Sarah: We are going to the Immigration Office to try to get my F6 visa. But we don’t know if we’ll be successful or not. Sarah: So sunny ~ Oh, this mandu is really good. Kyuho: Perfect day for visa, huh… Sarah: I hope so. We’ve been preparing this for months and months… There are so many documents that we need and the requirements are always changing so… Sarah: Huh? The light is red but this old man just went and everyone followed him because it was assumed that…[the light was green]. We’re very law-abiding citizens. Sarah: Finished~ Kyuho: Finally, we’re finished. Sarah: We had everything except for one document but we can just fax it over and then we’re finished. Sarah: Hopefully, we’ll get – / Kyuho: It will take around 2-3 weeks. Sarah: They’re going to mail it to me, so~ I’m so excited! Kyuho: So she can get the F6 visa! Sarah: Yeah! Ah~, it’s such a relief, though! We’ve been stressing about this for months. Thank you, boo! Thank you. You did all the paper work and stuff. Back there the Ahjusshi was looking at us. Did you see that? / Kyuho: No. Sarah: He just did the turn. Khyuho: Finally, relief! / Sarah: We’re gonna eat ice cream. Sarah: I feel so relieved. Kyuho: I was preparing for this 6 months ago. And I was collecting all these documents, but then… By the time i went to the Immigration Office, they were all out-of-date. Sarah: Yeah, so we had to get them again. Kyuho: So yeah, I started all over again. Sarah: Yeah! Now we’re going to get dessert. Every time we get stressed and then we push through that stress- / Kyuho: We need chocolate and ice cream. Sarah: Mmh, yours is gonna melt. Look at the waterfall on the stairs! Kyuho: The spelt ”coming”… wrong. Hello. Sarah: Today is another beautiful, sunny day so We’re going to walk to Gangnam and buy Kyuho some underwear. That’s our married couple outing for the weekend. This is our Saturday. Kyuho: I need some underwear. / Sarah: Underwear-shopping. Sarah: I love this. We live in an area of old people. But I actually really like it. ‘Cause it’s so quiet. Kyuho: We’re going to Gangnam. You just have to go straight. Sarah: Let me show you this bench. Do you see how short it is? It goes to my shin. Kyuho: So we have an appointment today. Sarah has to go to the dress shop. Basically, they will measure, tailor- / Sarah: Fitting! Sarah: Dress fitting. Kyuho: They’ll tailor her dress. Sarah: Yup, but I ate McDonald’s last night so that should be interesting. I’m way more bloated than usual. Kyuho: And I have to wear a tuxedo. Sarah: That’s right. / Kyuho: I have to try it on. Kyuho: I drank beer yesterday. Sarah: We’re going to be a hot mess! Kyuho: I don’t know how it’s gonna work… Kyuho: What do you think, Sarah? Sarah: I feel sorry for them. Sarah: What did we get? We ate these all. New flavor. Sarah: You’re gonna get a girlfriend out of this, Minsu-ya. Sarah: This is Kyuho’s special morning hairstyle. Can you turn to the side for us, please? Beautiful, let’s see. Oh, yeah. Both: Hello~ Sarah: We’re walking in this very quiet area to one of our favorite old markets. Kyuho: Yeah, it’s a very traditional market. It’s actually right next to Gangnam. Sarah: If you saw where we were earlier, it’s actually a couple of side streets over from that. So It’s a pretty cool contrast. Kyuho: What did you buy? Sarah: My favorite rice snacks. Homemade ones! Sarah: Then we’re back out in Gangnam again! Looks like we traveled to the countryside, but we didn’t.