this week I got a comment that I’d like
to answer so it says here I’m getting started in stock photography would you
say illustrations or photos sell the best in stock I’m a photographer but I
do have some photoshop skills so wondering which to focus on now I went
over to shutterstock because I just wondered what sort of results you get as
popular I put in the word business and I got mostly photos out and I just thought
I’d try a different word I put in birthday and I got mostly illustrations
out and this is looking at the most popular images for each search so I
don’t think there you can see that there’s much difference it just depends
what you’re searching what I would say is that it really depends more on you
and what your situation is so if we look here I think it’s which is more
practical for you which is easiest to do which you enjoy the most which you’re
good at and where you want it to go in the end so if we look at me I actually
started by making photos I did about 4000 photos and then I changed to
illustrations and I’ve done about 40,000 illustrations and it’s really because of
the situation I was in I started when I was in the Philippines and it was easy
to get models I had lots of friends of friends who wanted to be a model so that
was a good thing to take I needed lots of equipment but I was settled there so
I could get the equipment now when I left the Philippines
I started traveling and he just wasn’t practical anymore it was good to have
models but when I was traveling I didn’t know people so I couldn’t do that when I
settled in Phuket I started doing tabletop photography using props and it
was easy because I could get the props I could just buy them quite cheaply I just
went actually it’s a 20 Baht shops so the props were really cheap and I just made
a real big collection of props and started swapping them around the problem
was when I wanted to start travelling again I had bags and bags of props and
then I couldn’t travel what I did then I started doing illustrations I’m not an
artist but I had experience in outsourcing so I outsourced illustrations
and because I was familiar with Photoshop I was able to multiply those
illustrations just take some maybe take some text and then kind of merge those
images together to make new images I out sourced about 2000 images and I made
that into 40,000 images so looking at all that for you there’s a lot of
variables there is it easy to get models do you want your family to be models is
it easy for you to get hold of props and have you got props around the house do
you want to travel if you travel to nice places then maybe you want to take
photos there there are so many variables then about the practicalities that only
you can decide which is best so the second one there is which do you enjoy I
enjoy taking photos but living in Thailand now it’s really hot maybe it’s
okay after about 3 o’clock in the afternoon but that’s no good if you want
to take lots of photos you need to go out to different places and then get the
models get some props together and it ends up being really hot and not
enjoyable so I actually prefer to stay in the room
have the aircon on and be in comfortable surroundings I also enjoy working on the
computer so that’s good for me if you enjoy going out with your family at
weekends and taking photos then maybe that’s the thing to do whereas if you
enjoy working on the computer and doing graphics then maybe that’s the answer
number 3 is which you’re good at now some things you can learn and some
things you can’t I can’t draw and I couldn’t even learn to draw I’m not an
artist but I can do practical things so I think photography is more practical
there are lots of things to learn like which direction the lights coming from
and what kind of composition works and how to get a good angle so I think all
that you can learn whereas drawing personally I don’t think I could ever
learn that with 3d software you can learn it you can make different shapes
now maybe you wouldn’t be able to make a character if you’re not good at drawing
but there are lots of things that you can make using 3d software so that’s one
thing to take into account so the fourth point here is where you want it to go I
think that stock photography is a great way to learn either illustrations or
photography and you can earn some money while you’re doing it but the aim really
should be to get higher paying jobs with photography maybe that’s getting clients
or doing wedding photography maybe event photography or going onto video and with
illustrations maybe that’s doing graphic design and getting clients as a
freelancer or maybe going into 3d and then doing 3d video so really there’s no
one answer to all of this it’s like saying offline whether it’s
better to be an accountant or a teacher and I think online is like that now
there are so many jobs that you can’t say which is better some people would
prefer to be an accountant some people will prefer to be a teacher
it all depends on your experience what you’re good at and what you enjoy doing
the really good thing about life nowadays and especially with Internet is
that you can try different jobs I started off as a telecoms engineer and
it was a bit of a dead-end job so I moved over to customer service because
of my experience on customer service I became a teacher teaching engineers and
then I ended up working in a computer center and that was partly because I
studied accounting and I got a job in a computer center as accounting support
all of that together helped me to start a business in the Philippines exporting
and because that export business was doing well and I didn’t have to do so
much I started working online and making
websites and actually I got a program built that built a thousand websites and
I was getting good money now that all came to an end so I started photography
and because photography wasn’t so practical I then moved into the
graphics or illustrations so what I’m trying to say is that there are so many
opportunities in anything you want to do nowadays you’ve got to work hard and
keep trying if something works then keep trying at it and try variations if it
doesn’t work then try something else but the important thing is to just start
and then decide along the way