once again we’re at it with quarters Hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds treasure and fresh off of my last very nice quarter find a 1976 Denver minted doubled die
quarter – looked for it for years, finally found it I figured grab four more boxes
and let’s see if we can find some more silver more proofs more double use maybe
a narrower variety as well as some Florence I’ve got four full boxes here
I’ve already popped the tops and unfortunately there are no uncirculated
quarters so the chance of finding a river of no return W once again is slim
doesn’t mean we can’t find some more WS for the other designs and I’ll be
keeping my eyes peeled for those we’re gonna kick it out for this top box right
here to the left as I mentioned they are circulated but you never know what’s
gonna beat him until you get into him I struggled mightily on finding silver my
quarter rolls but every once in a while I get a lucky score and I’ll be glad to
get another lucky scores a day I’ll loop you in on my first good find
we’re on roll number four and this is an early fine and I already saw it because
it was reverse facing me a war in the Pacific and when I flipped it over we
have a W nice healthy ding on the Left right above Liberty but a W nonetheless
makes me happy not even the fourth for Lin and we’ve got to find let’s find
more we’re all twenty four is gonna give us another find but it’s not gonna be
silver it’s gonna be a foreign there it is it’s a Canadian quarter it’s like
it’s 2009 good year for us well 27 and we’re gonna have what I love
seeing in the quarter box cuz I don’t see it too much man it’s silver it
shines 1964 a w a Ford and a silver and a crazy
toner roll hunting number 43 and look at this
that’s another W my friends which design San Antonio missions beautiful 2w
quarters a war in the Pacific and in San Antonio missions plus silver in the same
box and it’s only box one well that’s all she wrote for box one and you know
what it was one of my better boxes if I had four boxes like this life would be
great we ended up scorned a war in the Pacific W San Antonio missions W and not
that bad of shape in Canadian 2009 and a 1964 Denver minted silver quarter on top
of that a couple of crazy toners take those all day love when they have the
rainbow look to him this one looks a little splotchy but still a cool-looking
quarter to toners a silver to double use in a four inch let’s see if we can add
to the fines figured out give you a bird’s eye look before I hunt this box
again no silver Enders but nice and Antonio missions we’ve got a American
Memorial Park another San Antonio missions right here we’ve got a lull
back here so looks like it could be a pretty good box just based on the
Ender’s I saw a lot of those quarter designs 2019 that is in the previous box
which allowed me to net a couple of w’s PI let’s kick this hunt off with this
first roll roll number five and what do we got here a republic of ostrich
five shilling 1961 and I missed it by its edge and you know ‘voice I do
believe that silver we’ve got four in silver in my US quarter box decided to
go to bring out the world coin prize guy just to get an idea this is an Austria
five shilling made out of sixty four percent silver unbelievable
very cool I did not think I would find foreign silver and I can’t believe I
even missed it so sad of me but it is late hits one 11:00 in the morning and
we’re hunting quarters that’s what tired eyes do and I missed it but silver
number two and a cool under boot roll number eleven and we’re on to some good
boxes here because I’ve already flipped it we’ve got another W and this one is a
little 2019 Lowell W quarter already now is the a.m. P and of course the river of
no return and we would have found all five designs I don’t think I’m gonna
find a river no return but if I can get the AMT that’d be all four designs
before the RNR is released for these boxes what a great hunt so far we’ve got
two silvers and three WS and sixty one rolls very next roll roll number twelve
and let me show you this quarter that I just found in a roll I put gloves on for
this one that’s a 1971 Denver in a circulated quarter box Wow that has got
to be at least ms-64 it could even be better those
fields are nice this looks like it came straight from an
uncirculated set it’s got a few rim dings of course because it’s been in
circulation but that is a stunner that will at the very least upgrade in my
book and 1971 Denver does have a nice doubled divert verse let’s just take a
look at that really quick I don’t want to put it on my coin scope here we’ll
just check the top real quick just to make sure I don’t even want to slide it
too much across my coin scope it looks pretty clean let me go ahead and pick
this guy back up it’s a beauty you don’t find them like that
circulation too often for now he’ll go up there I decided to check the 71 D
that I just found in this roll hunt against the one that I have in my album
and believe it or not I’ve got a pretty nice one in the album too this one
definitely upstages it a little bit so I might switch it out at the end of this
hunt could use a nicer 71 in nicer 1970 but I’m happy to found this one roll
number 18 and we did it again another W quarter will it be a MP nope it’s
another San Antonio missions W quarter number four in 68 rolls well box two is
done and it was another good box I will say the second half of this box
definitely cooled down but at the end of the day box one had two W quarters box
to head to W quarters box one had a silver and even though it’s foreign box
two had a silver box one had a foreign and technically box two at a foreign so
we’re kind of tied there but with the extra find of the 71 d in mint state
condition that’s going to put it one up we found another nice 71 D as well as a
nice Bicentennial 76 D of course I checked both of them
no doubling box one was great box two was slightly better
well boxes three and four keep this rally alive here’s the bird’s eye view
of box three not looking as promising as the last one but never judge a book by
it’s cover let’s kick it off with this roll and see if we can add to the fines
once again we’re on roll for and it’s not really a fine but look at this we’ve
got a 2019 river of no return I already checked because it was obverse
showing but it looked pretty uncirculated so I checked the back and
sure enough and are in our quarter right here a little bit of optimism now good
to see that in the box Ron roll 12 and I’m thinking maybe we
have a similar box as the last couple because I got a couple of quarters here
with the same toning so that’s keeping me optimistic as well very interesting
let’s see if it pans out the same way well unfortunately box three while it
may have been part of the same set of boxes it didn’t produce like the other
two we basically got skunked in that box it was nice seeing for River of No
Return 2019 quarters I’ll take him and I did
add a really nice 1983 Denver that I’ll be holding on to as well as a few other
decent coins in here as well like this 1977 outside of that though no Fornes no
double use no silver nothing else to add to the finds we still have more box
these were a pair but again I picked them up in the same week from the same
type of Bank Wells Fargo so I’m hoping we get back on some goodies in that box
let me clear away the discards get the top popped on this one and give you a
bird’s eye look here’s box four of the hunt we do have a SAM quarter ender to
start the hunt but nothing else looks fantastic you’ve got kind of a crazy
toner here it’s not the same as the other ones but
it’s similar hopefully that means we’ll find some goodies in here didn’t mean
anything in the last box but I’m excited to get into this one and conclude the
four box hunt let’s kick it off with this San Antonio missions ender and see
if it’s a W or not well rule thirteen of box for it’s gonna produce we’ve got a W
and I already flipped it because there’s on the reverse side first saw it was a
war in the Pacific flipped it saw was a W gotta love it W number five war in the
Pacific number two still gonna damp II still need an ardor could it be in this
box hole number forty is gonna have a Ford
and it looks like it’s gonna be another Canadian and I missed it by the edge and
this one is a Arctic expedition 1913 to 2013 a 100 year commemorative nice can’t
get mad at that don’t find commemoratives too often I will
definitely take it I’m hunting rule 44 and I don’t know how this coin or
whatever it is made it into the role that’s something different it’s a 1977 deutsche mark man you gotta
love it very cool eagle on the front beautiful edge lettering i’ll take that
forward all day and we’re starting to stack up the Fords now can’t we find one
more W or another silver let’s find out I was just starting to open up roll
number 48 and I thought this was kind of cool we’ve got a war in the Pacific Guam
and her on one side and a 2009 Guam and her on the other no big deal there
thought it was kind of cool that we’ve got a decade’s separation between the
two qualm designs alright now let’s hunt it so the final
box is hunted and you know what it may not have been as good as the first two
was definitely better than a third I’ll take it
we got a deutsche mark we got a commemorative Canadian quarter and we
got a war the Pacific W on top of that we added a ton of nicer older quarters
from the 60s 70s and 80s including a beautiful 1971 denver we also were able
to find for 2019 our and ours in those four boxes and a grand total of five W’s
in all one Lowell two whips and to Sam’s overall we ended up with four Ford’s in
total one of which was in 1961 five shilling sixty four percent silver and
speaking of sixty four a 1964 Denver 90 percent u.s. silver quarter I also was
able to pull out some crazy toners and I’ll add those on my collection as well
as far as hunts go this is one of my better if not one of my best for box
quarter hunts and that makes me optimistic about this week’s pickups I
know I’ve done a lot of quarter boxes lately but when they’re hitting why stop
hopefully you enjoyed this four box pour hunt if you did I definitely appreciate
a thumbs up and as always everyone happy hunting and thanks for watching