Hi Guys!!! Welcome back to my channel! And for today’s video, I will share to you what i ordered online in Sephora. Actually, this is the first time that i ordered online and i thought there is Sephora in the Philippines. But when I saw the shipment advise, the beauty products will come from Singapore. It took me two weeks to receive the items which is ok to me because of the Holidays last time. So that is understandable. Ok! So I will show you what I ordered in Sephora. This is what the packaging looks like once you received it. And if we check the inside, It is full of bubble wrap. Originally, what I am going to purchase is the Zoeva eyeshadow palette Because i will use it for Halloween look But it fell short with the schedule which is ok with me. What I bought is this. The Rodeo Belle Palette. I am not sure if the pronunciation is “Ro-de-yo?” or “Row-dio?” But for me it’s “Ro-de-yo” Belle Palette. And then let us check the different shades inside. What I was supposed to use for the Halloween look is red and then black. But since Halloween is over, that is ok. There are still light shade colors that can be used everyday. And what I bought last is this Sephora Lip Balm. Let us check the contents inside. So the content inside is color pink and then let us try to smell it. Wow! It smells good! It smells like candy. It seems delicious to eat it. Wait!!! There is more!!! What I bought does not end their It has freebies. First, The Sephora Tote bag You can buy it every time you purchase to them. So this what its front looks like. And if we look at the back, The logo of Sephora is there. And aside from the Tote bag I have three skin regimen products We have here face polish, face mask, and then the face cream. My tip for someone who will buy online in Sephora I suggest that you buy beauty products worth P1,300 above for free delivery. With me, I said that i was supposed to buy only Zoeva. But it is only less than P1,300. So i added a Lip Balm To avail free delivery. Thank you for watching! And please don’t forget to subscribe and like my video! Thank you! BaBye!