Meet the real shopping expert, a man who shops
365 days a year – Santa. That’s true, I do shop year-round. For gifts. And I have only one night to deliver
them to AAAAAAL the kids in the world. Now, let me tell you how I shop online safely. First of all, always keep your eyes on the
URL bar. Scammy websites will try redirect you to fake
shopping sites, but the URL bar gives them away. Watch out! Also, make sure the website you’re visiting
uses HTTPS. Not HTTP, but HTTPS. Like S for Santa. The S is very important. Oh, there’s another thing – sometimes
I have to buy last-minute gifts. So I ask Rudolph to stop the sleigh by the
nearest coffee shop with Wi-Fi. But make sure to use a VPN whenever you connect
to public Wi-Fi so naughty hackers can’t steal your personal data. I use NordVPN. One click and my online data is encrypted. Yeah, I really do a lot of shopping. It’s easy to get lost in the rush, but I
always keep track of my purchases. And you should, too! Monitor your credit card statement and challenge
any purchases you didn’t make. Happy holiday shopping!!