could interact with something I had never had in my hands before. And I am simply trying to somehow develop it, and most practitioners are also discovering their own ways with it. For me, Reconnective Healing is a moment of joy, I look forward to every entry into the frequencies, for they bring me amazing peace and ease, we play together, we are creative, it’s something that stimulates and charges you, and at the same time we are in harmony with our clients, we try to feel them and we enjoy ourselves immensely. I encountered Reconnective Healing during Mr Ekart’s lecture, and I was really fascinated so I attended two more lectures, and at the beginning of the new year I treated myself to The Reconnection. And after the very first session I was offered the job of a receptionist or Office Manager here at the Centrum, and since then my life has continuously been changing. I am going to attend Eric Pearl’s lectures here in Prague, and I am planning on becoming a practitioner myself. What I like about Reconnective Healing is the work with my clients, as well as the fact that is keeps surprising me, because I never know what it will bring to my clients, and that is what I find so beautiful about it. Clients who come to our Centrum don’t need to be prepared, don’t need to expect anything, don’t need to know anything about the method. They can either make an appointment with a specific practitioner, or they can simply come by and get all information at the reception. They can come for a session, or they can attend a lecture about this method that are held here, or they can just come and have a look, ask, or try it out. And if they find it interesting they can make an appointment later. It is very easy, it is suitable for small children, it is suitable for people who are absolutely healthy and who just want to try it, it is suitable for people who want to move forwards in their lives or improve any aspect of their lives. And of course it is also suitable for those who face specific physical or mental challenges. It’s a method suitable for everybody. And I must say that it is very interesting and enjoyable just to go through the process.