So welcome to the very first thrifting in a Tesla Thursday video Now what we going today is we go to the Nike outlet find some stuff to sell and flip on eBay to make a profit However, if you have enough money to go sell on Amazon meaning over a couple thousand dollars This is a complete waste of your time. It’s a complete waste of my time that is 100% for sure The reason I’m doing this is because many people who follow me on youtube Need to start in a slower route or a smaller Avenue such as eBay flipping stuff because this is all what I did in middle school and earlier high school in there’s actually I bought my Tesla which is the reason why I’m doing this not because I show Off that the Tesla because this is literally how I bought my Tesla or when I was 17 years old. So that’s about it I’m gonna head to the Nike Ow It maybe go to Ross and a couple other retail stores to find some products flip them and I’ll show you how I’m doing this So stay tuned. Okay, so the cars on autopilot right now, so we’re safe, but I want to talk about these cards right here So one small tip is if you go source of the Nike outlets a good place to do some arbitrage stuff sometimes Nike has deals where if you spend $100 they’ll give you a $25 voucher or if you spend $200 they’ll give you a $50 voucher So the next time you come in you get $50 off when you spend a certain amount So I went here a couple weeks ago actually to get some clothes and sell some stuff too – but I’ve got two vouchers one for fifty bucks and one for 25 an Extra tip is that if you are Spending over let’s say $300. They’re only going to give you a $50 one, but just ask them Can we split the transaction in two cuz you have to use two cards or whatever it is and then you’ll get both of them So gonna be utilizing these today So at the Nike outlet One more fun fact about these I was trying to give tips here is if you actually get these a lot of people actually sell These on eBay as is and so just go using them back in Nike what I’m doing so you could easily sell these for like the fifty one dollars probably for easily 30 40 bucks and just collect That so let’s say source 200 dollars of inventory and you make 20 bucks But then you sell this for 30 and you just made 50 dollars. So there’s just other tip right there This is 497 right side bro this we’re doing this and it’s 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 guaranteed $40 So I was five dollars off from the $50 spend so what I did is literally just pulled a sock That was like ten bucks put on the line. Then what I’m gonna do when I come back. I’m just gonna return it So got the twenty five bucks off and we good yeah, cuz like yeah, it cost me $30 for the socks, but Over twelve of that. Yeah was The yeah the white ones. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go return those white ones later So it really only cost me eighteen dollars for eleven pairs of socks Honestly, I think I’m very lucky no idea why because usually Nikes hit or miss is literally the first thing I go to as the socks just Because I know that okay If the socks are the right price They’re gonna sell so I’ve always always have sold and actually never not sold a pair of socks that are Nike Elite socks on eBay Always something for $11.99. See some nike Elite socks. They’re $4.97 ride then and there and usually I know if my cost is under $6. I’m gonna sell it every single time however, there was also an additional 30% off and I was able to utilize the $50 or the $25 off when I spent 50 bucks. So just off the socks. I’m calculating. I’m going to spend really $18 so let me recap this right so I spent $30 but that’s because I was at $45 before the $50 off coupon So I needed to throw something on there to get it over 50 bucks So I just grabbed a pair of $13 socks that were right on the counter And then what I’m gonna do is literally go return those $13 a pair of socks It’s really gonna cost me around $18 for 11 pairs of socks and I grabbed every single one of them and see the footage Right here and going to sell them and after fees and shipping it’s gonna be about eight dollars each So 11 times eight is $88 spending 18 to get that that’s this receipt this receipt Very simple two pairs of shoes the originally 75 bucks, but got $15 off and then $20 off So they’re costing like thirty nine dollars gonna sell them for a hundred each after shipping everything whatever I’ll get probably 80 bucks out of the bag is 40 bucks. There’s no discount for the bag so this is a toward 105 dollars, which I calculate is gonna bring me to about in revenue or after fees and shipping is $210 maybe two was rounded to 212 and then this is $88. So bringing about 300 dollars by spending around looking 100 120 Took me about 30 minutes to do that. And now you’re gonna go into another store again. The biggest thing is taking action yeah, it’s gonna take some time but whatever spent 30 minutes gonna take another 30 minutes to Like list these items, maybe an hour to make 200 bucks, I think Ok, so perhaps what I’m doing is I get the product look at the UPC code scan the barcode on the eBay up Then what I’m looking for is I want to filter out to sold items because like I could care less if it hasn’t sold so I’m just gonna make sure that they’re sold let’s go to sold If it’s If it is sold, that’s great. However, I’m not gonna okay, so I figured this product sells So what I’m gonna do now is figure out am I profitable is? I just get what I’m gonna be able to sell it for so 10 bucks times by 0.87 one because that’s gonna be eBay and PayPal fees and Then for this just cuz I know because I’m a nerd I memorized shipping cost and it’s gonna be two dollars 66th to ship That’s six dollars and five cents, but I’m getting it for five and there’s be tax. So let’s go five times one point zero eight So, I mean I could make the 50 cents if I want to but I’m gonna try to make a little more so I’m not Gonna go with this product. However My assistant found another product where actually it’s profitable. I’m leave us out the minimum of eighteen dollars I could buy for eight bucks when we’re after tax. It’s an 880 Looking at making about four and half dollars off this so I’m gonna sell it Five Okay, so just got done with Ross Ross is actually me the second and the last store go to today not gonna spend a crazy Enough time doing so just limit it to about an hour 30 minutes of Nike 30 minutes at Ross at Ross found about a hundred sixty two dollars of inventory and a lot of it is actually about Seven pairs of socks were bought for eight dollars ain’t no flip from about eighteen found a lot of like Star Wars little toys weren’t buy for three bucks sound for ranging between Ten to twenty one dollars kind of interesting because like some people if I’m at ten bucks a lot of people exercise only twenty one dollars So whatever hundred sixty one hundred sixty-two dollars probably to make around seven dollars or so off that so I would say pretty successful date really just getting started and there’s still a Lot more tips for me to really show you things I’ll be doing with my credit card points and how to really get deeper discounts with sourcing out these places and there’s I mean at Ross probably went through maybe ten percent the entire store and Overall did pretty well, so stay tuned for the next week’s episode, but that’s about it I’ll have a recap video once I get back home and start to list all these products Okay. So now the only last step to this whole thing is yeah, it’s important that you buy it at the right price Which I’ve only bought products are I know we’re gonna sell and make profits But now with the most important thing is to actually get them listed so you can sell them What I actually like to do is when I get in have other things and like how my eBay account in my phone I’ll actually list the products then in there one in the store Now if you’re not that fast of listing product, that’s totally fine. You can just go home and start to list them I like listening on the phone because it’s a lot easier But if you have to you can definitely do it on the computer as well. I have a video right here You can click somewhere around here that kind of takes you about how to list on eBay But one thing I want to let you know that’s very very important Is to keep the receipts always the reason for this is let’s say for some reason these products do not sell I’m pretty confident. These will sell but maybe a couple items don’t sell Well, it’s okay because what I’ll do is I’ll keep the receipt in 29 days from now if it hasnt sold on eBay We’ll take the staying off and go return it. So then I have no risk. Does it make sense? So that’s really it for this video again the very self-explanatory You literally saw what I did if you currently right now do not have a lot of money Maybe you could do this with a credit card You could whatever you want to do a couple hundred bucks in your bank account. You have fifty bucks You’re making they have twenty bucks in your bank account you go do this. Listen eBay, it’s free stuff in the eBay account It’s free to get a PayPal account and get it going and just do it Thank you so much for watching this and I’ll see you next week. Feel free to drop down any comments you have below in the comment section if you have any questions or any things you want me to go over or Advice for the next video they want to see that’s about it. 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