Hey whats good guys welcome back to techsmartt for something that I’m really excited and I have put off for far too long. Right now we’re actually in Sydney Australia and big thanks to ebay for making this entire trip possible Go to ebay.com/sellyourphone or link in the description and I’ll get into that a little bit more but right in front of me is the brand new iPhone 10’s max in gold and it’s the 512 gigabyte model. I got Cameron on the camera right there. It’s a whole lot of cams and cameras, but here’s the deal, we’re in Australia because of eBay and let me catch you up to speed This is kind of a special video basically we flew to Australia like three days ago we got here on Wednesday, Matt’s birthday. Right now it’s September 21st today the new iPhone XS and XS max hit the world and you guys can go pick them up at the store So what we’re doing is basically waiting in line to be one of the first people to get this phone out of everyone else in the world. What’s crazy is it’s actually Thursday 5:00 p.m in the United States, over here in Australia it’s 8:00 a.m on Friday. So we’re about to get the phone a little bit early. Check it out We’ve done this before for the iPhone 6s. So let’s do it So the store is getting all set up right now. So we basically started off like this this year we didn’t have to wait in line cuz we had reservations And Matt and I and really the entire Techsmartt team held it down in pre-orders It’s way too light to be an iPhone I’m excited Matt it’s coming! How are you? You flew from the states? Yeah! In an hour we left with nine phones and we even got to do a switcheroo and get even the iPhone 10s over just the 10s Max’s that we all had ordered So everything went really well So that’s what happened and here right in front of me is the 512 gigabyte iPhone 10s Max and kind of gonna be the one that I want to unbox show to you guys But where it gets super awesome is at the end of the video I’m going to be listing this on eBay for you guys to pick up So obviously with eBay you guys know, it’s the easiest way to sell your phone the most value you guys know eBay I’ve been loving it because of these mystery boxes. If you haven’t seen that series right up in the iCard But let’s actually get this phone opened up So I’m opening the one up but the good news is you guys can probably pick this up for $0.99 or whatever the bid and auction ends at so let’s check this out This was picked up in Australia on day one at the 8 a.m. Time window right guys. So basically one of the world’s first iPhone Xs maxes to come and be uses so I’m kind of excited. It’s pretty cool I mean, I wish it was the first, but it being just one of them is pretty cool to me And this is it the Xs max in gold and one of you guys is definitely gonna enjoy it. So what’s really cool is right now on eBay it’s the easiest way to get the most of your value if you want to sell a phone with the iPhone Xs max here say you want to get one and you have an extra iPhone 8 or Galaxy s8 lying around? So let’s say you got a 64 gig iPhone 8 and you want to sell it average price You’re gonna get it’s four hundred and ninety bucks, which is pretty sweet I’ll see the most for your value and then the galaxy s 8 you’re gonna get around 335 bucks Honestly almost around 850 bucks. You can apply to a brand new Xs or Xs max. So let’s check this out in a sec, see what else comes in the box and obviously since I got this in Australia And it’s one of the Australian models cuz you know, we got a little bit early for you guys It has the Australian plugs So that’s just something you guys could hold on to. It’s kind of like a cool token of what this entire video is about! Obviously the earpods pretty basic stuff, but what you really came here for is obviously the Xs max I didn’t really have a chance to kind of just check out a 512 gigabyte Xs Max in gold This is the one that I’m gonna be using as my personal daily driver when I get back to the US. Awesome, so now that the XS max is all set up lets actually check this thing out. There’s so many new features. Just kind of, discreetly packed into this phone. So if you guys know about the iPhone X from last year It’s basically a refresh and just kind of stretched out a 6.5 inch screen which looks really good I’m so excited about the Xs Max. And this is gonna be my daily driver at least for a while The camera is pretty much the same 12 megapixels on the back, the dual camera lens right there, seven megapixel shooter on the front For pretty good selfie photos! What’s really new is the new A12 Bionic chip with the neural engine and why that’s important is if you’ve ever checked out an iPhone X and you notice that there isn’t a home button But all there is is kind of a camera and it reads your face It’s known as Face ID And the thing about Face ID on the iPhone X is, it kind of sucked and I hated it I hated using it so much so much, so much so I didn’t even have my phone secured for a while. Just no passcode. And this year what’s cool with the new chip is they updated face ID to almost face ID 2.0 So it’s much faster much more secure and it just recognizes my face Quicker like a button would you know because we don’t have that anymore, so that is really big. Let’s just do a quick selfie I want to see how good the front-facing camera is Photos look really crisp and one of the new features this year is wider speakers So Apple made a pretty big deal about this on the iPhone X enhancing both the speakers and creating more of a stereo sound So that’s good and I’m always down to hear them talk about it, but Talk’s cheap and when I searched techsmartt on YouTube Oh, wow. We got a water test coming up. Alright, let’s check out a new video And see how loud it really is I got the brand new, Iphone XS max the best, my favourite one in the gold colour and it looks really good What’s awesome is you really can hear more of a stereo sound And I think I’ve kind of heard everyone talk about this because the speakers on the iPhone Xs as well as the Xs Max Are definitely better than the iPhone X from 2017 and it’s super noticeable It’s louder for sure and I don’t even need to cup my hands around my phone to make more of that like echoing effect These things feel amazing and I actually like the bigger size now that I’ve had a chance to kind of slow down Check it out spend a day after these things have actually dropped here in Sydney, Australia I can see myself totally using this phone for a long period of time. And what’s sweet is the battery life’s actually 500 milliamp hours more than the Xs So if you’re a guy like me that needs to use their phone all day long, or honestly you just need your phone all day long and you’re a power user. That’s basically me. The Xs max is perfect This gold color is sweet so now the fun part next it’s going to be me setting up an eBay listing for the iPhone XS max with the 512 gigabyte capacity and whatever price it sells for I will ship it to the winner anywhere in the world So thank you guys again definitely stay subscribe to the channel cuz there’s more fun stuff like this coming up So to set up this listing, I’m gonna use my XS in gold as well. Gotta take the photos so you guys know, this listing is coming from me. I might tweak the photos a little bit because it’s eBay and you definitely need to have a good photo. Cool, so got the photos everything’s in the listing I’ve set the auction for seven days starting at $0.99 for basically a phone that should cost around 1500 plus dollars in the US with tax. So thank you guys again for almost three million subscribers This is kind of fun the video that I wanted to do and eBay definitely made this possible So again link down below or ebay.com/sellyourphone. It’s gonna get you the most value for whatever phone you have That’s sitting in your drawer. So that’s it for this video If you guys are new make sure you get subscribed by clicking that circle button right down there, check out two other iPhone videos right over here, and I’ll see you guys next time Peace!