We are going to the Secret shop with the guys. Moritz is filling up his order list. Let’s do it. Our Secret shop tour has just begun. Here we have plushes, we’ve got 12 of them. T-shirts (men’s and women’s) Different ones. This one is for women. Women’s sweater. A black one. Have you bought some pillows? Yes. We’ve got some more stuff here. Socks? Not likely.. Looks like socks. Here’s jacket. It’s kinda dim a little bit. One more T-shirt here. Death Prophet Demihero Vinyl. How many demiheroes did you buy? All of them. Good one. Here is Slouch Beanie. Can you wear it? How do I look? Cool. I like this Dota logo. Anything else? Dota sunglasses for me and Gleb. Here is Puck pillow. It can light-up and requires batteries. How does it work? I don’t know, need batteries. It doesn’t light up outdoors? Nope. Here is Tidehunter pillow. Polya, how much money did you spend? 800$. Not as much as the rest. What about you, Akbar? A little. It’s a secret. I have spent about 100$, probably. That’s some cool stuff. Hero mousepad. Shopping has already finished. We can open this plushie. Let’s do it. You will get it randomly? Yes, content is hidden. You don’t know what design you will receive. Oh, you have bought ursa pillow. Akbar, show me what you’ve got there. Do it. Can I have a look? Is it a poster? Yes. Few T-shirts and sweater. Brewmaster. He got drunk a bit. Vanya, have you bought something? Show me the bag. Badass. Last year we’ve got only Lich. We tried to exchange them. How many plushes do you have this year? 12. Juggernaut. They are bigger than the last year’s. You can use it as a trinket as well. Beautiful. And one more, at the end. While Polya is trying to open I will show what I’ve got. Actually nothing interesting, friends. Boxes with demiheroes. Plushes. What else?… T-shirt. By the way, I’d like to buy one more T-shirt, but I didn’t do it after all. I’ve bought a Tidehunter one. And… with Dire ancient. Oh, that’s cool. Lucky one. They are different. Okay, thank you for the overview.