hi I’m Vincent Vanagon global a cab man adjouris 4 RS probe today I want to introduce you to the new range of AC motor controllers the range consists of a number of families catered for multiple industries including high IP rating for environmental protection featuring simple installation and integration with ease of use at the core starting off with the RS ma this hybrid drive focus on simplicity meaning installation and commissioning is rapid and straightforward additionally with the analog interface it makes it simple and easy to use with the controller on the front simple on/off switch and an LED indicator on there as well building on the RSM a range the RS MK features a digital display and keypad the drive allows additional functionality with start/stop auto manual along with forward and reverse moving on to the RS AC hybrid drive this actually offers ip65 rating for dust and water protection in order to easily read diagnostic information the RS AC drive also offers LED indicators high light power and status a hybrid is the merging of two technologies these drives combine the digital technology of the microprocessor with an easy-to-use analog interface simple trim pod justments and selectable jumpers are used instead of complicated programming this will enable you to be up and running in less than 10 minutes building on the RSA see the RS da Drive offers the same functionality but with a digital display and keypad making it simple to use the our SBA is also built ip65 rating each of these product lines comes in a range of power outputs and torque sessions covering a wide range of applications they’re easy to install simple to operate and do not require commissioning meaning you’ll be up and running in less than 10 minutes we also offer an array of compatible accessories given added functionality to the range of products you see in front of you today this additional gland kit that we offer ensures the ip65 integrity is maintained to add the forward stop and reverse functionality on the IR SMA drive we offer this three position toggle switch along with cable assembly and to add on/off functionality we offer this two position toggle switch as well for more information about our range of motor controllers please visit our website if you liked the video please subscribe