what’s up Etsy sellers in this video
we’re going to be reporting Etsy shops that are blatantly drop shipping from
aliexpress.com so if you are not familiar with the term drop shipping it
is when you sell an item someone else ships it for you and fulfills it for you
all you do is market it and sell it that’s fine that is a great business
model you can make a lot of money doing it it’s just not allowed on Etsy and
it’s a it’s a sensitive topic for Etsy sellers since most Etsy sellers are
handmade vintage or they design something because all Etsy sellers of
course they follow the policies so if you’re an Etsy seller you either made it
or you designed it or you found it in terms of vintage so on Etsy it is a
little you know ooh at sea sellers can be a little bit sour so I thought this
video would be fun for everybody to watch me report some shops that are
blatantly drop shipping so drop shipping is cool just don’t do it on Etsy and
it’s not really worth it on Etsy either for a lot of different reasons but first
off let’s check out the policies for what can be sold on Etsy handmade items
are items that are made and/or designed by you so it has to be designed by you
that pretty much just eliminates drop shipping right there and then the
vintage items must be twenty years old so it can’t be just like garage sale
fines and stuff like that that’s pretty cool and then craft supplies or tools
and stuff like that not just like resold items from jo-ann fabrics or whatever so
you can check this page out yourself I’m not gonna go super deep into it it’s the
seller policy and what can be sold on Etsy it very clearly outlines that drop
shipping is not allowed on Etsy so with that being said let’s jump right into it
should be pretty fun I found a few and everybody just keep in mind that just
because I’m going to report these shops does not mean that they’re going to be
removed from Etsy Etsy is going to to review it on a case by case basis
so we’re gonna report first and then have Etsy ask questions later
and actually I I know for sure these ones are drop shipping so so let’s jump
right into it here’s a shop I found it’s called Chinese Chinese come I don’t know
I don’t know what’s going on but there’s just a lot of random stuff it’s got a
top hot sale here James is the owner of it this is James son to by the way he
makes all of these items I’m just kidding these both these photos are
super fake this photos definitely fake it looks like maybe like a movie star or
something from from Asia definitely looks like I don’t know very very top
quality photo say this one – looks like a stock photo you know and then these
photos as well they look like stock photos that like a manufacturer would
take and then provide to you right so okay so this is how it usually goes we
like you find something like this and you’re like oh wow this looks kind of I
don’t know this kind of looks dropship II and then you you you go over to
aliexpress.com which is like a Chinese wholesale Amazon so you can get products
from Alibaba that’s like you can connect two huge
wholesalers and stuff like that they have minimums of like 100 units like big
wholesale orders but Aliexpress is a site that gives those same wholesalers
an opportunity to sell the products for super cheap for example like look look
at this gold foil foam case it’s a dollar 36 and you know if it was in some
kind of like super touristy gift shop somewhere somebody would buy it for $40
you know so that’s all profit and that’s that’s the that’s the golden sweet spot
right there of the whole drop shipping model is that you buy stuff from from
from the manufacturer or wholesalers whoever from China for super super cheap
and then you sell it for retail pricing that’s I mean buy low sell high that’s
it’s an age-old business model is that there’s nothing new and there’s actually
nothing wrong with job shipping either I don’t think there’s anything wrong with
job shipping just not on Etsy and everyone knows that you’re not
supposed to drop ship on Etsy so that’s why it’s kinda like this right now we’re
we’re we’re gonna we’re going out and hunting them down right because we’re
Etsy sellers you know we make this stuff or we design this stuff this website is
for us and it’s not for dropshippers trying to make a quick dollar overnight
so that so so here is this product right here it’s right here here it is they
went as far as putting their name on the photo or or hey let me give them the
benefit of the doubt and say that they made this and then all these people here
and at Aliexpress actually copied them so so if we gave them the benefit of the
doubt this guy is the manufacturer and then all these people are selling it for
him from Aliexpress or or honestly this guy could be the manufacturer it’s he’s
just not allowed to sell on Etsy because it’s not handmade it’s made in a
commercial facility so so this dude actually may be the manufacturer that is
a possibility as well it’s just not allowed on Etsy and what he’s doing is
fine too you can manufacture as many phone cases as you want that’s cool in
any country you want as well I don’t care I like China actually they have
really cool culture and cool stuff about them right but you could just can’t drop
ship on Etsy that’s it ok so this is that’s this one is for sure drop
shipping everyone know you can see there’s multiple people look see they
they even water marked it here this is for sure drop shipping so we’re gonna go
ahead and we’re gonna go here we’re gonna copy oh and then also this this
will prove it to YouTube because the Aliexpress you can actually drop ship
from menu from from providers that are in the US that way your package like if
you are a drop shipper your package doesn’t show up with like Chinese
characters on it and stuff like that if you’ve ever ordered something online and
it came with a Chinese packaging on it then somebody drop shipped a product to
you and you probably could have found it for like literally 200 percent less on
Aliexpress so you now you’ll be able to tell if it’s like a cheap looking
product and it probably came from Aliexpress so this is how we can tell it
for sure drop shipping from China like we can we can filter it out and see
there’s – yeah it’s right there it’s from China it’s not handmade blah blah
blah okay anyway you copy and paste it we copied that we go over here and we
report port you I’m sorry I dude hold on hold on James I’m sorry if your name is
James and you’re watching this and this is your shop and you are the
manufacturer of this and you hand make all of these products I apologize to you
and Etsy will you will be able to tell Etsy if even if they even come after you
because most the time if you report somebody something that may not happen
so ok this item they sell items that don’t meet that’s these policies not
handmade here is a link to the product on Aliexpress this next product that I
have for you guys to show you is really super interesting it’s kind of like you
catch-22 so keep watching ok so we got that one your port ok yeah see they’re
gonna contact the seller if they find any issues with it
see so they’re like I said just because we’re reporting them today and maybe you
were watching this video and you’re getting heated up and you’re like oh
yeah let’s go report them let’s take them down
you know they Etsy is gonna review it whether how many reports they get or not
they’re gonna review it they’re gonna contact the seller the seller is sketchy
and doesn’t say anything and maybe tries to closer a countdown then Etsy will you
know take appropriate action so the next one I’m sorry James if you’re for real
but I’m I had to uh it was just you were too much of a suspect if your name is
James and you’re watching this your shop is very very suspecting I’m sorry ok
next one the next one is this shirt here so it’s kind of interesting because
they’re somebody designed this for sure somebody definitely designed this
obviously made it in Photoshop in every and somebody bought the design as well
somebody paid for it somewhere sometime we don’t know who because right here it
says the original flower floral wreath not today Satan shirt this is the
original one right here you guys okay and in it very well could be because
check it out here’s another one on Etsy which is the same exact design same
website this is we’re talking about Etsy usually when we talk about copyright
infringement we’re referring to like an Etsy seller taking something from
outside of Etsy but right now we got some inside Etsy jarama so yeah so
here’s so sure here’s the other here’s the same exact design it’s on the same
type of heathered Bella canvas tea I can see the tag right there it’s a Bella
canvas tea so whoever’s printing it for these for these dropshippers or
whoever’s dropshipping whoever’s not whoever is printing it is printing it on
this black heather tea okay so whoever supplying these guys they’re all the the
supplier is printing on this specific type of t-shirt because and I know this
because like imprint full print if I and all those other ones the the option to
print on on these types of like heathered like textured shirts is slim
that there’s not many choices like that so I like so this is like a one-off you
know like there’s somebody printing this off and just this is the design we have
it in this many sizes you can’t change the color type type situation not like a
print on demand type situation if that made sense I hope it did keep watching
so this may be the original person right here or this person bought or what
happens you know you bought you go to one of those like creative market
websites where you can buy like you know 100 print-on-demand
designs for 50 bucks you know cool you got 50 designs or if cool you got 100
designs but now 5000 other people have those same exact designs so this
actually may not be this might not be this might not be drop shipping this
might be or neither nor copyright infringement each one of
these people could have bought the design from the website that was selling
the commercial rights to them it’s either that or this is the supplier here
on Aliexpress comm same exact shirt and same exact picture as this one right
here as the original so it’s either that all three of these people bought this
design from the website that’s selling the rights or that this supplier right
here Aliexpress comm is selling it or is fulfilling orders
aka drop shipping for these two shops right here so it would this situation it
can be it can be anything like so I’m not gonna report anyone I’m just gonna
sit back and let whatever happens happens I don’t actually care because I
know I I know that people that are wasting their time drop shipping on Etsy
they may not know as much about at sea SEO and ranking as much as I do so
everybody can like scatter around and that’s another thing don’t worry about
people drop shipping because they may not be as dedicated or or care as much
as you do and at the end of the day you’re going to be putting more hours in
than they do so it doesn’t even matter they’re they’re actually helping you
because they look bad they’re actually making you look like the premium choice
so sometimes it can it can really help you out when when your competition sucks
you know so so keep that in mind as well there’s always like a million ways to
look at everything so that’s the last one there’s like a million versions of
this III just think that these guys are the manufacturer and then these two
shops are drop shipping it but I I’m not sure I’m gonna leave it alone and I
don’t really care but if you guys like these videos please comment below if you
guys liked videos me doing this and finding new shops to report and
explaining kind of what’s happening if you like that please comment below if
it’s if it’s super lame and I should just stick to the Etsy tips then let me
know as well so one other thing I want to show you is this shop here this shop
is from China but they’re not breaking any rules whoa what yeah it’s okay you
can be anywhere in the world and sell on Etsy they just have some rules go Fig
so this shop literally makes these clothes so and yes they make them in
China so here’s here it is there’s the shop owner okay she and then he I read
her story she went to fashion school and everything and they designed these
people these guys design everything and then they they even list their fabric
colors model and their tailors people who are cutting and sewing and
everything so they’re buying fabric cutting fabric and making dresses you
know so like yeah they they’re literally making everything and they’re in China
so it’s not so if you see somebody and you see for whatever reason you suspect
a shop is from China that does not mean anything it just it just with with drop
shipping on most people associate drop shipping with China with Chinese
products because that’s where they’re all manufactured because they’re so
cheap so just you know get that out of your head because that’s just a
generalization you can have a shop in China and literally be making the things
that you are saying you’re making and not be breaking any rules like this shop
is this is awesome actually though that they are making these dresses and and if
I had to give them a critique I would just say I would say fill out your
profile because it does kind of seem like a dropship II store until you go
down and you read it but anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this video please
subscribe if you have not yet and check out the links in the description for my
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