hey hey how’s it going there Aaron Chen
here hope you’re doing well if you’re watching this video right now then
you’re probably doing some research online on how to write emails that sell
okay so actually I’m actually doing this video by popular request stuff you know
got a few of my you know subscribers on my youtube channel that want to find out
how to write emails because I talk a lot about promotions and how to you know
manufacture and engineer really really powerful promotions online to basically
sell whatever you want you can sell any sort of digital product you could sell
you know different products and different niche markets your own digital
products whatever it is but some people don’t really understand how to write
emails okay and the whole kind of set up so what I’m gonna do over the next few
minutes is I’m actually going to show you the setup okay on how you can pretty
much sell anything you want the formula to doing it and then I’m gonna focus
very heavily on the emails and kind of break down the email structure to show
you what works and you know the the general templates and stuff like that
you can go off and and learn and master this and do this yourself okay sound
good okay so cool here’s what we’re gonna do
we’re gonna talk about how to write emails that sell but before we do that
I’m gonna give you the quick structure and then we’re gonna dive into it okay
so whenever you’re marketing any sort of product online it doesn’t matter what it
is okay it could be your own product it could be an affiliate product it could
be a weight loss product it could be an internet marketing product it could be
pretty much anything alright it always starts with traffic right you gotta send
traffic and eyeballs to your website okay and then the website that you send
it to is usually called a capture page now a capture page is a little website
where you collect some of these emails okay so you you collect email addresses
right and then it goes into something called an autoresponder okay and your
autoresponder and I’ll talk about that in a second is basically a software that
collects all the different emails and it stores it in a database right and then
what you can do with those emails is you can email as much or as often or as
little as you want right and those emails are basically the way that you
create and build a relationship with your list okay so that database of
people in your email is called your list all right now after that what happens is
you can send them to whatever you want you can send them to what I call a value
series okay which is basically a series of videos that you own and you build a
relationship with your customer it could be your own websites right it doesn’t
matter as long as it’s a relationship a relationship building piece okay that’s
what I’m gonna call it and then you link them to your product sales page okay or
your product link whatever it is so this could be you know could be a Clickbank
offer it could be an affiliate affiliate offer it could be your own product it
doesn’t really matter but that’s generally how it works okay so what
we’re gonna focus on today is we’re actually going to be focusing on this
part right here okay collecting the emails setting up your autoresponder
what to use how to do it why you should be doing it and you know all that good
stuff okay so if you don’t have a pen and a piece of paper make sure to grab
one okay if you don’t understand what we’re talking about here make sure you
go to my channel and you can watch pretty much any video on home-based
business affiliate marketing internet marketing how to build an online
business that sort of thing and I talked about this whole structure the value
series you know how to sell products on Clickbank how to sell products on jvzoo
how to sell affiliate products anything like that I lay this structure out and
you can go and watch that later okay but I’m gonna talk specifically about this
right here collecting emails how to collect them what to use all that kind
of stuff okay so I’m gonna kind of get rid of this right here and we’re just
gonna talk about collecting eating emails and the autoresponder I’m gonna
make this read okay so what happens is you drive traffic to your capture page
which you own okay you must build your own capture page using programs like
click funnels or leadpages or insta pages whatever you want but make sure
you build your own stuff very important okay now what you do then is you link
your autoresponder to your capture page and there are only two autoresponders
that I would recommend for now if you’re just getting started okay and one is
called get response and the other one is called Aweber okay
now if you want resources there’s a ton of resources right below this video so
anytime you want to get a link to any of the things that I’m talking about in
this video right or this video training right now you can just go to the
description box the resources and you can click on them okay and go get them
if you want now get response I think is like 15 bucks I think they’re both about
$15 per month okay now can you use a free method no you can’t use a free
method this is non-negotiable okay if you if you can go out there and find a
free autoresponder I would honestly question that autoresponder because an
autoresponder is is a proper business tool okay if you want to send emails
it must be robust all right I would be very very surprised and actually to be
honest shocked if you can find an autoresponder for free right you must
invest in your business okay this is a necessity it’s not an option you must
have an autoresponder okay so don’t be cheap when it comes to building your
online business okay because 15 bucks per month is really really cheap already
okay it’s a very very powerful – I think it’s about the same roughly I think he
well but slightly more expensive could be something like that right get
response Aweber okay I like get response so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna show
you how to use get response but it’s pretty much the same thing okay so what
you want to do is you want to go get get response okay and then you want to set
it up and make sure that you link you’ll get response to your capture page okay
now in click funnels or whatever funnel building software you’re using they
teach you how to do that so I’m not gonna show you how to do that here all
the techie stuff it’s very easy to do you just go on YouTube okay literally go
to go to YouTube and Google how do I connect get response to click funnels or
how do I connect get response to insta pages whatever if whatever software
you’re using okay don’t worry about that but what I’m going to talk to you about
now is is what to setup and how it works okay so as soon as someone opts in to
your capture page what you want to do is you want to send them an email
straightaway I’m gonna call that email number one okay now email a number one
goes out it gets sent immediately okay as soon as they enter the email address
they they get this email straightaway okay now what do you talk about in email
number one well you basically should say something like and I’m gonna create
another page here so that you guys can kind of check this out okay
I would say something like like this okay
now now the it’s very interesting okay because when you’re writing emails is
very very important that you’ve got a particular tone of voice right you don’t
want to be too customer-service you you don’t want to be and you know you don’t
want to be an asshole you want to be someone who is nice authoritative but
you know you got to be cool at the same time so it’s a combination of things
okay because what you’re trying to create here is you’re trying to create
credibility you’re trying to create how to write emails authority and you’re trying to create
likeability okay and these are the things that people will connect with all
right so how do you do that well it’s basically your tone so I’m gonna give
you you know a quick little workshop right now and you can use this for all
your email writing okay so I might say something like hey hey and you know you
can you can you know there’s hey their first name okay or whatever code it is
okay every autoresponder has a different coding okay so if you’re asking just for
email then you can’t add the name but if you are not asking sorry if you’re just
asking for email you can’t ask for the you can’t put their name in here but if
you’re asking for a name and email then you can okay so I’m gonna assume that
you’re just asking for email because that actually maximizes your conversion
rate so I might say something like this hey it’s Aaron here thanks for visiting
my website earlier I’m gonna make this a bit smaller so
that we can kind of fit it all in here okay 36 okay thanks for visiting my
website earlier if you recall oops if you recall you jumped onto my site
that spoke about learning how to lose 15 pounds in 30 days well just in case you missed the video here mmm
here it is again watch now speak soon Aaron something
like that okay so literally it’s it’s really really simple all right it’s mean
it’s not that complicated at all I’m gonna make this even smaller so that
you can see the whole thing let’s see 24 well let’s try a different number sorry guys okay here we go okay so this
is email number one right as soon as they opt-in it you know they get an
email and it says something like this hey it’s Aaron here thanks for visiting
my website earlier if you recall you jumped onto my site that spoke about
learning how to lose 15 pounds in 30 days just in case you missed the video
here it is again watch now okay so all you’re doing is you you are being
super cool alright you’re writing very short little sentences you want to keep
it tight like this okay because that’s how people read they read really tight
really narrow and you don’t want to have long paragraphs you want to have short
little paragraph so if you notice here my longest paragraph is actually only
three lines okay three to four lines that’s the maximum you want to be really
really punchy this is my style if you’re getting my emails you’ll see that a lot
of my emails I like this because this is the way that people read if you were to
write just a whole bunch of words people are gonna get distracted they’re not
gonna read your email okay and then what else do I say so I say watch now and
basically I would I would hyperlink this particular link okay I would hyperlink
hyperlink this and this would be connected to my sales page so if
somebody clicked on this they would be sent back to my value series okay so my
value series where I give them a little bit more value on this particular topic
here before I send them to the offer okay so I’m not going to send them to
the offer on this link please don’t do that a lot of people online are doing
that what they do is instead of having a bridge page in between that builds them
and builds a relationship with them and pre frames the offer instead what they
do is they send it directly to the sales link which you don’t want to do okay I
hope that makes sense right so I use a lot of really advanced words right there
but basically what you want to do is when you when somebody clicks on this
first email you want to send them back to this thing right here that is called
the value series okay and what this does is it pre frames
your customer your potential customer before they actually see the offer
because if you send them straight to the offer then they’re they’re not gonna buy
okay your conversion rates are gonna suffer because everyone online is doing
that okay remember this people love to buy but they hate to be sold to okay
people love to buy but they hate to be sold to now if you if you send them
straight back to the sales page they’re not gonna buy because they hate to buy
right but if you send them to a value series where you’re giving them lots of
value okay and then below that value series you have a Buy button you have a
Buy button that someone clicks on and when they click on it it goes to your
sales page of your the product you’re trying to market this is a much much
better way of doing it okay so I’m gonna go back to the email again
and let’s see where’s the email here we go
okay so make sure you hyperlink it and you send them directly back to the value
series okay and that’s it it’s really as simple as that
okay now on day number two you would do okay sorry and before I do that make
sure your subject line of your email is very catchy okay and I’ll just give you
a little tip right here that when you write your email subject lines what you
write will depend on whether they open their email or not okay so if you write
a really really horrible subject line that’s very very boring what you’ll find
is that people won’t actually open up your emails but if you write something
that’s that’s really interesting okay and fun and you add a lot of curiosity
or you-you-you have some sort of you know sort of a news flash that kind of
stuff actually gets people to open up your emails right so I might for the
first email let me think I might write something like mmm here’s your here’s
your gift right because maybe on your capture page
here what you told them is that you said hey put your email in here and what I’m
gonna do is I’m gonna send you a free gift the free report that’s gonna teach
you how to lose 15 pounds in the next 30 days all you have to do to get that free
report is put your email in right here and I’m gonna send it to you okay and
then what happens is you send it to them and so your subject of your email is
here’s your gift right now the reason why this subject line is so powerful is
because there’s a lot of stuff going on here rights like you know human what
we’re playing with human psychology here okay the first thing that’s happening is
everybody wants a gift right so even if they don’t remember that they opted in
to your website when they see this in the inbox basically all they’re gonna
see is they’re just gonna see the subject line and maybe the first
sentence right so when they say here’s your gift hey I want a gift I want to
see what that is okay you know so if you if you have a subject line that says
something like here’s your discount here’s your free report here’s your free
video training here’s your gift I mean stuff like that is what will get people
to open it because people are curious they want to see what’s in it for them
right does that make sense yeah so a simple sentence like this will actually
get them to open it the other thing I would say is I don’t like to capitalize
everything because it looks too professional okay so I bet you if you
were to test here’s your gift in capital letters and and here’s your gift like
this in small letters or maybe even a small letter here right I bet you that
this would do way better than if you had it in capital letters okay so I’m gonna
give you that one for free alright so give that a shot okay so
that’s email number one and an email number two I might do the the same the
exact same thing okay so I might say so so that’s email number one all right so
maybe an email number two email number two I might do the same thing except you
know the subject line might be something like did you miss this question mark
right okay so you know in the in your second
email you don’t even have to say that it’s you or you don’t even I even have
to address them you can just write like you know you’re writing directly to a
friend I’m not sure if you got my got my email yesterday but I just wanted I’m
not sure if you got my email yesterday I’m worried you missed it so here is the
link again again to the free report that teaches you how to lose 15 pounds in the
next 30 days check it out here speak soon Aaron okay so it’s very very
simple all you’re doing is you’re reinforcing what they actually opted in
for the first time in the second email okay and you’re being very very cool
it’s very short and you’re just reminding them hey I’m not sure if you
missed this but check it out here and then you would highlight this and you
would you would hyperlink this back to hyperlink you’ll hyperlink this back to
your value series okay does that make sense right so that’s it guys so email
one sent immediately it’s just to give how to write emails them the the link to value series or to
your whatever you know your promotional piece okay not to your sales page guys
remember that okay email number two cent Day two
okay basically day to you you give them link again just in case as a reminder
okay and then email number three okay you can basically start you know you can
basically start the value series if you want to do that okay so let me see here
mmm-hmm ah sorry I made a mistake here guys
really Paulo geez for this okay so this is what you do this is what you do sorry
link to sales page yep okay link again to sales page okay and
then cent day three value series day number one
okay email number four cent day four value series day number two and then so
on email number five email number six this is day day number three and this is
day number four okay so apologies for them I’m not even gonna edit this video
because I don’t edit my videos okay I made a mistake so this is what you do
all right so basically your email sequence your first email sequence when
somebody opts in should be roughly about six emails as you can see on the screen
right now right so this is how we do it okay email number one gets sent
immediately when they opt-in okay and you send them directly to the sales page
to whatever you want to you and whatever you want them to buy you send them back
to that okay because when they opted in the first time they probably didn’t
spend that much time on it so you want to show it again you want to try and get
sales straight away all right day number two up to you you can send them again
back to the sales page you can use these emails it’s exactly the same thing but
instead of doing that instead of sending them here to the value series you send
them directly to the sales page okay so day number two is like a reminder just
in case you missed email number one now from email number three to email number
six this is where you send them to the value series okay now the reason why I’m
doing this is because the first two days you want to give them an opportunity to
buy quickly alright but not everybody is gonna buy straightaway in fact most
people are not gonna buy straightaway okay so what you want to do then is you
want to give you want to give yourself a chance to build a relationship with
these customers okay so what the value series is then designed to do is it’s
designed to do exactly that alright does that make sense okay and
and you build a value series for four days wherein every single value
every single day okay you basically give them one little tip about the product
that you’re trying to sell but you don’t give them everything you just give them
one tip okay so what you’re doing here is you’re being super cool you’re being
super valuable you’re building authority and you’re building credibility right
and people don’t buy products they buy from people okay I’m gonna say that
again people don’t like buying products they like buying from people that they
know like and trust and this is why the value series is so important and this is
why it works okay now if you want to know how to actually write the email
well it’s exactly the same as this this doesn’t have to be you know let’s just
say this is email for for example right make sure you you title the subject line
that is that is in line congruent to what email for is gonna be about okay
just be super cool when you address them you can you know tell them exactly what
what you’re gonna teach them so you can say you know insult let’s say this is
email number four and maybe an email number four you’re giving them a
specific tip on weight loss right maybe it’s about food okay so I might say
something like hey it’s Erin again today I wanted to teach you the three foods
that you can eat right now that will make you lose weight automatically while
you sleep pretty cool huh pretty cool huh check it
out here and then you drop your hyperlink and then speak soon okay
so again here it’s iron here today I wanted to teach you the three foods that
you can eat right now that will make you lose weight automatically while you
sleep pretty cool huh check it out here so
what am i doing I’m being very very cool I’m adding lots of value it’s very short
and sweet I’m adding a bit of personality here pretty cool right stuff
like that you got to do this in your emails okay add a little bit of your own
personality so people can can feel you through the email they can get to know
you through the email right and then oh you know this is basically what I’m
giving them right now that will automatic an eat that will help you to
lose weight automatically while you sleep I mean if you were in the weight
loss industry you know in the weight loss nation you were trying to lose
weight wouldn’t don’t you think that would be
pretty interesting and you would want to open an email like that I would want to
I mean if I was like 200 pounds overweight and I you know I was ladies
to exercise and this email was gonna teach me how to eat more food and lose
weight this at the same time which is possible by the way if you know how to
do it right okay I would want to open this email right so it’s about doing
stuff like that okay does that make sense so that’s pretty much it I mean we
can go on here all day but I think how long have we been going so far Wow we’ve
been going for 22 minutes already I’m gonna wrap this up in a nice little bow
okay so basically this is how you write emails that sell okay it’s about
understanding how to use an autoresponder it’s about writing very
very cool short little emails that show your personality but at the same time
give value to your potential customers it you know puts you in a certain light
right so you’ve got to have it gives you the right authority it gives you the
right credibility and it gets people to know like and trust you in fact this is
really really simple stuff guys it’s not that complicated okay don’t over
complicate anything when it comes to internet marketing all right when you
understand how to sell stuff it’s actually very very simple you just
need to make sure that you take action and you don’t overcomplicate it and you
do one very very important thing and I’m going to write it out here right now
because very very few people do this okay take massive action okay please
please please take massive action because if you’re not taking action and
you’re going through my tutorials then it’s not gonna do anything for you it’s
just gonna sit there in your mind right now you know how to write emails but if
you’re not gonna do it how are you gonna benefit in your business right you need
to be asking yourself that questions so don’t just sit there not do anything
please take notes and go and take action right now okay
go and get your autoresponder setup go and write your emails okay go and setup
your value series and this is the kind of stuff that’s gonna help you take your
business to the next level so let me know in the comments below if you have
any questions okay does this make sense yeah do you think you can do this have
you done this before right give me a thumbs up if you got some value from
this video okay we’d really appreciate that and for if first for some reason if
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results and hopefully take your life to the next level okay I hope you enjoyed
this video today I enjoyed teaching you this class today and I’ll speak to you
very very soon in another in another video take care