how to sell products online profitably hi guys it’s Sam Dey here from and in this video I’m speaking about how you can sell products online
profitably. Now the internet provides an amazing opportunity for you to market
and promote and list your products online for people who are most likely to
actually a make a purchase from your products to see them but are you putting
your products in the places where they need to be and are you marketing them
effectively enough for you to be generating sales? In this video I’m
sharing five tips if you’re someone who wants to start selling a products online
or maybe you already have products listed and you want to generate more
sales to those. First and foremost you need to ensure that the product that you
are currently selling or maybe that you’re thinking about selling online is
actually already in demand. This is known as ‘market penetration’ you need to make
sure that there is already an existing market and an already existing demand
for the products that you plan to sell one of the best ways to research the
demand of a product is to go on websites such as Amazon and eBay and search for
products that are actually selling. You also want to make use of the Google Keyword
tool, this is a free tool that allows you to see how many searches per month a
particular search term is getting so you can type your product into that search
tool and see how many people are actively searching for your products
each month. This can give you a good indication of how many people are in the
market to actually buying whatever it is you have on offer and if there’s not
many people in the market for buying whatever you’re trying to sell then it’s
going to be difficult for you to try and create a buzz for that product. My second
tip is to really think about what niche you want to serve, a lot of people choose
to sell in loads of different categories and loads of different unrelated
products but there is so much upside to selling products online in one market. Let’s say for
example you sell tennis equipment you know that your target audience are those
who are interested in tennis. You can build an audience of people who
are interested in tennis and you can sell them all of your tennis equipment
or at least show them all of your tennis equipment and they’re likely to not only
buy from you once but buy from you time and time again and this could really
help your marketing. Not to mention if you have only one or two suppliers then
this is going to really drive down your costs as it comes to purchasing your
wholesale items, and it’s a lot easier to stick to one or two wholesale
suppliers if you’re serving one particular niche. However if all of your
items are scattered across loads of different niches, chances are you’re
going to need more than one supplier and you’re not able to focus solely on one
or two suppliers and if you focus on one or two suppliers those individual
suppliers are a lot more likely to give you discounts and this is going to
really help your business and your profitability long term. My third tip is
to sell on market places such as Amazon and eBay as well as creating your own
e-commerce store to sell from that as well there’s benefits from selling on
both of these types of platforms. When you’re on marketplaces you get exposure
to people who shop on Amazon and eBay who may not have otherwise found your
website, there’s also international distribution so you can actually list
the products on Amazon and also sell to Amazon France, Amazon Germany, Amazon
Italy, whereas when you have your own e-commerce website you can do things
such as email marketing and you can do paid traffic campaigns as well which is
not as profitable to do if you’re solely selling on third party platforms so you
definitely want to have a mixture of both don’t only be on third party
platforms but don’t only be on your own website do a mixture of both and make
sure that your marketing everywhere that is physically possible. My fourth tip is
to not neglect your social media marketing so many product owners fail to
actually have some sort of online marketing or social media marketing
presence and that is going to cost them dearly later on down the line. Again,
I spoke about having a niche and serving that niche with your products but you can
also serve that niche with content that you put on social media so again if
you serve a client base that are interested in tennis then you
should be putting out content on YouTube, on Instagram, on Facebook or whatever
your chosen platform is, put out content that’s really going to appeal to tennis
players whether that be news related to tennis or whether that be new
tennis equipment that they might be interested in or tips that will help
them with their tennis game. You can then have a call to action to help them to
follow you or to go back to your website and to purchase one of your products or
even to join your newsletter. The purpose of social media is to help you to build
a following of people who are interested in your content and in turn interested
in whatever products or services that you have to offer to them so you want to
make sure you’re using social media in this way and not neglecting it. My
fifth and final tip to sell products online is whenever you do make a sell through your website, make
sure your cross-selling and up-selling the people who come to your site. Again,
this links in to being a niche site as well so if someone buys a racket from
you if you’re selling tennis equipment then make sure that
they purchase some tennis socks as well or a tennis top or something else. You’ll
notice that when you go to Amazon they don’t just try to sell you one thing but
they say people who bought this also bought that and they also want to
remarket to you by their email marketing campaigns and get you to come back to
their website to buy even more stuff so it’s really important that you’re doing
your best to actually upsell and get the most amount of value from the customers
who do make a purchase from you and ensure as well that your products full of
high quality so that they actually have a positive experience and want to come
back and make purchases again form your website. So hopefully some of these tips
have really helped you out. If you really want to push your e-commerce business
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