Speaker 1: Welcome to ProjectME TV. I’m Tiffany Carter, and today we’re giving
you six tips on how to make money on social media using video. Now I know video is not always comfortable
for people, but what I’ve noticed is over time when you practice it enough, people get
more and more comfortable and then they laugh about how nervous and scared they were in
the beginning. So that is the first tip. Practice does make perfect or close to perfect,
right? Close to perfect is good enough. So practice, practice, practice. Speaker 1: And then what I want you to do
is send that video of where you’re talking about your services or your product or your
coaching to friends of yours and friends that are going to be honest and not just tell you
what you want to hear, where they’ll say, yeah, you seemed kinda stiff or weird or salesy
or cheesy. You want them to give you the pluses and minuses
about how you came across, how you looked, and all of that. Speaker 1: Then the third tip is make sure
you keep it as succinct as possible. People have very short attention spans, and
the longer you go, you tend to repeat yourself. I tend to do that myself. We all do. And so if you set a timer and you start really
practicing, you can start cutting out words and sentences that are irrelevant and you
get to the point much faster, and it makes a much bigger impact, and people can retain
that more. That’s why some of the best ads and taglines
are short, if you noticed. You know, we can go back to the Nike example
of Just Do It. You keep it short and simple, then people
can retain your message or your point. Speaker 1: The next tip would be I want you
to only have one call to action. So you might hear the acronym CTA. Just one call to action. You’re asking your people, your audience just
to do one thing, and that one thing doesn’t need to be buy from you. It could be subscribe to your podcast. It could be to leave a comment. It could be to email you. It could be to read your book or read your
latest post. So it doesn’t have to have a monetary exchange
to it, but just have one CTA. You ask people to do more than one thing,
it sounds overwhelming, it’s annoying, or they might even go, Oh I’ll do it later because
I love this person, but they want me to do too many things. One CTA. And that one CTA that you do, put it at the
end of your video. Again, people have a short time span that
they’re going to really pay attention. So you want to keep it short, but you need
to also reinforce that CTA right at the end because that’s when people are going to take
action for you. Okay? So make sure you do that. Speaker 1: Then my next tip is a concept that
I’ve created, and it’s called the Teach and Take concept. So when you’re doing content, especially video
content on social media, you can’t just be taking, meaning asking for things. I want you to do this. Sign up for this. Leave me a review. Write a comment. You know, there’s a lot of people doing that. What I want you to do is you are teaching
them double what you’re asking from them. So teach a couple things and then do a take. Teach and take, teach and take. And when I say take, that’s your call to action,
right? Speaker 1: So maybe teach a couple steps of
something, you know, teach them something, and then ask them for something. And take that approach when you’re selling. And this even goes for Facebook ads as well,
especially with video. Teach something, ask for something, teach
and take. This flow works really well. Then it comes across like you actually care,
which you do care. I know if you’re watching this, you actually
do care because that’s my whole vibe and my whole jam. You wouldn’t be watching me otherwise. So make sure when you’re looking back at your
old videos and when you make new videos that there’s a good ebb and flow of that teach
and take. Speaker 1: So I hope these six tips helped
you guys out. I would love, love, love to see the videos
you guys are making. If you don’t want to just send them to your
friends, you can always DM them to me, or when you actually put them live on your Instagram
stories or on Facebook, just tag me, @projectmewithtiffany, and I promise you I will give you my honest
feedback. This way you can help refine your video a
little bit or maybe you’ll just get the feedback that it looks awesome. Speaker 1: So hopefully this helped. I’m so happy you guys are here and watching
and learning with me, and I’m excited to see you next time.