Duryodhana’s angry… We cannot continue to sustain such casualties, my king. All these since this morning? He has every right to be. The bodies reach as far as the horizon. Sire, there will always be casualties. His troops are being annihilated… Casualties?! These on my men! How can I win this war if you let them
get wiped out?! …But the commanders don’t care about the lives of common men. What can you expect? These men lack
quality their worth is in their quantity, sire! if you hurl enough rocks at a wall, it
must eventually break. These “rocks” are dying in their thousands, General. It is their duty to die, Karna. You should not concern… Ugh! These men shed their blood for you, General. Show them some respect. How dare you? Who do you think you are to lay your hands upon me? I should… Should what, General? Enough! I shall not have my generals
bickering like a washer women. We shall return to the command tent to discuss a new strategy. One that does not
involve so much…. … Waste – Drink this. – Lord Karna. Lord, don’t worry yourself. You have far more important matters to be dealing with… surely. You think your life is of no
consequence? I’m no great warrior, Lord. What
difference does my life make in this war? Even the lowliest of us can rise and shake the dreams of princes. Hey! Like this video? Why don’t you hit the like and subscribe button? Leave a comment, too. Also, there might be other shows that you might like here as well!