in this video I’m going to show you one of the best rated products that will literally change the way you are doing things. Salehoo Review. The Best Wholesale Suppliers hello everybody out there my name is Tony I’m just here to make a video about this this new product and found on the internet fail who basically what it is for all of you that that sell on BB offer EV it was awesome i made thousands of dollars on ebay the last couple of months ebay has been an awesome income from my family and you know I i I’m already a powerseller have only been a BB seller since june you know so it’s phenomenal anyways what got me to be a powerseller was that this directory of all these wholesalers that i found cell who is up is basically it’s a product that you buy on the internet and it gives you lists and lists me to give the customer support it’s awesome and I mean you find stuff dropshipping you don’t have to shiped out the stuff the people ship for you you make the nice little profit off of each item that you sell you know some of the items i make i made up to a hundred dollars profit on just one I don’t got shipped up. Salehoo Review it’s money that’s coming into my account it’s crazy and I’m excited about it size 12 others about it if you need extra cash maybe retire your sucky job hey try ebay this get this the software (Salehoo) it’s actually like a directory it’s like a list of wholesalers and you can there’s a little link on the side rail side rear right side going to click on it and it will take you to the website purchase the stuff you will not regret it and give you 60 day money back guarantee and i’m all for this if you’re really serious about learning this is what you need you have a great day and god bless thanks for watching I hope you can now see the value of our new products please click the link below for more information. Wholesale suppliers for ebay