Hey, it’s Jeff Walker and I wanted to talk about direct marketing versus branding marketing. And it’s sort of interesting because I’m actually right now staying at one of my favorite hotels, which is the San Diego Hard Rock Hotel. And these guys get their branding right. You walk in and they’ve got the tunes cranking. They’ve got all kinds of memorabilia on the walls here. They’ve got rock and roll quotes everywhere. Here’s a guitar, Stevie Ray Vaughn’s guitar, one of his guitars – not his famous Stratocaster, but it’s a beautiful guitar. Behind me over here is registration and they’re just playing just all kinds of rock-and-roll clips there. But then this is the thing that really got me: this is their guitar menu. It’s sort of a bit of a tasting menu. So when you check in here, you can borrow a guitar. They’ll just let you borrow a guitar. It’s interesting; they’re all Fenders. They’re Telecasters and Stratocasters and so I borrowed one. It was pretty cool. You have to put down a deposit, but then it’s absolutely free to have the guitar. And then here’s all these different set lists and lyric sheets. I love this photo right here. This was one of my heroes. Right there is a photo of Joe Strummer of the Clash. Here’s another one of my heroes up there, Bruce Springsteen. So the branding they’ve got going on here is absolutely spot-on. Just everywhere you walk around there’s music always playing, there’s quotes on the walls from songs. One interesting thing over here – I hope I’m not getting you too seasick – but right here, there’s something from Madonna, a little bustier that she wore, a bass from the guy in the Eagles, the bass player. And then right next door, this is not branding, this is merchandise. So it’s interesting how they do… they sort of walk you down the branding wall and they got all these cool guitars and things – and then they take you right into merchandise. So you can see how you can be walking down the wall and checking out all the cool memorabilia, and all of a sudden, boom, it’s marketing time. So the thing I really wanted to talk to you about… I’m gonna get over here. There’s the Boss, there’s Bruce Springsteen. Right here’s another one of my heroes, right there. There’s Mick and Keith, and of course Keith is The Man. So I’m going to step out where it’s hopefully a little quieter out here. But you know the thing is, when I first got online 20 years ago, first started in business online twenty years ago, I think one of the reasons for my success… let’s turn around here so we got the sun going the other way… one of the big reasons for my success was I understood early on that that the Internet was a fantastic direct marketing medium. And so I studied all the old direct marketers and direct marketing. Back then I was studying direct mail and stuff and applying it online and that gave me huge success. There’s this huge divide – or there used to be a huge divide between direct marketing and brand marketing. So, you know, Coca-cola would be the classic brand marketer. And direct marketing is where you put together marketing that’s supposed to directly drive people to a sale immediately. And branded marketing is where you, just like Coca-cola, you got your advertising everywhere so then what someone thinks about having a soft drink, they’ll think about Coca-cola. And so there’s always was this big divide between the two… but these days all of a sudden branded marketing is starting to move towards direct marketing… which, you know, I’m still a direct marketer at heart. But the thing is is that direct marketing is taking on a lot of the branded… if you have an online business in this guru world, this expert world, anything like that, you need to be aware of your branding. Because now we’re out there. Everyone who’s online has got to be out there in some way – in social and video and photos and on a blog interacting in some way. And now every single thing you do is part of your brand. It’s what you’re wearing, what you’re posting in social, what you’re saying in between the lines, what your videos look like in and what your demeanor’s like and what the graphics on your website are like… and so now everything is part of your brand. So even if you’re in our kind, my kind of business, and it’s very much a direct marketing business, you are very much in the branding business. So it’s sort of interesting how the two markets have come together. But it’s something you have to be aware of. You’re being judged on how your website looks. And, frankly, 10 years ago, certainly 15 years ago online, it was almost like it was better if your site looked raw and unfinished, but that’s not the case anymore. Everyone’s had to step up. I think it’s because of Apple and their influence. I mean, they have such great design and they’re so influential. I think they’re one of the big ones… but we’ve moved now towards you have to look professional. It doesn’t mean you have to be wearing a suit. I shot a video about that. You don’t have to be like corporate professional, but you got to be pro in your appearance. The great thing is there’s so many tools that make it so much easier, like in terms of page design and technology. But, yeah, just remember everything you’re doing, every tweet you put out, every post on Facebook, anything you put on Instagram, every video you put out – the whole package, the entire package, is being judged. And these days you have to be aware or brand. So I’m Jeff Walker. No matter where you’re watching this, scroll on down. Leave a comment for me if this video was helpful. Give me a share. And let’s go get ’em this week.