yeah you doing you’re gonna see a lot of
this happening leasing available leasing opportunity available this is going to
be very regular and very the sensors will close down pretty much everything
shut down guys this is the future unfortunately of retail you’re going to
start seeing a lot of shots closed down a lot of retail shops a lot of shops
where they just can’t cut it because the overhead that overh there’s literally
killing their business with with wages with staff with rent and this is why
people are going online this is why people are heading online because the
convenience factor as well but just the overheads are killing people you know
and you’re gonna have a lot of empty stop shop shop fronts and shop spaces I
mean you look looking here it’s it’s like a like a graveyard essentially
right and yeah just be aware this guys and this is why it’s good to start now
start something now getting can you thinking about jumping on Amazon then
guys and you want to start selling something jump on now there’s that the
good products don’t wait for anybody but you need to sort of beat the rush right
you’ve gotta because these people unfortunately and it’s a very sad story
and but you know you have to adapt you have to sort of start doing something so
yeah big Road have a fantastic day talk to you soon