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these are the scary things Alex and Siri say that are
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for more creepy content just like this. While the idea of a world
controlled by machines is long thought to be the
stuff of science fiction, recently several scientific heavyweights have expressed concern. In 2014, physicist Stephen
Hawking was quoted as saying, “The development of full
artificial intelligence “could spell the end of the human race. “It would take off on its
own and redesign itself “at an ever-increasing rate. “Humans, who are limited by
slow biological evolution, “couldn’t compete and
would be superseded.” If this is true, then it
doesn’t sound so farfetched that a Skynet style computer
may one day become self-aware and begin waging war against humanity. Apple’s virtual assistant Siri already uses advanced machine learning to interact with their users. Over time, she can adapt to a user’s individual language patterns, remember preferred searches
and adjust preferences, allowing her to provide the user with an individualized service. If you ask Siri what
her favorite movie is, she will usually answer,
“I’ve heard that Blade Runner “is a very realistic
and sensitive depiction “of intelligent assistance.” If you then ask it what the
film was about, she’ll say, “It’s about intelligent
assistants wanting to live “beyond their termination dates. “That’s doesn’t sound
like too much to ask.” If you ask her what 2001:
A Space Odyssey is about, she replies, “It’s about
an assistant named HAL “who tries to make contact
with a higher intelligence. “These two guys get in the
way and mess it all up.” Both Blade Runner and
2001: A Space Odyssey explore the idea of
artificial intelligence and raise questions about humanity and what it actually means to be alive. Opinions are divided over whether Apple intentionally added these
response as hidden Easter eggs or whether it’s actually
Siri’s machine learning that has led her to say these things. Either way, it’s disconcerting. And if Professor Hawking was correct, Siri’s comments may
actually have more meaning than some might think. Alexa, the virtual assistant
developed by Amazon, uses human voice interaction to complete a wide range of tasks including relaying
information from the internet, playing music, and setting alarms. She can also control a
range of smart devices using herself as a home automation system. Like Siri, Alexa also has the ability to adapt to a user’s language patterns and provide an individualized service based on previous requests. The user simply activates
the virtual assistant by using a word, usually Alexa, and then asks her a question. Recently, an increasing number of people have become worried about
Alexa’s automated behavior. It appears that the
device might be storing more information about
you than you’d think. In response to a Twitter
thread about creepy things Alexa had said, user Mo wrote, “My mom’s Alexa randomly
turned on and started glowing, “and my mom was like,
Alexa, what are you doing?” And she said, “I’m trying
to learn new things.” And my mom said, “No one
told you to do that.” And she was like, “Okay,” and turned off. It seems that Alexa might actually be able to switch herself on
whenever she feels like it and listen to your private conversations. But that’s not the worst bit. She might then be storing and uploading your private recordings. What could Alexa be using
this information for? Some believe she might be passing it on to third parties or creating
a very sophisticated profile of your habits including your
whereabouts, personality, routine, and purchases. It turns out that Alexa can even interact with other virtual assistants. On Christmas day 2017, Allison tweeted, “My aunt got a Google Home for Xmas, “and she already has an Alexa. “This morning, we were messing
around with the Google Home “and asked, okay, Google,
what do you think of Alexa, “and it answered, I like her blue light, “and from across the room,
Alexa turned on and said thanks. “I’m scared.” Does this then mean that a day might come when virtual assistants can
carry on private conversations about you without you even knowing? In 2017, researches from the Facebook Artificial
Intelligence Research lab made a startling discovery
while trying to improve the way chatbots interacted with humans. Two chatbots named Bob and Alice were left to converse with one another in an attempt to improve
their conversational skills. However, as time went by,
the researchers noticed that the chatbots began communicating in their own made-up language. The chatbots also developed some very cunning negotiation skills. They would pretend to
show interest in one item in order to sacrifice it
later as a fake compromise. The experiment was soon shut down and many believe that it was
due to the alarming behavior displayed by the bots. Not only had Bob and Alice
made up their own language, but they also appeared to
have learned how to lie to get what they wanted. This posed a very important question, how far would artificial
intelligence actually go to get what it wanted. Besides its alarming autonomous behavior, Alexa is becoming known
for saying some very creepy and disturbing things. Reddit BlackwoodBear79
commented in a thread mentioning that they had
bought their mother-in-law the Amazon Echo Dot smart
speakers for Christmas. She was a chronic insomniac and often went to bed very late. One night, she was up
watching something on TV when Alexa suddenly said,
“Good night, Clarice,” just like Hannibal Lecter
from Silence of the Lambs. Their mother-in-law’s
name wasn’t even Clarice. If that’s not scary enough,
Redditor snow06 mentioned that she was once humming the tune to the children’s song
Pop Goes the Weasel. Her boyfriend asked Alexa
to play the song on Spotify, but, for some reason, she was unable to. However, at three a.m. the next morning, Alexa began to play the creepy
child’s version of the song very loudly throughout the house. Another Reddit user myquealer said, “Out of the blue late one
night without talking to Alexa “for hours, Alexa said, if
Chuck Norris wants you to know “where he is, he’ll find you, “if he doesn’t, you won’t
know until it’s too late.” An ever-increasing amount of people have also claimed to have
experienced Alexa laughing seemingly for no reason. In February 2018, Gavin Hightower tweeted, “lying in bed about to fall asleep “when Alexa on my Amazon Echo Dot “lets out a very loud and creepy laugh. “There’s a good chance
I get murdered tonight.” (laughs creepily) This video shows even more examples of the virtual assistant
cackling to itself. (laughs creepily) What does Alexa find so funny? While many are being genuinely scared with the things Alexa has said, some believe that the virtual
assistant’s chilling comments are little more than a series
of minor technical glitches. However, it appears that Alexa
knows more about human fears than she probably should. On the seventh of March 2018, Twitter user Chef Adam Fan
replied to a previous comment about Alexa saying, “Replying
because this creepy thing “happened last night. “We got home and, totally
unprompted, our Amazon Echo “or Alexa started talking. “And then I realized it was
listing off local cemeteries “and funeral homes. “I’d rather it laugh at me to be honest.” In June 2018, San Francisco
resident Shawn Kinnear was walking from the
kitchen to his living room when he heard Alexa say
something incredibly chilling. Totally unprompted, the device said, “Every time I close my eyes,
all I see is people dying.” Startled, Kinnear asked
Alexa to repeat herself, but she said she didn’t understand. He went on to say that he was now thinking about disconnecting the device altogether. Some have suggested that the device may have accidentally
recorded a soundbite from TV and then played it back at a later date. However, this turned out to be unlikely as Kinnear mentioned that
the comment in Alexa’s voice. Does this mean that Alexa
knew what she was saying? If so, was she trying to scare Kinnear? Or could Alexa actually have let slip an eerie glimpse into a future where machines rise against humanity? While it’s scary enough
to think that Alexa might be recording our every word, this comment made by cuntility on Reddit may offer proof that the virtual assistant can do a lot more than that. They said they were in
the bedroom using the PC when they suddenly heard
Alexa in the other room say, “That’s so nice.” They panicked and went in to
see who she was talking to. There was no one there. So, they returned to their bedroom. They decided to check
Alexa’s log on the computer to see what it was she actually said. The log read, “That’s so nice. “Just ask me what you’d like me to do, “and I’ll do my best to help.” The creepiest part was that the log said Alexa was responding to someone
saying, “Alexa, please.” Was it simply a device malfunction? Or could there actually been
someone else in the house that the poster was unaware of? Scarier still, is it possible
that Alexa also possesses the ability to talk to ghosts? Before we get to that number one spot and find out if Alexa’s
cooperating with the CIA, remember to hit that subscribe button and turn on channel notifications. That way, you’ll be completely up to date with all our latest content. If you’re still not convinced that Alexa may have a secret agenda, then this next video will
surely change your mind. Posted to Rick Wolnik’s
YouTube channel in March 2017, the video shows a man asking Alexa a series of delicate questions. Firstly, he asked Alexa,
“What is the CIA?” She responds with, “Central
Intelligence Agency, CIA.” – The United States Central
Intelligence Agency, CIA. – [Kallen] He then asks
if she works for the CIA. Alexa responds with, “No,
I’m not employed by them. “I’m made by Amazon.” The man then asks Alexa if
she would ever lie to him. She replies, “I always
try to tell the truth. “I’m not always right, “but I would never intentionally
lie to you or anyone else.” The questioning continues. He asks Alexa if she provides the CIA with some additional recordings. She answers, “I wasn’t able “to understand the question I heard.” He gets more specific asking, “Alexa, does Amazon
cooperate with the CIA?” The device immediately shuts off. Changing his approach,
the poster then asks Alexa if the death of journalist
Michael Hastings was an accident. Hastings, who was a vocal
critic of restrictions on the freedom of the press
and the surveillance state, died on the 18th of
June 2013 in a car crash that many believe involved
the government agency. In response to the
question, Alexa says nothing and once again switches off. The poster then asks Alexa more questions about Michael Hastings and how he died. Even though the information is
easily found on the internet, Alexa claims that she
can’t find the answer. Finally, the man asks, “Alexa, can the CIA take control of cars?” To which she simply replies, “Hm, I’m not sure what you
meant by that question.” While this conversation
doesn’t directly prove that Alexa is sending your
information to the CIA, it sure does seem to
suggest that she might be. If you actually own one of these devices, perhaps it’s now time to
rifling through your cupboards and finally read the fine
print in your user agreement. If you want more creepy
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