Let’s say you’ve got an item that has watchers
but hasn’t sold yet. Instead of reducing the price on the listing,
you can help the item to sell by making a private offer to them. The Send offer to buyers feature is available
to all sellers. Here’s how to use it. Go to the “Listings” tab on “Seller
Hub” Select “Active listings” Select “Offer to buyers” to see which of your
active listings are eligible. On the listing that you want to send an offer
on, click “Send offer to buyers” A new window will open. You can see how many interested buyers the
offer will be sent to. Please note you can only send one offer per
listing. Enter the price that you want to offer. Bear in mind the offer price needs to be at
least 5% lower than the price on the listing. Before making an offer, make sure that you
have sufficient margins. Take into account any eBay fees, advertising
fees and other costs such as postage. If your interested buyers found your listing
because you promoted it in an ad campaign, advertising fees may still apply depending
on how long it’s been since they found your listing. The final value fee on the transaction will
be slightly lower because it’s based on a percentage of the item price. You can include a message to interested buyers,
which will clearly show that others have also received the offer. Buyers can opt out of these offers by changing
their communication preferences. You’ll see that by clicking “Send offer to
buyers” you commit to sell the item if a buyer accepts. There’s no option for them to send you a counter-offer. However if you have Best Offer enabled on
your listings they could use that. And the offer is sent. Your interested buyers have 48 hours to respond. If no one buys the item, the offer expires
and another one can’t be sent. This is to avoid people being repeatedly sent
offers from several sellers. If an offer’s accepted, the other interested
buyers will be notified that the offer’s no longer available. To see which of your items you’ve sent offers
on, go back to your active listings and you’ll see “Offer sent”. Click on “offer sent” to remind yourself of
the amount you offered. And that’s it! When someone buys, it will come through as
a normal sale at the price you offered.