I’ve always had trouble with the idea of
selling my beats online and losing creative input for what the full song
would turn out to be and it kind of sucks because that’s pretty much how the
game works now you put your beats online an artist buys it and makes a song with
it that you may or may not ever even hear and I get it I mean making money
off of your passion is something that I think all artists really want to
do but as an up-and-coming no-name producer selling my beats online for 25
or 50 bucks just never really felt worth it I love helping out through the full
process of creating a song from beginning to end being in the studio
collaborating bouncing ideas off of each other I love that feeling which is why I
really enjoy working with local artists and friends of mine one of those guys is
BuddhaFlip Rewatching these sessions is always really fun
because you realize how a lot of the collaboration happens without us really
saying anything that actually makes sense it’s all about vibes and feeling
this was in 2017 when BuddhaFlip and I first started working on an EP called
Hiatus it’s the first album I’ve ever worked on with someone where I produce
all the songs this track here is called SMTH Else and it’s one of my
favorite joints off the project a lot of the time when Buddha would come over I
just start searching through instruments and playing around with ideas and
usually something would happen in where I’d hit a note or play a chord that
would inspire something in one of us it’s the same thing that happened when I
hit the first notes off SMTH Else around the time
when I made this beat I had this obsession over proving that I could make
great beats while just using Logic stock sounds and this one is called Gentle
Sine Bells so if you guys have Logic feel free to go in there and try it out
it’s awesome it’s a lot more fluid it’s like the authenticity it’s a lot
less restrictive as well like kind of like if I’m working with
something that someone sends me I feel somewhat limited to what I have as
opposed to ‘yo bro what about inserting this and what about let’s lay it let’s
lay this this way yes let’s kind of build like a nice
little outro do you know add some accents on to the song’ you know hey
there’s more freedom and that’s right that’s more of like what creativity is
about like when I think about it it’s less restrictive and it’s more like okay
do as you please or do do as you can you know right yeah man I felt like even
even from a producer standpoint like being able to hear the stuff like the
flow that you coming up with and I’m like okay maybe I could drop the melody
here maybe I could drop the drums here like I know like based on the vibe and
the feeling of the room I’m able to make certain like production decisions that
ultimately I think make the track kind of really really pop out even like the communication the
communication is better like even if I’m like listening to it sometimes I don’t
even have to say something you can look at my face and be like nah that’s not the
reaction I want, I want that, that gritty face you know like the energy is there the
communication is there efficiency is there it’s, it’s real comfortable, I like that thanks for watching guys I appreciate
you all I wanted to add kind of like a little disclaimer here because I’m not
trying to knock anyone who sells beats I kind of just wanted to offer a little
bit of a different perspective I know that on the internet there’s a lot of
content about selling your beats and making money off of music and you know I
wanted to talk a little bit about my experience and my view on it and how I
think ultimately for me what’s important is making good music enjoying it having
a good time and yeah man I hope you guys enjoyed this video
always remember create with what you have you don’t need much if this is your first
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