Hello friends, my name is Sanjay Singh and i am your sales coach if you are a sales manager in channel of distribution mode of selling I’m sure you have got a KRA and KPI which defines that you
got to do primary sales and secondary sales but as soon as you achieve your primary sales target and secondary sales target please understand that there is nothing called
primary sales and secondary sales for me it is primarily stock transform and
secondly stock transfer because sales happens only when tertiary sales happen
that is when the dealer or the retailer at the last mile sales product to the
customer and the customer pays money to the counter so sales managers who have
their eye on the tertiary sales sales managers who track tertiary sales are the managers who I am looking for because managers to achieve their targets on primary sales and secondary sales are not very long drown sales managers for me so friends if you’re a
sales managing channel of distribution mode of selling you must know how to
track tertiary sales although it does not figure anywhere in your KRA
and KPI because unless you achieve tertiary sales
targets you will not be able to achieve secondary and primary sales target so
next time when you go to the market and remember tertiary sale is not in a KPI but tertiary sales will help you achieve all your KPIs if you have liked this
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