Oh my gosh, these are so cute! They’re like Dr. Seuss. This is a look right here. This is high maintenance. Can’t stop, won’t stop, get guap. Chillin’ with Bazaar and you know we tip top. Saks Fifth Avenue, shop until I drop, all
them shoes hella fly, girl you know I’m bout to cop. Cause I’m icy, wifey, haters wanna fight me,
never been the one get RIP up on a white tee. Oh my gosh, these are so amazing. Okay so what are you shopping for today? Well you know my EP is coming out, called
High Maintenance. I’m having an event for it, so I need some
really cute shoes to go with my outfit. Oh yeah, we gotta do it big. I need something fly, bougie, classy, all
that good stuff. Let’s go. Let’s go get it. Look at this heel right here. I don’t know what kind of plug ya’ll have,
but ya’ll shoes are way cuter out here. It’s all about sneakers in LA, right? Yeah, lot of sneakerheads in LA. Okay let’s talk about your very first pair
of high heels. Do you remember what they were? Girl, they
were probably just some cheap, bulky platform shoes. These have been a big trend. You know what? This can be a look. And when I mean a look, it can be a look if
you put it together the right way. Now what about the sock boot? We’ve been seeing these everywhere. Kanye did them for Yeezy. You what know, I gotta get into it, but…
right now… I don’t know. Not doing it for you. Some Tory Burch flip flops. Ten white toes in them Tory flip flops. Heels and socks. Would you do it? *Laughing* That’s a no. These are extra. And I’m extra, so… *Laughing* Yeah this is cute. Oh but these right here honey. It’s just like a fly bear mama. I’m classy but I’m fly and I’m here to play. This is super cute. Love it. So I really hope I can find something to match
my black suit tonight. This is for your big event? Yeah.. It like has these sparkles on it. It’s really cute. You gotta see it. It’s really bossy. Sexy and classy all at the same time. Yes, a suit is always a classic way to go. Definitely. Hey ladies. These boots have been everywhere. They’re like the hottest shoe of the season. Is that right? I think so. Where have I been? I’m not really into trends, so
that’s probably why I was, you know, uneducated, about this shoe. I think it’s going to compete with the look. Let me try something else. This is a cute box. I hope I like the shoes. Too granny for you? I don’t think it’s too granny at all. Just really depends how you wear it. But I don’t know if they’ll go with my suit. Ooh! These are cute! I definitely wear a shoe that I can move in. These shoes are super icy. And they match my nails. Yes they do. So you know, if I gotta, drop it to the clap
real quick. I can do that. Super cute. I love these. But I definitely want to try on a couple more
shoes. I know you said you wouldn’t wear socks with
heels, but this is a different look. But see I told you I had to get into it. I think I’m about to get into it. You know the type of heels that you just want
to put on and like, kick your heels up? I like you going a little out of your comfort
zone. I gotta bring you with me girl. You like? You like? I love them. I love these a lot. They’re kind of Cindarella-y. Ooh, these remind
me of the Spice Girls. I used to like mimic Beyonce in some heels. So I have some practice. Wanna see some moves? Yes. This is interesting. I love those. Balenciaga is so creative. So tell me about the first pair of shoes that
you really spent a lot of money on. Ah, so at the time, it was a lot of money
to me, but you know when you’re going for a look, you have to get the look. And they’re a pretty basic shoe, so I know
I would get a lot of wear out of them. The Stuart Weitzman, the thin strap, the thin
heel. The nudist sandal. Mmhm. But they were the all black ones. They go with everything. Everything. You got a lot of wear out of them. I wore them things down girl. I still have them though. How do you feel about dropping some serious
cash on a pair of shoes? So, you know when you’re shopping and you
feel it in your soul. Yes. And you’re like, these shoes are mine. That’s the only time I would spend some serious
cash on some shoes. What do you think about these? Balenciaga is definitely making some of the
hottest shoes this season. Come on, give us a little twirl. You could pull those off with the suit. You think so? I think so. Okay this might be the best contender so far. Ah, it’s so hard when you’re shopping for
only one shoe, because I want them all. But the pink definitely set it off, so I have
to choose these. This is a perfect look. Ask me if I’m rollin’ with some Gucci, I might
be. It’s very unlikely my wrist ain’t looking
icy. Charging by the minute ’cause my time is really