hello everyone this is Noah and again
thank you for watching our YouTube channel save green here where we are
dedicated to saving you money I am a consumer just like yourself so I always
try to look for ways to save money every which way I can lately we’ve done videos
on our channel here on YouTube regarding cellular phones and cellular phone
providers we’ve done plenty of videos on mint mobile and feel free to check them
out they got really good plans for your cellular but you can see our homepage
here where we do provide many instructional videos and money-saving
hacks and so forth but today we’re going to talk about something you’re going to
be faced with doing every couple years and that’s replacing your tires on your
vehicle if you own more than one vehicle you’re probably going to be doing this
more often obviously so what i’m doing here is providing you different websites
where we saw different pricing and we’re doing an apples-to-apples comparison
because as you know there’s different kinds of tires brands sizes whatever so
in this particular situation I used my own personal vehicle and the size of the
tire that you see here is a 215 45 with a 17 inch rim and if you look here where
I’m moving my mouse you see that right there 215 45:17 and you can see more
information here and then the brand that I started looking into because I
personally have had good experiences with kuhmo and you can see they do have
good reviews down here so this website tire buyer is showing you their kuhmo
Ecsta and they tell you here that they’ll give you free delivery that
being said this tire here is priced 80 $1.99 or in my case I’m replacing all
four 320 796 for their price and moving forward to another website that I’ve
also used in the past tire rack calm now tire rack notice it’s the same tire
the kuhmo x2p s31 i’ll take it back to the original page
here PS 31 so we’re doing apples to apples notice it’s a load index of 91
with W rating and that should show up here as well 91 with a W rating 89 92 so
very similar price 359 here for 4 and you’re looking at over here 327 so
they’re not too far off but one thing I want to point out and I just took this
for granted check Amazon out the same tire nakumo Ecsta PS 31 215 45 with a zr
17 inch rim and there’s your rating w rating with a 91 58 dollars and 10 cents
now amazon does give you free shipping and just to prove this to you i will
take you to this page where you can see the total before tax which would have
been the 58 10 times 4 is to 30 to 40 i did have to pay taxes on it twenty one
dollars and seventy two cents and an Arizona State tire fee of 464 but my
grand total was 258 now this is significant considering between tire
buyer and tire rack the cheaper of the two was tire buyer at 327 96 and I
already placed the order obviously so I’m at 258 now you do the math but it’s
pretty significant the difference between 258 76 and over here 327 96 so I
just want to point this out to the consumer that’s looking into buying
tires for your vehicle check out tire buyer
out tire rack as you can see here but do your due diligence
go ahead and check out Amazon as well and what I’ll do is I’ll post the links
at the bottom on a description so you can check them all out but it’s
definitely worth saving a good amount of money by checking them all out but then
also a lot of people forget that Amazon sells everything and including tires as
well they even so groceries now so go ahead and check them out and hopefully
this has been helpful to you and check out the reviews as well obviously here
it’s four point eight out of five and over here on Tire Rack let’s see if we
can show their reviews here I don’t think it shows here but they do have
great reviews I’ve used them for many years on all my vehicles and they’ve
been really good here you can see that’s got five stars so 93% five stars one
person gave it four stars and then no three and two and one so out of 14
reviews 93% of the reviews were five-star it’s a very good tire the
kuhmo and like I said I’ll post a link to the description down at the
description page so you can just go and click through all the different stores
to check them out but definitely give Amazon a try thank you very very much
for watching again this is Noah with save green here