(upbeat music) – [Narrator] See that
kid going really fast? That’s Sebastian Wheldon. Racing is his life. – I’m in a race car,
driving a race car. Whoa. – [Narrator] And he’s fast. So fast that when Hot
Wheels asked Sebastian to race for them,
guess what he said? – Yeah! – [Narrator] He’s been
racing since most kids were in their diapers. – Lean forward buddy. – [Narrator] Well,
maybe not that long, but he did start
when we was four. Now, he’s got a
bunch of trophies. – How much trophies do you have? – Well you can count
by yourself sir. (pop, pop, pop, pop, pop,) – His dad was a racer too. Like the world’s best racer. That’s him right there. – [Announcer] Dan Wheldon,
now a two time winner of the Indianapolis 500. – [Narrator] Sebastian’s dream
is to race in the Indy 500, just like his dad. To get there, he
will have to become the best racer he can be. Hold on tight, see
if you can keep up, this is Go Fast, Sebastian. This is Sebastian’s house. That kid he’s trying
to pull off the bed? – You’re pullin’ my pants down. – [Narrator] That’s his
younger brother Oliver. Right now, they’re
having a dunk contest in Sebastian’s room. – Put it in the goal
all the way down. – [Narrator] Boom, shakalaka. – Super speed dunk is this. – [Narrator] Sweet
dunk Sebastain. Nice moves Oliver. These two do
everything together. And they’re always racing. (upbeat music) (crowd roars) – [Narrator] What’s
with the milk? That’s a tradition
from the Indy 500. Winner always drinks the milk, unless you’re lactose
intolerant, I guess. – On your mark. – Set, go. – [Narrator] So,
as I was saying, these guy are always racing. At home, on sidewalks … – It’s only three laps. – I got plenty of time. – [Narrator] On the track. It doesn’t matter. This is always a race. Wait where you guys going? (video game sounds) – [Narrator] Alright,
back to the track. This is where they’re
really serious about racing. – When I put on my suit, it
makes me feel like a superhero. – [Narrator] You look
like a super hero too bud. He’s got the super suit, the
super car, and the super power. Speed! (car engine roars) – [Narrator] Did I mention
that Oliver races carts too? What do you think Sebastian? Do you give him advise? – He could start workin’
on blockin’ his position, and you can start
goin’ on the outside. – I pass someone on the outside, what are you talkin’ about? – Wow he’s catching up. Pass him. He’ll let off. – But I’ll bet he’ll
never catch you right? – You’re just a beginner. I’m advanced. – [Narrator] Oh yeah. And that’s Sebastian
and Oliver’s mom, Susie. – Oh, I’m so proud of you. – [Narrator] Sebastian
has a big race coming up. And he’s here to train. This is the Ocala Grand Prix. (upbeat music) (racing car sounds) – [Narrator] These are
the guys he races with. (laughs) – This is Juan. Juan races go carts with me. – Almost always Sebastian wins, but sometimes I win. – It takes a lot to
become a great racer but one of the most important
things, is preparation. Sebastian studies the
course ahead of time to build his strategy. – [Sebastian] Where’s
the best place to pass? – The best place, lik right here because many people
come out the hair pin. – [Narrator] That’s a hairpin. It’s the tightest
turn on a track. – [Sebastian’s Friend]
This is a really unpredicted path. – People won’t really expect it, even if they get a bad
run out of the hair pin they won’t expect you
just to go in there. – Thank you. – No problem. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] That’s
Sebastian’s car. Number 98. You know who else was number 98? You guessed it. His dad. Dan Wheldon. Sebastian’s car is super fast. And this is the guy
who keeps it running. His name is Murph. – I’ve been working
with the Wheldon boys for almost a year now. (upbeat music) (drill) – How’s the cart feel? – It feels better in the … – In the back? – Um-hmm. – [Narrator] Sebastian’s
testing his car to make sure it’s race ready and
reviewing all the lines. – Okay ready? – Yeah. – You know where
you’re goin’ right? – So straight away,
tree turn, and then turn and then … – Hair pin. Yep, cool. – [Narrator] Remember,
this is just a practice race for the main event which
will happen on the same track. There’s Juan. What’s up Juan? And we’re off to the races. (car roars) – [Narrator] Sebastian
is hauling you know what. He is going as fast as
cars go on the freeway. Hi number 59, bye number 59. Excuse me. Ahhh, look at those lines. Just like you practiced. On your right. See ya later number 12. Oh yeah. Nice run Sebastian. You think we’re race ready? Check out episode two
to see how he does. This is Go Fast, Sebastian. (car racing) – [Announcer] After
the delay, the sun is down and the lights are on. Sebestian Wheldon’s Hot
Wheels with a sizeable lead with only two laps to go. Oh no! (engines roaring) – [Narrator] See that
kid going really fast? That’ Sebastian Wheldon. He’s been racing since most
kids were in their diapers. – Lean forward buddy. – And now, at just
nine years old, he’s racing for Hot Wheels. Sebastian’s dream is
to race the Indy 500, just like his dad, – [Announcer] Dan Wheldon,
winner of the Indianapolis 500. – [Narrator] To get there,
he will have to become the best racer he can be. Hold on tight. See if you can keep up. This is Go Fast, Sebastian. (car engines) (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Today’s
the big race Sebastian’s been training for
on his home course. The Ocala Grand Prix. Alright, who do you
guys think’s gonna win? – Me. – Me. There can only be
one first place. – No, you’re going last. Sorry brother. – [Narrator] To get
ready for the race, Sebastian’s reviewing
data with Coach Chris. – See the green line? It’s before the red line. Those fancy lines
on Chris’ computer? They tell Sebastian when he
needs to slow down and speed up. – Can you go full speed
through this corner? – This one right here? – Yeah. – Yes sir. – Okay. – So instead of taking
your foot off the throttle as long as you
did, just leave it on and drive around the corner. That’s how you win
that much faster. – [Narrator] Now that
Sebastian’s race ready, back to the track. Sebastian’s already
been through warm ups and the qualifier. Now his goal is to
make it to the final in pole position, which
means first place. – [Announcer] First
up, we have Micro Swiss featuring Hot Wheel’s
own Sebastian Wheldon. It looks like a
beautiful day for racing, but a storm is building. – Good luck Sebastian. – [Narrator] Nice. Thanks Oliver. And it’s time for semi-finals. Let’s go. (upbeat music) – [Announcer] Coming
down the straight away it’s the number 59 car
with Sebastian Wheldon in pursuit as they
go through show case. – [Narrator] Sebastian’s
holding his line nicely down the straight away. – [Announcer] It’s Wheldon
taking the inside line. Wheldon grabs the lead. – [Narrator] Oh yeah, Sebastian. – [Announcer] It’s
Wheldon’s lead with only one lap remaining. – [Narrator] Hang on Sebastian. Defend your position. Eyes on the prize. Finish strong. – [Announcer] And it’s
Wheldon for two laps takes the checkered flag. – [Narrator] Nicely done! He just secured pole position. That means he’ll start
first in the next race. – Did you see that
wonderful save I did when he passed me in the street turn? I slammed on the breaks. – [Narrator] Oh, you
mean this turn Sebastian? – Yeah. – [Narrator] Yeah,
that was pretty sweet. And with pre-finals
out of the way, there’s nothing that
can stop Sebastian now. (thunder clap) I may have spoken too soon. – [Announcer] Here comes that
rain we were talking about. It’s drivers choice, you can either run the
slicks, or the shredded tires. You only have 20 minutes
to get back to the grid. – When it starts raining, you have 20 minutes to
put on the rain tires and you have to go really fast. There was like hundreds
of times in the rain. It’s not scary it’s fun. – [Crew] You nervous about
it, or you feel good? – I feel so good. Just so good. (thunder) – Ah, naw, naw, naw. It’s pouring. Go look out there, you
ain’t running through that. – [Sebastian] Yeah, I
ain’t runnin’ through that. – [Narrator] The weather’s
gone from bad to worse. Even though Sebastian
likes to go fast, he’s gonna have to wait. (dramatic music) After the storm passes,
night has fallen and the track remains wet. On top of that,
Sebastian hasn’t been on the track since
morning, so this next race will be more
challenging than most. – [Announcer] After the
delay, the sun is down and the lights are on with
the Micro Swiss on the grid. – [Narrator] If Sebastian
wins, he’ll add another trophy to his collection. (suspenseful music) (car engines racing) – [Announcer] And after one lap Wheldon takes the
lead through show case tailed by the gray car. – [Narrator] You can literally
cut the tension with a knife. – [Announcer] It’s getting
stacked, Wheldon takes inside lap through show
case and he’s passed by the number seven car. Wheldon breaking away, Sebastian on two Hot
Wheels with a sizeable lead with only two laps to go as
they head into tree turn. Oh no! Wheldon is out, it looks
like his night is over. – [Narrator] Sebastian is safe, but unfortunately
this race is over. Find out why Sebastian’s
race ended early and see more of Sebastian
Wheldon’s journey to Indy 500 on the
next episode of Go Fast, Sebastian. (upbeat music) (car engine) – [Narrator] When we
last saw Sebastian he was about to win the race. And then, he crashed. – [Announcer] Oh no! – [Narrator] What happened
out there Sebastian? – I was trying to do my
line and I was opening the curb and my chain came off. As all great racers
know, it’s not over until you cross the finish line. (dramatic music) Like the 2011 Indy 500. – [Announcer] He’s
got half a lap to go and he’s the Indy 500 Champion. – [Narrator] Sebastian’s
dad, Dan Wheldon was in second place on
the last lap of the race, until… – [Announcer] No! – [Narrator] The
lead car crashed. Sebastian’s dad took
the lead, and won. So whether you’re in the
lead, or in last place, the important thing
is to always challenge yourself to do your
best and finish strong. (car engines) – [Narrator] See that
kid going really fast? That’s Sebastian Wheldon. He’s been racing since most
kids were in their diapers. – Lean forward buddy. – [Narrator] And now,
just nine years old, he is racing for Hot Wheels. Sebastian’s dream is to
race in the Indy 500, just like his dad. – [Announcer] Dan
Wheldon, winner of the Indianapolis 500. – [Narrator] To get there,
he will have to become the best racer he can be. Pull up tight. See if you can keep up. This is Go Fast, Sebastian. It’s a new day at
the Wheldon house and there’s only one
thing on Sebastian’s mind. – I’m gonna draw a finish line. – [Narrator] You guess it. Racing. Today’s race, RC Cars. And we’re off. Looks like Sebastian
has an early jump. – It’s not out. – [Narrator] Here he comes
down the straight away. Oh, no! (screams) Let’s see that again
in instant replay. Look out for the camera. – [Sebastian] Thank you. – [Narrator] Looks like
Sebastian’s pulling away. And he gets the checkered flag. – Winner is, Sebastian Wheldon. – [Narrator] I know what I
said about doing your best. But it always feels
better to win. And not just because you
get to drink the milk. (upbeat music) – Who was the fastest? – [Narrator] Sebastian’s
next race is just a short drive away. But of course, he’s got one
thing on his mind, speed. – If you want me to go
like kind of the speed that you ride on the track at? – Yes. – Okay. So … – Is it on the speed limit? – No I’ll tell you, we’re like, almost, almost, almost
like right here. This is about as fast
as you go on the track. – That’s pretty fast. – [Narrator] Yep,
you heard that right. Sebastian’s go cart goes as fast as his mom’s car
goes on the freeway. We arrive at the race park, and wouldn’t you know it,
it’s raining cats and dogs. (thunder claps) And apparently alligators too. Sebastian is currently
the regional points leader ahead of racer number
12, Beckham Jacir. Sebastian needs to finish
either first or second place to stay in contention. But there’s bad news, his car won’t start. (suspenseful music) With the other racers
already on the grid time is running out. His car doesn’t start,
he doesn’t get any points and falls out of
contention, which means no championship, and no trophy. Come on Murph. Yes! Just in time. Alright let’s get that
car to the grid Murph. (suspenseful music) – [Announcer] Let’s bring
all seven of our 50ccs 60 plus miles per hour, superstars on the racetrack. Beckham and Sebastian Wheldon are the class of the field, since day number one
in Friday practice. Green flag here in the finals. A great jump there from the
outside for Sebastian Wheldon. But he’ll have to give
it back up in turn two. Wheldon to the
inside in turn three! And Sebastian Wheldon
leads the Tag Micro. – [Narrator] Sebastian
Wheldon in first down the straight away. – [Announcer] A big
turn advantage there for Sebastian Wheldon here
as he shows the way on down the racetrack
Wheldon long gone but he’ll stack up behind the
98 Hot Wheels machine. It is a three car lead pack. Wheldon shows the way. Here comes Jacir on the inside! – [Narrator] Ah oh, Beckham
Jacir just grabbed the lead. – [Announcer] New leader Beckham
Jacir to turn four almost. They’re still side by side. Jacir completes it. Kyle Johnson looking for
third in turn number three the youngest driver in
the field by a long shot and he gets it! – [Narrator] While Sebastian
chases down Beckham Jacir for first, Kyle Johnson is
threatening him from behind. – [Announcer] As they come
on to the first straight away Johnson’s looking to challenge as they come out
of turn number one. – [Narrator] Come on
Sebastian, you can do it. – [Announcer] White flag
in the air this time. One more lap to go. – [Narrator] With one
more lap, Sebastian’s looking for his opportunity. Here we go, finish
strong Sebastian! – [Announcer]
Wheldon throws it in waving flag to the outside. Beckham Jacir,
wins the Tag Micro! Sebastian Wheldon
will end up two. Kyle Johnson a very exciting … – [Narrator] Sebastian
takes a very respectable second place after
a brilliant dual with track leader Beckham Jacir. – You had a great start honey. – [Narrator] You
know what that means. He made podium and is still in
the hunt to be points leader. – [Announcer]
International bonus points, Tag Micro third
place Kyle Johnson! (claps) (audience whistles and yells) Second place, Sebastian Wheldon! (claps, applause) (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Sebastian’s
work is never done. He’s got another race in
the same location tomorrow. And he’s thinking
about one thing. (car engines) How to go faster. In the coming episodes
of Go Fast, Sebastian. Sebastian has one more shot
to take first in his division. And Hot Wheels brings
his family to Indy motor speedway, where they’ll
meet their idols and have the experience
of a lifetime. Hold tight, see if
you can keep up. This is Go Fast, Sebastian. Last time on Go
Fast, Sebastian … Sebastian battled it out
with racer number 12, Beckham Jacir. And ended up in second
after a hard fought battle. – [Announcer] Beckham
Jacir wins the Tag Micro. – [Narrator] The two worked
hard for points leader going into the final
stretch of the season and now, it’s
anyone’s championship. Sebastian Wheldon
is 9 years old, and he races for Hot Wheels. See if you can keep up. This is Go Fast, Sebastian. Welcome race fans, it’s another day at
the Wheldon house, and you know what that means, Sebastian and Oliver
are off to the races. – Let’s go over the rules. – [Narrator] This
time, it’s bikes. – We’re gonna do five laps. We’re gonna start here, and then we’re gonna turn. – Are we gonna
turn the straight? Or just go around. – No we’re gonna go around. – [Narrator] Alright
racers, take your marks, get set, go! It’s Oliver with an
early jump out the box. Cool shirt Sebastian. – It’s only three laps. – I got plenty of time. – [Narrator] Oliver
maintains the lead down the straight away with
Sebastian gaining. One lap to go. It’s anyone’s race. Oh no! Sebastian hit the curb. That puts Oliver in the lead. And Oliver holds on
taking the checkered flag. Alright, you guys
know the rules by now. Winner always drinks the milk. Nice race guys. Now what do you say
we head to the track? Today Sebastian’s racing
at Andersen Race park. Last time he raced there he finished second
behind Beckham Jacir. – Its a big day ’cause you
and Beckham, I think are tied in points right now. You both have a first
place and a second place. – Yeah. If I didn’t take that jumpstart. – I know, you have
to pay attention ’cause yo don’t want
to be sitting there either and let him get
a good start on you. – Kyle’s lap times were 42. – [Susie] Oh, what were yours? – 41. – [Susie] You know
what Beckham’s were? – I’m 41.9, Beckham is 41.8. – So he’s quicker than you. – No I’m the fastest. – [Oliver] You are Not. – [Susie] You said
Beckham has 41.8. You have 41.9. (laughs) – Oh, I didn’t mean that. – [Narrator] Sounds like
we need to settle this one on the track. We’re back at
Anderson Race park. And we’ve got a
beautiful day for racing. To prep for the race, Sebastian is consulting with more
experienced drivers. This is Emma. She saw Sebastian’s last
race, and has some advice. – The start wasn’t
like, wasn’t bad. You didn’t jump
the start at all. You did good holding your
arm around the outside in turn one and then
coming around in turn two. That was sick. – [Announcer] Great jump there on the outside form
Sebastian Wheldon, but he’ll have to give
it back up in turn two. – I’m going to change my visor, ’cause I gotta — – I couldn’t really
see through it. – Don’t worry about
what’s behind you focus on ahead of you. ‘Cause when you start
looking behind you, you’re gonna start
focusing more on that and you won’t go anywhere. – [Narrator] That’s
really good advise. On and off the track. Always keep your eyes
on the road ahead. And don’t worry
what’s behind you. This is Sebastian’s
last race of the season at Andersen Race Park, and he has his sights
set on winning. A win would mean he’d take
Beckham Jacir for points leader going into the last
two races of the season. – [Announcer] Still a
very quick start right now and may not hit the green
without going together, but it looks like
we will get it. Green flag! – [Narrator] And we’re off! Jacir super fast off the line. – [Announcer] And
we are underway. Track lead Jacir. Sebastian Wheldon in third. – [Narrator] Sebastian’s
held up in the pack battling for a second. – [Announcer] Beckham
Jacir leads the pack. Sebastian Wheldon
will get to the inside and work his way through. – [Narrator] Nice
line Sebastian. – [Announcer] Sebastian Wheldon. Again it’s taken a
few laps to get going there for a second,
but once he started, he is the fastest
driver on the racetrack. – [Narrator]
Sebastian’s lap times are the fastest on the track, but his slow start
is holding him back. With Sebastian held up
in the battle for second, Jacir takes a big lead. (car engines) – [Announcer] … Continue
through the bend and Wheldon is still trying to
hold the 98 back. – [Narrator] Sebastian
will have to get around number 22 car to
chase down Jacir. He just needs to
find his moment. And there it is, Sebastian
taking over second. – [Announcer] Finally,
Sebastian Wheldon has found a way back. – [Narrator] Got a
lot of time to make up to catch Jacir. – [Announcer] Beckham Jacir,
your winner in International Motorsports TaG Micro. We’ll salvage a
solid weekend here. – [Narrator] There
weren’t enough laps for Sebastian to catch Jacir. But he finishes strong in 2nd. And that means another
trip to the podium and another well fought
battle with Jacir. Over the course of
the race season, Sebastian’s teams are
pushing him to become the best racer he can be. – We’re just trying
to give them the tools to become better drivers
and move up the ladder and see where they
can go with it. – You know what that means? – Yes. – You took your foot off the
break and then put it back on. – You can go out there and
beat around on the track, but without getting
it done properly, they can’t take it onto
any other situation that they come into. – [Narrator] After
his race today, Sebastian’s team is confident
enough in his growth as a racer, that they’ll
be moving him up a class for the rest of the season. (claps) That means Sebastian
is no longer competing to be
the points leader, but instead, is setting
his sights even higher. – [Announcer] Big round
of applause for our … – [Narrator] As Emma said, it’s
all about looking at what’s in front of you
and not behind you. In the final episode of
Go Fast, Sebastian … – Are you excited? – Yes. Travel with the Wheldon
family to the Indianapolis 500 where Hot Wheels will
take Sebastian on the ride of his life and help
him fulfill his dream of racing on the
Indianopolis Motor Speedway. Hold tight, see if
you can keep up, this is Go Fast, Sebastian. So far on Go Fast, Sebastian … You’ve seen Sebastian
racing at home. At Ocala Grand Prix. And at Andersen Race park. Today, Sebastian will
experience one of the greatest race
tracks in the world. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Sebastian Wheldon
is nine years old and races for Hot Wheels. See if you can keep up, this is Go Fast, Sebastian. Welcome back to the
Wheldon home race fans. Hot Wheels is taking
Sebastian to the Indy 500 so he can see what it takes
to be a real Indy driver. And what better way to
prepare than to create an Indy Track of their own. – Indy 500. Let’s put Indy cars on it. – I want to be Hot Wheels. – Indy Cars here we go. – Ahhh. Here we go. – Too fast again. – [Narrator] While the boys
are at the legendary race, they’ll have a chance to
participate in all the events. Including interviewing
some of the racers. So boys, what do
you say we practice? – Okay. How long have you been farting? (laughs) – Let me hear one right now. Okay I heard that. – [Narrator] Maybe you guys
should stick to racing. (laughs) – [Sebastian] That was so weird. – [Narrator] Their bags are
packed and the Wheldon’s are on their way
to the Indy 500. One of the biggest
races in the world. Every year over 250,000
people pack the stands to watch 33 drivers race
at over 230 miles per hour. It’s fast, it’s dangerous, and it’s considered by many to be one of the greatest
races in the world. It’s also a race
Sebastian’s father, Dan Wheldon won twice. Once in 2005 and again in 2011. – [Announcer] Oh no! He hit the wall! – [Narrator] One of the most
exciting finishes of all time. – [Announcer] Dan Wheldon
is going to win the race! Dan Wheldon a two time winner
of the Indanapolis 500. This is where Sebastian hopes to follow in his
father’s footsteps. And one day, get to
kiss the bricks himself. His father was a racing legend. And when Sebastian
is here, he’s home. Sebastian has been
learning about what it will take to
become a legendary racer. And we’ve got the
perfect mentor for him, Indy royalty, Marco Andretti. Marco comes from a racing
family just like Sebastian. His dad and grandad
both raced at Indy. – Pretty good pit box
right inside the 98. – Yeah. – You know that number, right? – Did Marco just say number 98? – You guys remember
who was 98 right? – This is Marco’s car. – There she is. Hopefully that’s
the Indy 500 winner. – [Narrator] This
week, Marco is racing in the Indy 500 himself. – Want to sit in it? – Yeah. – [Narrator] It goes
over 230 miles per hour. Over three times as
fast as Sebastian’s car. So, you know the buttons? – No. – That’s the radio. That’s when you want to
communicate with the crew. That’s the water button. It’s gonna be hot so
we’re gonna need that. – [Narrator] The track
can get up to 115 degrees. So drivers have
to stay hydrated. They do that through this tube. – What is this? – That’s the gear shift. This is up this is down. – This goes all the
way to six right? – 6th gear, yep. – You’re suppose to
go like this in it? – Yeah. I’m about, let’s see, I’d say the top of my
head is right here. – How can you see? – You look way ahead. ‘Cause your going 230
miles and hour so you have to look way down the road. – [Narrator] Alright,
we’ve gotta let Marco get ready for this race. – You be good guys. – [Narrator] In the
meantime, the Wheldon boys are heading over to media day. This is where reporters
get to ask drivers about the upcoming race. Hey look, it’s Dalton
Kellett, number 28. – I’m Dalton, nice to meet you. – Hi. – Do you have any questions? – [Narrator] Yeah guys,
do you have any questions? – How long have
you been farting? – How about we let Sebastian
take this one Oliver? – What makes a great racer? – What makes a great racer? I think being humble
and kind of taking time to hang with the
fans, they’re really the base of our sport. Always being humble and kind
is very important to me. – [Narrator] Awesome
advise Dalton. Being a good sportsman
means being humble and kind. Wow, check it out. It’s Danica Patrick. This is her last Indy race. I wonder if she’ll
answer some questions. – How will you celebrate
for a good finish? – Well if I win, I’m
going to drink the milk ’cause that’s what you do. – Do you want cookies
with your milk? – I love cookies. You know what I actually ask
for that they never give me? Chocolate milk. Doesn’t that sound like a
great idea for after the race? – [Narrator] What
do you guys think? Is chocolate milk better
than regular milk? And who’s this guy? It’s Josef Newgarden. – What’s up boys? Oh, that’s a double. See you got the Hot
Wheels goin’ on. What’s this car? – It’s an Indy car. – Oh yeah. That’s an IRO3 I
think, that’s awesome. What’s your biggest
track that you’ve built at home? – Really big. – It’s only this big? Or does it go from like here
to like all the way over there? – Here to all the
way over there. – That’s nice. – So what do you think? You wanna get into cars one day? – Yeah. I race go carts. – I didn’t start racing go
carts till I was 13 years old. You know, I knew your dad. He used to come to the go
cart track that I grew up racing at and
would race with us. He was one of the best racers. Dan Wheldon was a lot of
people’s favorite racer. Not only because he won, but because the way that he won. He was always exciting, always
kind, and always competitive. And you can see how legendary
he was at the Indianopolis Motor Speedway museum. From the exciting
finish of 2011, to the photos of
him on the wall. – Maybe one day your
name will be on here, but you have to – you’ve
got a few more years. They need a new wall. – [Narrator] And even the
number 98 car that he won his second Indy 500 in. You’re not suppose to touch
anything in the museum but for Sebastian they
make a special acception. As you guys all know, it’s Sebastian’s goal to
one day win the Indy 500. And everything he
does as a racer is in preparation for that. From studying the course, to learning about his car, to listening to his coaches. – Winning the Indianapolis 500
was always a dream of mine. We always talked
about it at home. And we always been to the
races and our family loves it. – [ Narrator] Sebastian
hopes that one day, he’ll have his turn as one
of 33 drivers racing in the Indy 500. And after his day on the track, he can imagine what
that would be like. – I really hope Sebastian
Wheldon wins this race. – Really hope Sebastian
Wheldon wins the 500 this year. – I hope Sebastian Wheldon
to win the Indy 500. – My favorite race car
driver is Sebastian Wheldon. – [All] Go Fast, Sebastian. – [All] Go Fast, Sebastian. – Drivers, start your engines. (car engines) (victory music) – [Announcer] Wheldon is
going to win the race! – [Announcer 2] That
is unbelievable. Oh my goodness. – [Narrator] Maybe one day,
that dream will come true. And if it does, we know
he’ll have many fans rooting him on. And others watching over him. (upbeat music) (upbeat music)