what’s up everybody I’m Justin and I’m
Kristen we are flipping profit we are full-time Amazon reselling family we’re
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have a Facebook and a website it’s all the same and so we are on our way right
now to take the kids to a doctor’s appointment but in the same vicinity
there happened to be a Dollar Tree now Justin and I have never been to a Dollar
Tree before I never do are a Dollar Tree just because there’s so many other
people that do videos on Dollar Tree so we try to like stay away from it yeah we
want to share something that’s different that people aren’t used to seeing
they’re like try and expand outside of the Dollar Tree thing Cruze is ready for
his doctors of women so I guess so we didn’t have much time but we ran in
there and man were we blown away yeah let me tell you crazy we never
understood why so many people shoot so many videos at the Dollar Tree but you
know what they can it’s like shooting fish in a barrel man it’s so freakin
easy it’s so easy we walked down like one aisle and could find like 15 things
so if you guys are not sourcing you guys are not sourcing at Dollar Tree
definitely go do that it’s a great start for death for beginners I feel like but
also they had a really good what blew me away was their book section
good cruz agrees screws agrees so book section was to die for to scream for
yeah we didn’t get much footage in there it was very packed in there but it was
very well organized so we’ll show you what we got tonight yeah so all right so we are back in the kitchen
to run the numbers and talk about our Dollar Tree haul now Justin and I had
such a blast in Dollar Tree we have never been there before
we actually just avoid it at all costs because a lot of resellers do use the
Dollar Tree and that is great and I can see why yeah like you could literally
walk in there blindfolded and probably find profitable products with our time
crunch in there we were just doing the moon it was crazy
yeah I hope nobody saw us there because it was embarrassing we were going so
fast so we are gonna fly through these numbers because we picked up a few
things to show you guys I know that all the dollar trees are different
everywhere so I don’t know your guys’s store would have the same stuff yeah and
also keep in mind as a disclosure all these products are based off all the
numbers that were running today and talking about today are based off of the
numbers as of this moment they’re probably going to fluctuate they’re
probably gonna go down because new people are gonna start selling those
same products but it is just for educational purposes and it also
accounts for our taxes here in the state of Arizona so let’s do this so the first
thing that we found was the hair gel la looks by the way I used to use this when
I was like 7 years old so I don’t I don’t even know that this stuff was
still around anyways the list price is $4.97 the cost of it was a dollar plus
tax a dollar and 8 cents and the shipping fee is three dollars and 61
cents so profit per unit is 28 cents each so it’s a 25% ROI
now that’s the lowest on our Hall so let’s get rid of that one the
next step that we do have is this vo5 Kiwi lime shampoo talk about it
baby okay so the list price is $7.49 the cost was a dollar and eight cents with
tax the shipping fee is five dollars and 80 cents the profit per unit is 61 cents
for an ROI of 40% oh by the way that’s my messy handwriting shipping and Amazon
fees of five dollars and eighty cents I guess we’re keeping that one now yeah
don’t do that at home it just you made it sound good when you said Kiwi anyway next pears bar soap these I think are
like supposed to be kind of fancy and I didn’t think that they would be at the
dollar store I love the dollar store we found some
great stuff there they have incredible chocolate graham cookies I don’t know if
you guys saw that in the video but we ended up buying some they kind of blew
me away very actually when we were checking out the lady who is our cashier
she was like oh my gosh those are so good
anyways that’s beside the point so for these soap right here the list price is
seven dollars and 12 cents the cost ooh now the cost here increases because
we’re now not just looking at one dollar but you’re bundling these two dollars
yep this is a two pack set so make sure if you are gonna plan on selling
something like this or these products you’re gonna have to obviously put it in
a poly bag and throw your soul to set sold as set or ready to ship label on
the outside of those so the cost is two dollars and sixteen cents the fees and
shipping for Amazon is four dollars and seven cents the profit per unit is
eighty-nine cents for an ROI of 37 percent wow that’s pretty good okay so
the next set that we will have on displayed in this evenings rendition of
Dollar Tree is the Jergens lotion now this is a four pack we have a couple
extra over here in this case we would be bundling it as a set of four similar
situation with the pair’s hand soap you’re gonna want to make sure to throw
it in a polybag throw that sold as set sticker on the outside along with your
Amazon barcode yeah and it’s um cherry almond flavor and you guys wanted to
know so the list price is $12 and 71 cents the cost for us was four dollars
in 32 cents um the fees in Amazon the shipping in
fees Amazon fees and shipping was five dollars and 42 cents for a net profit of
two dollars and 97 cents for an ROI of 65 percent now something while we were
there got really interesting because we wound up in the book section now if you
guys are interested in selling books their book section blew me away
I was shocked how well the books were there and they were all organized
it was nice I’m not gonna lie so we used to do a lot of estate sales and like
specifically do funds for books because if you do like an estate sale generally
on the last day of the sale you can go in there and wheel and deal and try to
get like every book for anywhere between 25 cents and like a dollar 50 cents and
that was like a deal I was kind of blown away blown away and so you guys
understand when we source books we look for books that are lower than a million
and rank because it is such a large category and because the sales fluctuate
it’s something that you can safely kind of go up
to that realm also understand to like when you’re doing books you in most
cases you’re buying it for the long haul so you’re buying it for it to sell in
the next two to three months not just like today it’s not going to be sent in
and then sell tomorrow it could happen but no so oh this is next on our list so
this woman’s exercise book the list price on Amazon is nine dollars and
sixty nine cents our cost was one dollar and I’m posing by the way just like the
model one dollar and eight cents Amazon fees and shipping is six dollars in one
set the profit is two dollars and sixty cents with an ROI of a hundred and 191
Oh 191 no I knew one percent that’s insane and there was a ton yeah a ton of
these there and I oh I checked all the exercise books first because everybody’s
into exercise also too so here is something to know when you are scanning
books at the Dollar Tree I want to show you guys a little bit of example I don’t
know if you’re gonna be able to see this but this barcode is actually just a
sticker they are using their own internal stickering process to keep
these prices at a dollar so the type in the name double check yeah this one no
sticker on it because that they were able to adjust the pricing but because
at Dollar Tree it just has a label on there so and
that’s very common when you guys are sourcing that you have sometimes you
have to take the extra mile and you know type in the name of the book to actually
find it so this book are you gonna pose like this one too
the list price is 9.9 t3 since the cost was a dollar hey yeah don’t look down
I’d already the fees and Amazon the Amazon fees and
shipping with $6 it will be six dollars and eighty three cents you know it will
be Oh profit is two dollars and two cents with
an ROI of I can’t even read your writing one hundred and fifty percent return on
investment so you can’t beat it so if you guys are new to selling on Amazon
and you guys want to go and like have tons of products to just go scan we
think that the Dollar Tree is a great place to start it was so clean it was
just and so organized yeah it was easy I mean the reality is you know a lot of
people like well we’ll reach out to us and be like oh you know like how do I
really start where do I go like what do I do a place like Dollar Tree is kind of
like a staple for retail arbitrage a lot of people start there and quite frankly
they’re there’s you know gonna be products out there they are higher
ranked as well so it’s easy to get into those and then maybe you can start
gradually getting your way down to the ranks that we like to sell at yeah you
can also like try different categories like books and so then you know you can
as your account grows you can start selling different products yeah what he
said so if you guys like oh the average ROI by the way across this whole hall is
eighty four point six seven percent BAM boom so I mean that’s it’s for retail
arbitrage that’s pretty darn good generally we like to see an eighty
percent ROI for clearance that’s our minimum and then for
replenishable we’re looking for stuff that’s at least thirty percent so eighty
four percent across the one two three four five six different listings it’s
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