Big box stores call to mind cavernous
warehouses full of giant quantities of household items. Like that 12-pack of ketchup bottles you’re sure you’ll get through eventually. Well that industry is just the latest to be disrupted by a company, with an app. A company that’s also giving
its employees astonishing benefits, that might have you
freshening up your resume this morning. Morgan Radford has the story. They call it Costco for Millennials
and it’s changing the way we shop. 36 months ago you were in your garage. That’s right yeah,
just a regular nondescript two-car garage. And look at this! Started three years ago by 35 year old Chieh Huang, Boxed is basically a warehouse in your pocket. Designed for millennials who don’t have the time or the transportation to shop for good deals. You mentioned this company is perfect for people like me. A millennial. A New Yorker. I don’t have a car
and don’t really have the time to go shopping. But what about people in more rural areas? Morgan that’s been one of the
biggest things that’s caught us by surprise. But what we found was, there’s literally tens of millions of Americans out there without a warehouse club within an hour drive of them. You can order bulk goods directly from your cell phone to your door. But why Boxed? I mean why not or Costco? We don’t sell the little packs of things, and we can effectively share the shipping price over nine items. And that’s why we can provide such a great price to our consumers. But is the pricing fair? We don’t charge a membership fee.
Generally things ship for free. And you also back out the fact that you don’t have to spend three hours in a store. It actually becomes pretty even over time. Huang has opened four warehouses across the country where each order is boxed and shipped to customers
like Rylan Hamilton. A father of three in Boston Massachusetts . Trying to get all the kids into car, going to the store, and then going around with a big shopping cart? Literally, you just find the item you want and click buy, and then five minutes later you have an order. But it’s not just who they serve that sets
the company apart. Because we want to tell you that, we’d love to pay for your wedding so that you guys can have it. Boxed pays up to twenty thousand dollars for their employees weddings. I was totally surprised. They came out of nowhere and just explained to me that they want to, you know, pay for my wedding. Marcel Graham has spent almost a year in the company’s warehouse, picking, prepping, and shipping orders. What does that mean in terms of your own feeling of financial freedom? Helping us, you know, breathe a little bit in terms of looking towards the future. Boxed also pays the full college tuition for the children of any employee, no matter where they go. You have twin daughters? They’re freshmen in college. As I understand their college
education is being paid for by Boxed. Such a weight off of your shoulders
when you know that that’s taken care of. Was it a relief? We just felt more confident
in what the future was gonna bring. I’ve been talking to your employees, Rick, Marcel, and they’ve been telling me about this program of perks. That you’re actually paying
for your employees kids to go to college. Why? Why are you doing that? When I was very young we were really poor. And seeing that and knowing what folks are going through, and having the chance to fix that? I just had to do something about it. But what are your competitors who say offering incentives like this
really cuts into your bottom line? I personally fund it. Now that I’m in a place to help these folks pay. I’m gonna do that. A boss who cares as much about what goes into the box as the people who pack them. For Sunday Today, Morgan Radford, Union, New Jersey. Looks like we’re all working
at the wrong place. Next on Sunday Today, Harry Smith with the beautiful story of a boy with autism who grew up to be a Rhodes Scholar.