His name is Gopi Krishna. In this world he has
no one except his mother. His mother is sick. He’s bringing medicines for his
mother from the city and returning. But due to not getting
medicines on time.. .. his mother has expired
about which he’s unaware. No one in the village is bothered
to do the last rites of his mother. He has a childhood friend,
Rajkumar.. ..who’s an orphan. On seeing the absence of Gopi he’s
taking his mother’s dead body.. ..for performing the last rites. Selfish villagers instead of helping
are looking at each others faces. Hey boy! What are you
thinking standing over here? Light the funeral. – Baba, he’s
son is coming. I’m waiting for him. It’s better if he
lights the funeral. It can rain. You light the funeral. Mother! Mother! Where’s mother? Aunt’s dead.
Raja has taken her to cemetery. Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Gopi! Gopi, wait. Leave me! Mother!
– Stop, Gopi. Gopi, no.
– Leave me! Mother!
– No! Leave me!
– Stop, Gopi. No, everyone has to die one day. Pull yourself together, Gopi.
-Leave me! Have patience.
I’ll always be with you, Gopi. I promise.
I’ll be with you. Have patience. Mother! – Listen, Gopi. Mother! -Listen.
Pull yourself together. Pull yourself together. Till now whatever I had saved.. ..has been put to good use. I’m glad, Gopi.
Pull yourself together, Gopi. Raja, you’ve today obliged
me greatly. I’ll never forget. Raja, you’re not a human,
you’re God. You’re God. Gopi. Gopi.
– Raja. Gopi, take three dips in water. Raja.
– Gopi. From this moment onwards,
these friends became brothers. No power,
such as caste and religion or.. .. high class or low
class can separate them. Even in their dreams,
they cannot think of selfishness. Not only on their hands
but even on their hearts.. ..each others name is engraved. Once, Gopi Krishna after finishing
is work was waiting for Raja. Why hasn’t Raja come yet? Hey, give me money.
– Give! No! I won’t give.
-Shall I beat you? No, I won’t give. I won’t give.
Leave me. I won’t give. – Give. Gopi! – Leave me! Leave me. No, I won’t give. Raja. – Gopi. There’s only one sacred
relationship in the universe.. ..and that is of friendship. On seeing their friendship,
destiny got jealous and one nightů Gopi! Gopi! Gopi! Gopi! Gopi! Gopi! Gopi! Gopi! Gopi! Doctor, why did you save only me? Why didn’t you save Raja? Now, how will I live?
I’ll die without him. Listen son.. ..every human has
to leave this world.. ..on some excuse
and go far from us. But after the one who has gone.. .. if we try to commit suicide
then it’s not right. Have patience. Mother. Mother.
– I’m coming, Sita. Father. Father. I’m going for work.
Don’t worry about me. You take care of your health. Take the medicines as the doctor
has said. – Ok, daughter. – Sita. Daughter Sita, keep this tiffin. What is in it, mother? I’ve made jaggery laddoos for you. Why did you take
trouble for me, mother. Sita, you’re worried
about your mother’s trouble.. ..and your mother is
worried about your marriage. Father. My daughter of marriageable age
is staying amongst the strangers.. ..away from her family
and working hard day and night.. ..and earning livelihood for us. She’s sending 1/3rd
of her salary to us. To tell you the truth, you’re
taking the trouble, daughter. This isn’t trouble, father.
It’s my duty. Parents bring up their children
inspite of staying hungry. Isn’t it every child’s duty to
take care of their parents, father? Wonderful sister, wonderful.
Well said. If I had money, I’d have given
one lakh to you for every dialogue. Ok, ok.
You knew I had to go for job. Then you should’ve come home early. I’ve come early sister.
I was playing Tennis. While playing I remembered
that you’ve to go to Gopalpur. I left my game and came
like a rocket over here. Radha, without paying
attention to game.. ..study whole heartedly
and pass with first class, got it? Mother, I’ll leave. Go, daughter. Instead
of getting you married and.. ..sending you to your in laws.. ..I’m making you work like a son.. ..and I’m ashamed of it. Enough,
don’t speak nonsense, mother. Why? Only men should work? Women should marry and give
birth to children and sit in house? Mother, you always catch
the ear from the wrong side. Nowadays,
women are working like men. Aren’t I right?
-Absolutely, daughter. Ok, now stop your speech. I’m always worried for her. Why to worry?
This year my studies will get over. Then I’ll work and.. ..I’ll get my sister married. You get me married later. If you don’t pass with
first class I’ll get you married. Mother, it’s time. I’ll leave. Hello. Ganpati speaking here. Yes. Fine. Right now I’m very busy. Alright. I’ll send
it through my secretary. All this keeps on
happening in business. Ok? Sir, I’ve typed the statement. You sign it. Yes, listen daughter, Sita. Right now I’ve to go
out in connection of business. It’s very necessary to deposit these
three lakh rupees in bank, today. You go instead of me and
deposit this money in bank. Do you understand me? Ok, sir. Driver, drive fast. Drive fast. Hey! Stop! Help! Help! Help! You all are men and
are after a helpless woman? Aren’t you all ashamed?
– Get out of our way! What will you do? – I’ll kill you. Thank you very much.
You came on timeů It’s bleeding. You got hurt because of me. You’ve tied your hanky
very lovingly on my wound. Now I don’t have to fear
about it getting septic. Your name must be Sita. What do you do? I work in nearby Gopalpur estate. I was going to deposit
money in Punjab bank.. ..when the dacoits came. If dacoits hadn’t been after you,
how would you’ve called for help? Neither would have
you called nor have I come. Then how could’ve we met? What’s your name? My name is Rajkumar. I’m
the only heir of Ramapur estate. After finishing the
work of the estate.. ..I reach wherever there’s injustice
and do justice, it’s my hobby. A rich person like you takes
care of a poor person like me. You’ve a big heart. It’s not that. No one in this
world is rich because of money. Only the one is great whose heart
is true and whose deeds are noble. Helping a poor man is
said to be worship of God. Thus the heart becomes pure. That’s the truth. What do you say? One more thing, I’m telling what my
heart felt on seeing you. On meeting you I felt that.. ..you’re my own
and not an outsider. I like you very much I’ll leave now. You helped me in time of need.
Thank you very much. What’s this?
The younger sir has come? Afternoon good, sir. It’s not said like that.
Say, Good afternoon. Sir is waiting for you.
– Oh, is it? Chetak, you come with me. Daddy. Younger sir has come. You’ve come, Babu?
Son, it’s so late. I was worried. Daddy, I’m not a small boy
that you worry for me so much. Ok Babu, a son remains
always small for a father.. ..no matter how much he grows up. But why are you so late? Nothing daddy. Ramlal. -Yes? It’s too late. Set the
table for daddy. -Yes, sure. Yes, set the table.
– I’ll change and come. Chameli, chameli.
-Yes, I’m coming, cook. Come soon, my love. Has the younger sir come? Younger sir has come
and he’s changing his clothes. Kumar, Kumar, Kumar! I’ll deal with you later on. The name on hearing which
even the tiger runs away.. ..the same name my
own people have tainted. They’ll surely be punished. “In your beauty, I’ve drowned.” “I worship you. A lamp. An eternal lamp,
will our love become.” “In your beauty, I’ve drowned.” “I worship you. A lamp. An eternal lamp,
will our love become.” “In your beauty, I’ve drowned.” “I worship you.” “Your youth, your body, I’m
the spring..” “..my fragrance will be in
the heart of your soul.” “Every part of my body
has turned into a song.. ..I’ll hide in my arms
the happiness of the life.” “I can’t bear the distance
of even a moment.” “Don’t make me restless.
You come to me.” “I can’t bear the distance
of even a moment.” “Don’t make me restless.
You come to me.” “Flowers will bloom everywhere;
such will be our wedding night.” “On our wedding night..” “Our hearts will have..” “An unknown happiness.” “Every moment of
embrace will burn us.” “In your beautyů” “In your beautyů” “In your beauty, I’ve drowned.” “I worship you.” “I’ve never been ill before this.. ..I’m burning every moment,
you see.” “To you I’ll sing a happy song,
to you I’ll show a heaven.. ..filled with happiness.” “My life partner.” “Beautiful,
wonderful, melodious song..” “Queen, I’ll give you my support.” “Love me.” – “In
a beautiful moment.” “Come into my arms.” –
“Our life will be like a song.” “In your beauty..” “In your beauty..” “In your beauty, I’ve drowned.” “I worship you.” “A lamp. An eternal lamp..” “..will our love become.” “In your beauty, I’ve drowned.” “I worship you.” Gopi, for your defense
neither did you keep a lawyer.. ..nor did anyone give a statement. Do you want to say anything
before the decision of the court? Your honor,
since you gave me the chance.. ..to say something in this case,
I thank you very much. But what should I say? Should I say about the
tears that have dropped.. ..from the eyes of
the helpless victims or.. ..should I say about the salty
tears of the helpless poor people.. ..whom the rich are exploiting? Your honor,
if I’ll tell you the truth then.. ..the blind fold which
is tied on the eyes of.. .. the Lady of justice
will tear open. Still, there’s no one
in this case who will believe. Still, I will tell
you the true story of the.. .. victim of this case, Gauri. If you hear it and
make the right decision.. ..I’ll respect this court,
your honor. When his father was
in a critical condition.. ..and there was no
money to by medicines.. ..and there was no other way,
at that time.. ..Gauri went to take
her father’s salary.. ..at the place where
her father was working. Sir. My father’s not well. If you’ll keep a big heart and.. ..give me the salary then
I’ll buy medicines for him. I’m so sorry. Listen, what can I do? Am I God that I can
save your dying father? Don’t say that, sir. My two months salary is remaining.
Give that to me. If I give you,
will his life be saved? Listen Gauri.. ..it’ my ancestral
habit to help needy people. Butů My love, come to me. What are you doing sir? What are you doing sir? No! -Where are you
running away? Stop! Father! Pull yourself, daughter.
Be patient. Be patient. – Father! Everything will be fine. One day
everyone has to go away. – Father. Why did you leave me and go away?
– Don’t cry dear. We’re with you.
Why do you consider yourself alone? Don’t cry. Gauri. – Listen to me. Gauri, don’t cry sister, don’t cry. If I shouldn’t cry then
what should I do? Tell me brother. If I had got the salary
I would’ve saved my father. But sir refused
to give me the money. He didn’t give?
Then what did he say? On asking for money,
sir laughed a lot at me. And after that he tried to rape me. So I ran from there, brother. Now, I’ll see you Ranga. Who’s there? Who are you? Why don’t you say?
– I’m your daddy. It’s been thirty years,
my father has expired. Hey Ranga, when the worker
working at your place was dying.. ..his daughter came to your place
to ask for her father’s salary. At that time instead of giving
the salary you tried to rape her. Yes, I had tried. But what can you do now? What can I do? -Yes. Now tell me your honor, to beat
the cause of a poor man’s death.. ..to beat the culprit who
made a helpless woman an orphan.. ..is a justice or and injustice?
You only tell me. After catching the culprit instead
of handing him over to the law.. ..to punish him yourself
is a legal crime. That’s why as per IPS 320.. ..guilty Gopi is
sentenced for 3 months. The court is adjourned. Hello. – Hello. Are you going to worship God? -Yes. I too have come to
worship the Goddess. Come, sit in the car.
I’ll drop you. No, I’ll go walking. Where am I telling you not to go? Sit in the car.
I’ll drop you. I’m saying, come. I don’t have the status
to sit in the car. Wherever I go, I go walking.
That is only good. If I change your status,
you won’t refuse? It’s not good to hope for
what isn’t within your reach. This is my thought. I’ve loved you.
I haven’t loved your status. Come, I too will walk with you. No. Why would you walk for me? I’ve decided to
walk forever with you. You won’t sit in the
car so I’ll walk with you. Hope you’ll like it. Alright. I’ll come in the car.
-Thank you. Come, sit. ‘I don’t have the status
to sit in the car.’ ‘Wherever I go, I go walking.
That is only good.’ ‘If I change your status,
you won’t refuse?’ ‘It’s not good to hope for
what isn’t within your reach.’ ‘This is my thought.’ ‘I’ve loved you.
I haven’t loved your status.’ ‘Come, I too will walk with you.’ How should I make you understand? I don’t know how to thank you.. ..but I know only one thing. I want to serve you my entire life. Yours Sita. Kumar, I want that your hand.. ..should remain in my
hand till my last breath. By believing in me you’ve
given your hand in my hand. Now this hand will
be with me in every birth. It’s my destiny. Ok, tell me. Your name is Rajkumar.. ..then why is it
written Gopi kishan? This is the name
of my best friend, Sita. His name is on my hand
and my name is on his hand. The way in which his
memories are in my heart.. ..in the same way
his name is on my hand. He’s the life of my life. So that our friendship
remains eternal.. ..his name is written on my hand
and my name is written on his hand. But God separated
us in childhood itself. Now what has remained
is his memories and his name. Wherever he is and however
he is I just pray that.. ..he stays with
peace and happiness. Sita. In my life only the memories of
three people will remain in my heart. First, the symbol of love, Kishna. Second, the one who gave
life to an orphan like me and.. ..the one who loves me more
than his life, Mr. Raghupati. And the third, the one who
taught me the meaning of love.. ..the one who brought light
into my dark life, my love Sita. Kumar. “Beloved, when I met you.. ..my thirst was quenched.” “Beloved, when I met
you my thirst was quenched.” “Beloved, when I met
you my thirst was quenched.” “In happiness I sing, embrace me.” “In happiness I sing, embrace me.” “Beloved, when I met
you my thirst was quenched.” “Beloved, when I met
you my thirst was quenched.” “In happiness I sing, embrace me.” “In happiness I sing, embrace me.” “Beloved, when I met
you my thirst was quenched.” “In my youth,
thousands of lamps are lit.” “Now that I’ve got you, thousands
of sorrows have vanished.” “This melodious tune
has echoed in my heart today.” “Let’s drown in the
happiness of love.” “The fire of love has
lit my heart and body.” “Beloved, when I met
you my thirst was quenched.” “Beloved, when I met
you my thirst was quenched.” “Let’s begin a new life
filled with happiness.” “We’ve met;
let’s together begin a new life.” “In the fragrance of
love let this life pass away.” “Come let’s together
fulfill our desires.” “The desires of the youth,
you fulfill them.” “Beloved, when I met
you my thirst was quenched.” “Beloved, when I met
you my thirst was quenched.” “In happiness I sing, embrace me.” “In happiness I sing, embrace me.” Sita, this is our guest house. When this rain will stop,
we don’t know. When it’ll stop, we’ll leave.
Come, let’s go inside. Let’s go. Kumar, how did the lights go off? The fuse must have burnt off.
I’ll go and see. No, Kumar. You stay with me.
I’m very scared of darkness. I’m near you, Sita. Don’t worry. Sita.
– Kumar. Sita.
– Kumar. No Kumar. – Sita,
something’s happening to me. Sita.
– Kumar. Sita.
– No, Kumar. Sita. – Kumar, please.
Listen, Kumar. Sita, I myself don’t know. Sita. Sorry Sita. Don’t think that we’ve sinned. Yes, we had lost control. As per the society we
aren’t husband and wife. But.. ..in front of God, with our heart,
we’re surely husband and wife. But Kumar.. ..we’ve sinned. I fear that. You don’t get scared. Sita. Immediately I’ll talk to my father.. ..and get married as
per the society rules. But your daddyů? My daddy never refuses me. Mr. Narayan Murthy,
my Kumar never refuses me. That is why without asking him.. ..I promise to make your daughter
my daughter-in-law. To tell you the truth.. ..there’s a big reason
behind taking this decision. What reason? Instead of our caste if we
get married to outside caste then.. .. a child is not born.
I’m the example of that. So that my caste doesn’t
end with me, I adopted Kumar. Mr. Narayan Murthy, I don’t
want to repeat the mistake.. ..that I’ve already done.
And that is why of my caste,.. .. that is your daughter,
I’m making her my daughter-in-law. I’m glad Mr. Raghupathy. It would be my good luck
to be your son’s father-in- law. See, Kumar too has come. Come son. I was waiting for you. Daddy, I want to
talk to you something. No, son. It’s already late.
You should tell me and go. I’m going to Mumbai
for important business. Daddy, I too will come.
We’ll talk in the car. If I don’t go by this flight
there will be too much loss. Ticket isn’t confirmed. You talk to the manager
in Bangalore and.. ..tell him to confirm the ticket,
no matter what. I’m coming back after a week.
Then we’ll talk. I’ll leave. Come, Mr. Narayan Murthy. Let’s go. I’ll leave, Kumar. Sita.. ..daddy went to Bombay without
giving me a chance to talk. You had told daddy
would come within few days. Yes, I had. He called
from Mumbai and said that.. ..he’s going to London
from there and.. ..he’ll take two to three
months to come from there. Kumar. -Sita. I had told you that
we’ll marry within one week. We won’t wait for
daddy to come because.. ..until he comes you’ll
always remain in doubt. You’ll always remain worried
thinking that we’ve sinned.. ..which I won’t like. Sita, that’s why
I’ve made a decision, What decision? As soon as my daddy comes,
we’ll call your parents and.. ..marry in front of
the society with great pomp. Till then, without any delay,
in front of the Goddess.. ..with holy fire as our witness,
we both will get married. Kumar. -Yes, Sita. We both will marry in the temple. Till my daddy comes,
this matter will remain within us. After he comes we’ll
tell the entire society that.. ..we’re husband and wife.
What do you say? Kumar. ..now my life.. ..is in your hands, know that. Do whatever you think is right. Sita. Dear Radha, one thing.. ..within two or three months.. ..I’ll give you
all some good news.. ..on hearing which you, mother
and father will be very happy. What that news is,
you’re thinking that only, right? I won’t tell you right now.
It’s suspense. Give regards to mother and father. Your loving sister, Sita. Radha, what must be that news? Mother, when she comes
and tells then only we’ll know. Till then you all keep on guessing. Where are you, cook? What has happened to you?
What has happened to you? What has happened to you? Tell me. What should I tell you, Chameli. I was going to make breakfast
for you with my own hands. But I got fever. Now what
should I do? You only tell me. You’re not well and if
you’ll make breakfast for me.. ..I won’t feel like eating it.
So go to sleep. What happened, Mr. Chhagan? Is there no longer
strength in your body? Darling, didn’t I say right? I’ve no strength? What did you say?
I’ve got no strength? I’m dead, I’m dead. Look, our cook has got fever. You go quickly and
bring the doctor here. Come, you make me fall asleep. – Ok. You lie down, cook.
I’ll handle everything. Now I’ll show you the treatment. I! You consider me a watchman?
Now see the magic of my treatment. Now see,
what all I remove from your body. Will I lose my life? No, you’re going to be reborn
as a horse. – I don’t want to be! Here take this whip!
– I don’t want it. You take it. Here take it.
-Whip quickly, I’ll go to sleep. Quietly! Left, right, left, rightů I’ll give this idiot horse’s
injection and turn him into a horse. After that, mine and Chameli’s
connection will become ok. Left, right, left,
right, left, right, hey, wake up! Get up! C’mon! Is this a needle or a giant needle? Whatever it is. Once I’ll
prick you, you’ll get recharged. Not over there.
Behind at your butt. Don’t scream.
Everything will be alright. Ok? Sleep, sleep, sleep.
Carry on, Munnabhai. Left, right, left, right, leftů My Chameli, you’ll eat Jalebi’s and
then where will you go, tell me. Why are you feeling shy? Graze, graze, graze! What is this, cook?
You’re eating grass? What has happened to him? He used to come between us.
So today, I’ll teach him a lesson. I’m sorry for the interruption,
Chameli. Till evening, he’ll continue
to be like this only. No one will come between us. Forget this donkey and come to me. Don’t kick me. Instead of horse,
why do you behave like a donkey? Help me! What happened, Sita?
What’s the matter? Why are you so? Today, I realized one thing. On one hand there’s
sometimes happiness.. ..while on other hand
there’s sometimes fear. What’s that, Sita? Actually the matter is that.. I’m going to be a mother Wonderful! What good news! It’s news of happiness.
Why are you so scared about it? It’s not so. We both are husband and
wife that you and I know. The speechless idol
of Goddess knows. Under such conditions what if.. .. someone comes to
know that I’m pregnant? What will you say? How will you say?
This is only your fear, isn’t it? Listen it’s been three
months that my daddy has gone. He’ll come maybe today or tomorrow. As soon as he comes, with a
great pomp in front of everybody.. ..we’ll become husband and wife. But.. ..the newly wed daughter-in-law
is pregnant on knowing that.. ..your daddyů – will be very happy.
Why? Do you know? Sometimes he used to say
that if a man from our caste.. ..marries a woman from other
caste than a child isn’t born. He was worried about that.
And that is why he had decided.. ..to get me married
within our caste. As soon as he finds
out that you’re pregnant.. ..his superstition will
break and he’ll get us married. Whatever it may be.. ..but I’m very scared. First time you’re pregnant. So it’s but natural to be scared. Forgetting all this
you try to be happy, Sita. What watchman? You had
given me horse’s injection and.. ..turned me into a horse? Now if I don’t make
you eat dog’s biscuit.. ..and don’t turn you into a dog.. ..then my name also
will not remain Chhaganlal. Chhaganlal. Chhaganlal. Watchman Sher Singh is coming. Tiffin, tiffin. Where’s my tiffin? From today onwards, you’ll
get only biscuits in your tiffin. Biscuits? -Yes. – Very good. When I was in zoo, at that time.. ..I used to get biscuits
only for breakfast. Give, give me quickly. -Take it. I’ll eat happily. Give. -Take. Eat. Here they are. Give me more. -Take this. Come, come, come. Chameli. Chameli.
– I’m coming. – Come here. You! Quiet! Quiet! What happened to the watchman? He looked like a policeman
before now he’s like a dog. He turned me into a
horse and made me eat grass. I mixed powder in dog
biscuits and made him eat and.. ..turned him into this. When will he become alright? Till the time he doesn’t
digest all his biscuits.. ..he’ll remain like a dog. Watchman. – Hey,
he doesn’t just bark. He bites too. Stay far from him. Quiet! Quiet! Gopi! -Zindabad! Gopi! -Zindabad!
Gopi! -Zindabad! Gopi! -Zindabad! Gopi! -Zindabad!
Gopi! -Zindabad! Gopi! -Zindabad! Listen, this patient’s
condition is very critical. Now the matter isn’t in our hands.
Inform the doctor. And yes, the place where she works,
call up its owner, Ganpat. Alright, sister. Hello. -Kumar. Who? Daddy? When did you come
from London, daddy? Within two three days
you’re leaving from Mumbai? Alright daddy.
I’m keeping the phone. Daddy’s coming.
I’ll have to tell this to Sita. We’ve come!
Stop! You’re beating him? You’re hitting the one who
gives you food to eat? Beat him! Doctor, how’s Sita?
-I’m sorry, she’s no more. Doctor! Yes, sir. She was pregnant. At the time of abortion,
due to over bleeding, she died. Doctor, what are you saying?
She isn’t even married yet. Then how did she become pregnant? And how did she die of abortion? Mr. Ganpati, I’m a doctor. There’s
no need for me to lie to you. It’s strange. Sita was pregnant? Without any delay,
I’ll have to inform her parents. Mr. Kumar, now you’re
out of danger. Don’t worry. Within two days
we’ll discharge you. Doctor, change the bandage.
-Yes, doctor. Doctor,
before changing the bandage.. ..I’ve one necessary work.
Do it for me. What is it Mr. Kumar? Call up Gopalkumar estate. Over there,
there’s an accountant named Sita. Ask her to come over here. Who? The one working
in Gopalpur estate named Sita? Yes doctor.
After she comes I won’t require.. ..any of your injections
and medicines. Call her, please. I’m really sorry, Mr. Kumar. Why doctor? Why do you say so? Maybe you don’t know.
She was pregnant. While doing abortion she died. Doctor, don’t tell lies. Don’t tell lies. I won’t tolerate
such a joke at all. This can’t be true.
My Sita isn’t dead. My Sita isn’t dead! Believe me, Kumar.
Why will I lie to you? The day on which you got admitted,
on the same day.. ..in this ward,
on this bed, she died. Sita! What? My daughter Sita was
pregnant even before marriage.. ..and during abortion
she passed away? Oh God! Why did you
show me this day, God? She died in such a situation. If we would’ve sent her
dead body in this condition.. ..you would’ve been defamed. That is why we performed
her last rites over here. But please, forgive me.
May her soul rest in peace. Sita! There was so much
injustice with my daughter. Who is that sinner who
did this to my daughter? Oh God, I couldn’t even
see my daughter’s dead body. What did I sin? Father! -Say something. Listen! – Mother, mother! What happened? – Father! What has happened? Father. I promise that I’ll
search for the one.. ..who trapped my sister
in his false love.. ..and made her pregnant from anywhere
and kill him with my own hands. Then only my sister
and I will be at peace. Otherwise I don’t deserve
to be called your daughter, father. Daughter, Radha! -Mother! Run! Run! Rudra is coming! Get aside! Get aside! Run! Run! Run! Run! Brothers, dwellers, listen. Beat these three wrestlers and.. ..win twenty thousand
instead of ten thousand. The one who’ll fight will have
to deposit ten thousand rupees. When you win you’ll
get twenty thousand. It’s a question of your man power. It’s the question
of the honor of the area. If anyone’s a real
man then come forward and.. ..defeat these three wrestlers. Oh no! If I would’ve had
ten thousand rupees in my hands.. ..I would’ve gone and beaten
them and won rupees ten thousand. Listen, brother. Will you
win against those wrestlers? Sir, in order to win against
those three wrestlers.. ..the only thing that is needed
is bravery in your heart and faith. Tall and strong body
isn’t necessary. – Ok. All these things are there in you,
you mean to say that? I’m not just talking, sir.
If I had money in my pocket.. ..I would’ve won and shown you. Here, take these
ten thousand rupees. Win and show me as you said.
-Just keep watching. Brother. -Don’t worry, sister.
My strength will be known to sir.. ..and those three wrestlers. Listen sister, with the
winning amount of ten thousand.. ..the people of our area will get
food for at least a month, right? Take this. It’s ten thousand.
Now see the magic of my power. Hail Gopi! Hail Gopi!
Hail Gopi! Hail Gopi! Hail Gopi! Hail Gopi! Hail Gopi!
Hail Gopi! Hail Gopi! Hail Gopi! Hail Gopi! Hail Gopi! Hail Gopi! C’mon. C’mon Ajay. C’mon. Hail Gopi! Hail Gopi!
Hail Gopi! Hail Gopi! Hail Gopi! Hail Gopi! Here are your twenty thousand and.. ..this is your winning
amount of twenty thousand. Gopi has won! Yay! Brother.
– Gopi has won! Did you see, sir? I did what
I said. Take your ten thousand. What is your name? -Gopi. Listen, Gopi. I had sent you to
fight, not for your entertainment. I understand, sir. Nowadays, who trusts anybody
and gives ten thousand rupees? You’re right, I need your help.
Will you help me? Without knowing anything,
Gopi doesn’t promise. What the matter is, tell me. Listen, Gopi. Nearby, there’s
Gopalpur estate. I’m its owner. My name is Ganpati.
In a jungle nearby my estate.. ..there’s a dangerous
dacoit named Rudra.. ..who along with his team
loots the nearby villages.. ..and kills the innocents
and dishonors the helpless women. Believe me, till now police has
been unsuccessful in catching him. Till now, I was waiting for the one
who would kill that dacoit Rudra. Good, I found you. I’ll
give you as much salary, you want. You become the manager
of my estate and.. ..put an end to that monster. Sir, for your salary I
can’t leave my people and come. One more thing, I can’t leave
my lone sister and go anywhere. If you can’t leave
your sister and come then.. ..you can bring her
along too to the estate. Agree brother. Please. Don’t say no, Gopi. Agree to it. Agree Gopi. Agree to it, son. Mr. Ganpati, done. -Thank you. Ticket please. Thank you, sir. Ticket please. What is this? -Tickets. Do you know this ticket
is of which class? I know it’s of second class. Do you know which
this compartment is? This is first class, I know that. After taking the
ticket of second class.. ..you shouldn’t
travel in first class. I know that too. – If you know,
then why did you sit? Look here. Talk properly
or I’ll report to your superior. No, no, not that madam. Look, I boarded the running train.
So I had to sit. What’s my mistake in that?
I’ll get down at the other stop. There’s no need for you
to lecture me, understand? Ok, sit. You’re very brave. If I don’t talk bravely
I won’t be able to survive. Why sir? What happened? It seems he’s got a heart attack. Daughter, daughter,
there’s medicine in the bag above. Mother, give me some water. How are you feeling now, sir? I’m bit fine now. You gave me the medicine
at the right time and.. ..saved my life, daughter. Really, God.. ..has sent you over
here to save my life. You’re saying right, sir. God sends somebody on
some excuse to save someone. Yes, mother. Who are you? Where are you going? “Beloved, when I met
you my thirst was quenched.” “Beloved, when I met
you my thirst was quenched.” “In happiness I sing, embrace me.” “In happiness I sing, embrace me.” “Beloved, when I met
you my thirst was quenched.” “In my youth,
thousands of lamps are lit.” Kumar.. ..why are you crying? Sita, Sita. Why Sita? Why did you
leave me alone and go away? I’m not able to live without you.
I can’t live. Sita.. ..every moment I remember you. I won’t be able
to live without you. I won’t be able to live.
I won’t be able to live. No, Sita! No! Kumar.. ..don’t think that I’ve left you. I am always with you. Sita. Kumar.
– Daddy. When did you come? I just came. Why do you
look so sad? Aren’t you well? Nothing like that, daddy?
Who are these people? They are.. ..while coming in
the train suddenly.. ..I started getting
chest pains. -Daddy? Don’t worry, Babu. I’m fine now. They gave me medicines
at the right time and saved me. Greetings. -Greetings. You all saved my daddy’s life. I’ll always be obliged to you all. Kumar, when you hear the
story of mother and daughter.. ..even the rocks will melt. They’ve to go to the nearby estate. No one is with them. So I brought them here. You did very good thing, daddy. In the nearby estate,
Gopalpur, her sister worked. In Gopalpur estate? What was her name?
-Sita. Sita? -Yes. My sister worked
in that estate’s office. Simple and devoid of any misdoings. She stayed away from jealousy,
my sister. Someone took advantage
of her simplicity.. ..trapped her in his false
love and made her pregnant.. ..without marrying her. Because of which during abortion.. ..my sister struggled
like an orphan.. ..and then died. On hearing this bad news.. ..my father was shocked.. ..and he too died. I’ll search that murderer
who used my simple sister and.. ..threw her away like
a useless leaf and.. ..forced her to die.. ..and left her without any pity.. ..I’ll search for him and
make him die a bitter death. That’s why,
that’s why I’ve come here. You all saved my daddy’s life.. ..and so you all are
more to me than my life. I’ll tell you the truth. The one who did injustice
to your sister and killed her.. ..I’ll kill him and
hand him over to you. And that’s my promise. Mr. Raghupati,
all the reports of the tests.. ..done in my hospital have come. We’ll have to do
operation of your heart. Mr. Kumar, it’s very necessary
to send your father to America. Alright, doctor. I’ll make arrangements
to send him to America. First, I’ll get Kumar married and.. ..hand over the entire
business to him.. ..and then only I’ll
go anywhere, doctor. Daddy, my marriage is
not more than your health. You get completely cured
and then only I’ll marry. Doctor, I’ll definitely
send him to America. Very good. I’ll inform my
friends to look after him. -Thanks. Mr. Raghupati, should I leave?
-Alright, doctor. Mr. Kumar,
keep all these reports with you. Thank you, doctor.
-Thank you. Daddy, I’ll go and make
arrangements for our visas. Kumar, you too will come,
won’t you? Why won’t I come daddy?
-My guardian’s operation is there.. ..and I am not there?
How can that be? You’re right, Babu.
Should I tell you one thing? All the other tribes of our
estate are surviving because of us. Their happiness and sorrows,
laughter and tears are tied to us. If you’ll come with me,
who will look after them? If something happens
to them who will help them? If something wrong happens
to them who will save them? Daddy? – Just to leave them
for your daddy would be injustice. For their sake you should
stay here, that would be justice. Tell me, Babu.
-You’re right, daddy. It isn’t right to leave
those who are dependent on us. If we help the helpless
then God will help us. I’ll stay here only. I’ll make
arrangements for your departure. Mother, mother, wait! You can’t
go into the room of younger sir. Why daughter? Why? Without his permission
if anyone enters his room.. ..he gets very angry. Is it so?
-Yes. – Alright. Good morning, sir.
-Very good morning. So, Gopi, how did you
like the environment over here? Sir, you should know
the knack of adjustment. Then you can live
anywhere in the world. Still this estate’s beauty, cool
breeze, everything is beautiful! That’s ok. But tell
me why did you call me here? Actually the matter is Gopi,
these two lakh rupees.. ..you’ve to take to
bank at Madhavpur and.. ..transfer them into
account at Bangalore. Sure, sir. Go carefully. In this area the
team of Rudra loots us, remember? Sir, you’ve brought me
here for that only, right? Then why am I here
that too I should remember. That’s why I don’t want
to miss this golden chance. Wish you best of luck.
-Thank you, sir. Hey child! Quietly hand
over that suitcase to me. Quickly! I’ll surely give you, sir.
If big people like you ask for it.. ..I’ll have to give it.
I’ll give you, sir. Sorry, I’d like to make
sure you’re Rudra’s men, right? Hey! Don’t speak nonsense.
Do as told. I’m giving you, sir. When
you speak so harshly I get scared. I’m giving you, sir. I’m scared on seeing your guns. One of you come here and
take this suitcase. Please. Don’t lose your life for no reason.
Tell your men to drop their guns. You all drop your guns. Drop your guns. Quickly, drop them!
Drop them, what are you staring at? One of you come here and
keep all the guns in my jeep. Now like good boys
get down from the horse. Very good. Do one thing. All of
you stand in a line. Quickly! Now, you too go. In the line. Hey Rudra’s men. Still
there are three bullets in it. And there’s one more
pistol in this pocket. I want to shoot a bullet
in your other leg too. But you’ve to return
and meet your boss too. That’s why I’m leaving you. About turn! Quick march! What? Sir’s new servant shot you all
in the leg and made you all limp? Who’s he? Boss, he’s the manager
of Gopalpur estate, that Gopi. Till now only Kumar was my enemy. Now there’s a new enemy. If you trouble an angry
snake it can sting at any time. Before that only
we’ll remove his fangs. Hey! You’re Gopi, aren’t you? Yes, don’t guess.
Really, I’m that guy. So you’re the one who shot
at my men and made them limp. What’s your motive? Not only making those who
are the enemies of humanity.. ..or those ill mannered
people who dishonor women.. ..limp but also killing them
is not a sin, that’s my motto. Ok, now I’ll tell you my motto. You haven’t yet seen
the power of Rudra. I can poke this Trishul
into your heart whenever I want. I pity your youth and
that’s why I’m sparing you. Be careful. “Your heart will keep sighing,
your heart.. .. throughout the night will remain
thirsty, will remain restless.” “See my beloved,
how beautiful is the weather!” “My heart is getting crazy,
oh God!” “I’ll give you my love;
you take me in your arms.” “You won’t get such a chance again,
know that.” “You won’t get such a chance again,
know that.” “See my beloved,
how beautiful is the weather!” “My heart is getting crazy,
oh God!” “I’ll give you my love;
you take me in your arms.” “You won’t get such a chance again,
know that.” “You won’t get such a chance again,
know that.” “Shiv, Shiva, throughout
the night we’ll stay awake.” “Don’t spill it, I’m the Som Rasa.” “Embrace me; I’m thirsty.” “Don’t spill it, I’m the Som Rasa.” “Embrace me; I’m thirsty.” “With body and soul,
my heart has called out.. ..beloved, don’t leave me thirsty.” “See my beloved,
how beautiful is the weather!” “My heart is getting crazy,
oh God!” “I’ll give you my love;
you take me in your arms.” “You won’t get such a chance again,
know that.” “You won’t get such a chance again,
know that.” “Shiv, Shiva, throughout
the night we’ll stay awake.” “Shiv, Shiva, throughout
the night we’ll stay awake.” “The weather is beautiful.. ..without you, this dark
night shouldn’t pass away.” “The weather is beautiful.. ..without you, this dark
night shouldn’t pass away.” “Don’t tease me now;
my entire body is on fire.” “Don’t tease me now;
my entire body is on fire.” Shower, love upon me; come to me.” “See my beloved,
how beautiful is the weather!” “My heart is getting crazy,
oh God!” “I’ll give you my love;
you take me in your arms.” “You won’t get such a chance again,
know that.” “You won’t get such a chance again,
know that.” “Shiv, Shiva, throughout
the night we’ll stay awake.” “Shiv, Shiva, throughout
the night we’ll stay awake.” Sir, in your estate’s office,
Sita used to work. What do you know about her,
can you tell me? Sita.. ..she was a very good girl. She was very humble and helpful. She never talked
to anyone for no reason. She was always engrossed
in her office work. What’s your relation with her? She was my sister. Ok, so you’re the sister
of my tenant, Sita. Your sister was very noble. She always called me aunt. I’m very sorry that such
a noble girl passed away. Aunt, did anyone
come to meet my sister? Do you anything about this? I know. I know about the
places your sister used to go. Tell me, please. – I’ll tell you.
Your sister went to a place. Come, I’ll show you. What happened? Why did you stop? This is the place where your sister
used to come to meet someone. And a person like me
used to come to meet her. Listen, I know that my
sister was destroyed because of.. ..falling into hands
of someone like you. And that’s why I’ve come
here with all precautions. Come!
– I’ve come. What? When I was alone you
tried to be very brave? Now come! Madam! Hello. Madam. You’re going away without
even saying, Thanks? Thanks? What have you done so
great that I should Thank you? What are you saying?
I beat everyone in front of you? Beat. So? If I wouldn’t have come on time.. ..then what would’ve happened,
do you know? Nothing would’ve happened. You
still sent them without any harm. Had I been in your place, I would’ve
broken their arms and sent them. She’s the queen of Jhansi. Stop, stop. What’s your name?
– Radha. Then it’s linked with me.
-What do you mean? I mean, Radha and Gopi,
they stay together, that’s why. Alright, can I know
where you are going? – Sure. Where are you going?
-Gopalpur estate. You should’ve told me before.
I’m the manager of that estate. I’m sorry.
I’m the manager of that estate. Really? Do you know Sita
who used to work in that estate? No, no. I’ve newly joined. By the way, Sita is yourů Sita is my sister. Someone deceived and destroyed her. In order to search that man.. ..and avenge him, I’ve come here. Radha, the one who
has deceived a girl.. ..if he’s anywhere nearby
this estate, I’ll catch him.. ..and throw him at your feet. Yes, it’s a promise. Thank you. Nice girl. Rudra, Rudra. Rudra.
– Ranga Babu, sit. After leaving the earnings
from smuggling in city.. ..what have you come
to earn here in this jungle? I’m in big trouble. Till now police were
eating from my earnings. Now they want to arrest me only. That’s why I’ve come to hide
and stay with you for few days. That means you
remember this Rudra.. ..only when you’re in trouble? Who remembers anyone in happiness? Whenever there’s trouble
that time only we remember our own. I’ll make you enjoy.
Drink this liquor. Hi, good morning. Remember me? What big man are you
that I’ll remember you? Hello, hello,
hello, hello, hello, hello. If you’ll talk sweetly
will you wither? I don’t need to talk
to men of whom I’ve no use. Sometimes even a useless
man turns out to be useful, right? Shut up!
– Wait, my Bulbul. Leave me! What’s there in your heart? There’s sweet pain of love. Then do one thing.
– What? It’s easy.
Get a massage done from your wife. Wife? I’m very sorry.
I am not married yet. See, can you see this place?
It’s still empty. It’s empty? So what can I do? If you can fill this empty space?
– Don’t be silly. If a young man like you comes.. ..fter a beautiful
girl like me then.. -Then? It’s a sin. The girl speaks well. “Girl, I’m robbed.
Don’t trouble me. Come near me.” “Your beauty, my beloved,
will kill me mercilessly.” “Your rosy pink cheeks,
your intoxicating walk.. “..strike a lightning on me.” “I’m a girl. I’ll loot you.
You’ll die getting restless.” “If I come after you,
you’ll get helpless.” “You don’t try your magic on me;
I’m not someone who’s innocent.” “Girl, I’m robbed.
Don’t trouble me. Come near me.” “I left the world for you.
I’ve now even lost my senses.” “Now atleast my queen, embrace me.” “I’ll touch you, come into my arms,
I’ll make you enjoy every moment.” “You thief, don’t you provoke me.” “You’ll never make
me lose my senses.” “I’ll not come into your hands,
understand what I say.” “I’m not any other girl.” “Girl, don’t show
me your attitude.” “I’m a girl. I’ll loot you.
You’ll die getting restless.” “If I come after you,
you’ll get helpless.” “Your rosy pink cheeks,
your intoxicating walk.. ..strike a lightning on me.” “Girl, I’m robbed.
Don’t trouble me. Come near me.” “Hey fire fly,
today you’ll burn off.” “If you lose your senses,
you’ll be robbed.” “Don’t come near me.
You know I’m not a simpleton.” “Stop following me. Run far away.” “I’ll not go far
away from you girl.” “Don’t fight with me.
Agree with me.” “Don’t be a harasser.
Be my lover, I won’t make you cry.” “That’s my promise.” “That too is my promise.” “Girl, I’m robbed.
Don’t trouble me. Come near me.” “Your beauty, my beloved,
will kill me mercilessly.” “You don’t try your magic on me;
I’m not someone who’s innocent.” “I’m a girl. I’ll loot you.
You’ll die getting restless.” Radha, where had you been? I had gone to achieve my aim.. ..for which I’ve come.
– Meaning? I had gone to search
that man at Gopalpur estate. You’re a girl.
It’s dangerous for you to go alone. A lone young girl
should not go out alone. The death of my sister
has taught me this lesson. That’s why I’m taking precautions. But I had told you that
I’ll catch that man and.. ..bring him to you.
Then why do you worry so much? I believe you. But If I don’t try. I won’t be at peace. Sita.. ..Radha is burning from
inside with every passing moment. On seeing her sorrow and anger. I get scared. But how should
I tell her the truth? I worship the Goddess who
is in the temple of my heart. I’m passing my
life in her memories. How should I tell Radha all this? When she addresses as the
monster who cheated my sister.. ..I start burning in
the memories of my past. Sita.. ..have I cheated you? Tell me Sita. Sita, you cheated me. You said you’ll be with
me all my life but cheated me. You left me alone and went away. Sita.. ..how should I live?
Where should I go? No, Sita. I won’t be able to live. I won’t be able to live without
you. I won’t be able to live. Son! Mother, you? You over here? -I heard everything. There’s so much sorrow
hidden in your heart. A volcano of sorrow
is burning in your heart.. ..and you’re keeping
this sorrow only to yourself. Behind your calm face,
there’s so much pain.. ..I’ve come to know this
only today, son. Only today. Who can be the one who
did this to my daughter Sita? On thinking this you’re
suffocating within.. ..this I came to know only today. In front of the picture
of my daughter Sita.. ..when you were
expressing your sorrow.. ..I came to know the
truth that time, son. You truly love my daughter.
Now I’ve understood, son. I’ve understood. Yes mother. I loved Sita, the way in which
moon loves the moonlight.. ..the way in which
light loves the lamp.. ..in the same way I loved
Sita more than my life. She too loved me very much. God separated my Sita from me. Without Sita,
I’m living like a live corpse. I’m passing every moment
of my life in her memories. After knowing that
you’re only her relatives.. ..I considered you as my own. I considered your sorrows as mine. Now, I’ve understood, son. Unknowingly,
I considered you wrong. I always cursed you. And for that I
apologize to you son. Don’t say that, mother. You’ve lost your loving daughter. You were mistaken,
what can one do in that? Son, your heart is very big.
I’ve understood that. But Radha is a small girl. And there’s too much
anger in her heart. Without knowing the truth,
foolishly she can do anything. Kumar, until I tell
the truth to my daughter.. ..you won’t tell her anything. You’ll do as I say, promise me son. I considered you as my own. I considered your sorrows as mine. Then only I’ll be at peace. Otherwise, I don’t deserve to
be called as your daughter, father. I’ve a solution
to all these problems. After getting Radha
married to Kumar.. ..I’ll tell her the entire truth. Then only she’ll remain happy. Otherwise in avenging her sister’s
death, she’ll destroy her life. In avenging her sister’s death.. ..she’ll destroy her life. This is only right. “Listen my beloved,
there’s some restlessness.” “Come to me and give me peace.” “Don’t trouble me, stop it.” “Don’t trouble me, stop it.” “Look at my condition,
my heart is deluded.” “You’re my beloved.
You’re my love. Make me yours” “My body is on fire.
You douse the burning fire.” “You douse the burning fire.” “In my heart thousand of
flowers of love have bloomed.” “In my heart thousand of
flowers of love have bloomed.” “Today, I won’t say no.
Give me the boon of love.” “I’m your angel. Make me yours.” “I’m your angel. Make me yours.” “You won’t leave me. Promise me.” “My heart is yours. I promise you.” “You’re my beloved.
You’re my love. Make me yours” “My body is on fire.
You douse the burning fire.” You douse the burning fire “Because of your talks,
today my heart saidů” “Because of your talks,
today my heart saidů” “Forget the world
and you make me yours.” “I got you and I got the world.” “I got you and I got the world.” “I won’t go far away from you.
I promise you.” “You merciless! In your memories.. .. I’ve started getting
restless in my youth.” “Listen my beloved,
there’s some restlessness.” “Come to me and give me peace.” “Don’t trouble me, stop it.” “Don’t trouble me, stop it.” “Look at my condition,
my heart is deluded.” “You’re my beloved.
You’re my love. Make me yours” “My body is on fire.
You douse the burning fire.” “You douse the burning fire.” “You keep me in your heart.
Make me your life partner.” See you, Gopi. Bye.
– Bye. Where does Gopi stay?
-I don’t know, sir. Do you know Gopi?
– I don’t know, sir. Where’s Gopi?
– I don’t know, sir. Where’s Gopi?
– I don’t know, sir. Where does Gopi stay?
Do you know? -No sir. Gopi! Gopi! Come here. What’s the matter?
-I’ve come to warn you. For what?
– For Radha. Who are you to warn
me in that matter? If I talk to you and
make you understand.. ..you won’t understand. Good. Mr. Kumar, you? Here some fight
is going on, we got such news. I thought it must be
some goon and so came here. But a respectful man, like youů No, no, nothing happened.
You can go. Thank you. -Ok. Radha! Radha! Radha! You aren’t married yet.
You should know that. Your roaming around
isn’t a good thing. What is good and what is bad,
I know very well. There’s no need for
you to make me understand. You mean it’s good
that you roam around.. ..with a goon like Gopi? It’s not good to roam around
with the one who loves you. Are you saying that? What is good and what is bad,
you don’t understand. That’s why I’m saying. Leave Gopi. I don’t like at all that you
interfere in my personal matters. Try to understand me, Radha.
You’re tied to our caste. If anything wrong happens to you,
I won’t be able to tolerate. And that is why, I, an estate
owner has fought with a goon. Do you know why did I
fight with a goon on the road? So that your life isn’t destroyed. And that is why I’m saying.
Please, forget him. Stop roaming around with him. Kumar, you gave us shelter
and so I respect you. I’m under your obligation. Not only that, I’m thankful to you. But I can’t stay in this house
keeping aside my self respect. If you don’t like it,
I’ll go away from here. Radha, don’t misunderstand me. I’m not telling you
as I gave you shelter. I’m telling you for your own good. I’m telling you so
that you don’t stray away. I’m telling you so that
you’d spend a happy life. As a part of this family, nothing
wrong should happen to you.. ..and that is why I’m telling you. Who are you to tell
me how should I live? Father, brother or my relative.
Who are you? Tell me. Radha, I am..
– Kumar.. Radha, you’re saying nonsense. Don’t you know who he is?
He’s the God who sheltered us. As it is, you’re a young girl.
He’s asking you to be careful. What’s wrong in that?
– That is not a sin. But Gopi, whom I love, if I say I
won’t marry him then that is a sin. Why girl? What? You moved ahead
from love to marriage? Without asking the
mother who gave you birth.. ..you made your own decision? Go inside! Go! Son Kumar. Her nature is like that only. Why are you getting sad for her? No mother. In the drama of fate.. ..who’ll win and who’ll lose.. ..I don’t understand anything. Hey girl! Hey.. After coming here
you’ve become beautiful. On seeing you,
my heart has started jumping. Sinner, you’ve come here too? Come, come, come. Hey.. Hey girl! Don’t run. Come to me. Hey girl!
– No. Let me go! Stop! Hey girl! No! Leave me! Leave! Brother, this sinner
tried to get me again. But that girl saved me. Ranga Babu, till now I’ve
seen you only kissing the girls. I’m seeing you getting beaten
by them for the first time. I felt very good.
– Hey! – Shut up. You.. Radha, you rest for a while. Hey.. If I see you anywhere in my estate,
I’ll tear you up. Rudra. Rudra. Gopi, who had punished
me has come over here. Together with a girl he
beat me and disrespected me. I want to see his end. Gopi, is working as a
manager in Gopalpur estate. Once he had shot my men. I had left him to warn him. Nearby, there are only
two enemies who trouble us. One is Gopi and other is the
only heir of Rampur estate, Kumar. Rudra, to shoot these
two people who trouble us.. ..we don’t need
strength but an idea. Our lorry takes the goods
from Gopalpur and goes, doesn’t it? Yes, so what? We’ll load the smuggled
goods in the lorry and.. ..write the name of Gopalpur and.. ..we’ll call up the police and
tell our name as Kumar. After that they both will
fight to death among themselves. And the game will be over. Inspector, what are you saying? In my fields along with coffee seeds,
sandalwood is being smuggled.. ..such information, you got? Not only information, we’ve
found sandal wood in your lorry. Inspector, you know me very well. There has been no crime
in my estate till now. There’s someone who
in order to defame me.. ..is planning a secret scheme. Sir, I am well aware of
your honesty and that is why.. ..I’m not taking
any action against you. But if it happens again,
I’ll definitely take an action. I’ll leave. Excuse me, inspector. Can you tell
me who gave you this information? Sorry, I can’t give you his name. But I can surely tell you
that he’s an owner of a big estate. Sir, who’s he and who’s done this,
I know that. Who’s he? – Kumar! So it is you? You don’t have the wish
to live and so you’ve come here. I don’t fear death and
that is why I’ve come here. Till now I pitied you and left you. That is why you’re
saying so proudly. If you’re so great that
you pitied me and left me then.. ..what was the need for you to lie? Don’t speak in riddles. If you’ve
the courage then tell me the truth. You know the truth
and I’m telling you too. I’ve come here not
to talk but to warn you. Either to warn or face me.. ..neither do you
have the capability.. ..nor you have the status. When the time comes,
you’ll know my status. But remember one thing. If you try to defame
my estate owner.. ..or my estate, then beware!
– Shut up! When you saw there’s
no other way to meet Radha.. ..you made a wrong excuse. Listen, I’m not one
of those who fight. Despite knowing your wrong
intentions, I’m sparing you. Henceforth, if you spin stories
and try to meet Radha then.. ..I’ll surely kill you. Who are you to stop
me from meeting Radha? Did you understand who I am? Kumar, stop! Don’t beat him. Radha! You go inside.
I’m telling you nicely, go inside. If you beat him then understand
that you’ve beaten me. Radha, who’s he? How’s he? Without knowing that
you’re acting like crazy. Because of him your
life will be destroyed. My future will be destroyed
or my life will be destroyed.. ..to know that is my job. Who are you to worry
about my future? Radha! Why? Without knowing
Kumar you’re saying as you wish. What do you think of him? He’s the one who’ll tie
the holy thread in your neck.. ..he’s your husband. Mother? Mother.
-You keep quiet, son. If you respect your mother,
then do as I say. You’ll have to marry, Kumar.
Go inside! Go! Greetings, younger sir. Ramu, immediately
go to the factory and.. ..take one lorry of coffee seeds
and send it to Karnataka house. Sorry, sir.
This time I won’t be able to go. Why? Why are you saying, no? That dacoit Rudra and his
men are waiting for a chance. They’ll loot our goods
and take our life too. It’s very necessary
to send those goods today. Sir, if I stay alive I
can beg and survive my family. But why should I lose my life? Not only I sir, all the men
of our estate are afraid of Rudra. Alright, if you’re so
afraid for your life then.. ..go to the factory
and load the goods. I’ll take the lorry and go. If Kumar takes the
lorry and goes then.. .. Rudra and his men
won’t spare him alive. In order to save Kumar,
I’ll go before Kumar. Mister, there’s smuggled
goods in your lorry. We’ve to check. Get down. I’ve no objection to checking.
You’re government officers. Protectors of the public. It’s a crime to go against
your respect and pride, sir. Get down! What sir? Are you fine? That day you got shot by my pistol.
Did you forget? Hey..
– Hey.. If you change your dress,
won’t I understand.. ..who’s the thief
and who’s the police? Kumar, you came at the right time. I didn’t help you
to hear praises from you. To help the person who’s
in trouble is humanity. Raja, if you would’ve
known who am I then.. ..you wouldn’t have
spoken to me so harshly. Yes, for angering that
Gopi and calling him to our den.. ..and then attacking
him from everywhere and.. ..then killing him miserably, I’ve
a good way with me. – What is that? He loves that orphan,
Gauri more than his life. If we dishonor that Gauri.. ..he’ll go mad with anger and.. ..he’ll come to our den.
And then we’ll kill him. You don’t worry. Soon, that girl will
be in front of you. No! No! Let me go! Gopi. -You? Radha, why have you come here? Gopi. When I gave you my heart.. ..on that day itself
my life became yours. That is why I left
my mother and came to you. You made a mistake, Radha. The woman who loves, if she
delays in taking a decision then.. ..she has to cry for lifetime. Actually, I don’t love you at all. Gopi? -Yes, Radha. I and my love are both false. Think of my love as
a false dream and forget it. Remove it from your heart. It’s better to do that. And you marry Kumar. Gopi, what are you saying? You made Gods and Goddesses
as the witness and loved me. How can I marry a man
I don’t love and spend my life? Why Gopi? Why are you saying so? Because if you come
to know who I am.. ..you won’t marry me. You’ll even run
away from my shadow. What will you marry me?
Instead you’ll try to kill me. Yes. Gopi? -Yes, Radha. I’ll catch your sister’s culprit.. ..and bring him in front of you.
I had promised so. Then who he is, I’ll tell you now. Even after hearing it
if you don’t change your mind.. ..then we’ll think about marriage. Your sister was very simple. The one who trapped
her in false talks.. ..and dishonored her is me. I’m the cause of your
mother becoming a widow. I’m the cause of the
destruction of your family. Mother! -Radha? What happened?
What happened, daughter? Tell me. Mother, if you don’t
listen to your parents.. ..then how much you’ve to suffer,
that I’ve understood now. The one whom you told
was dangerous, I embraced him. My life is destroyed mother. Radha, tell me what has happened. Mother, the one who
did injustice to sister.. ..the one who destroyed
our family and.. ..the one who killed your husband,
you don’t know him, do you? Who’s he daughter? Who’s he? The man whom I embraced,
he’s that Gopi, mother. Radha.. He himself told
me this truth, mother. Don’t cry, daughter. No, don’t cry. Gopi! Gopi! Kumar, Kumar. Why are
you standing outside? Come in. I haven’t come here
for your warm welcome. Why are you playing with my life?
I’ve come to know that. You’re mistaken, Kumar Your life should be
filled with happiness.. ..that’s my only wish. – Lie! In order to trouble me,
you falsely loved Radha. In order to increase my troubles
you kept on doing injustice. But I tolerated everything. But now, after wrongly blaming my
Sita, you’re taking away my peace. Actually,
who’s Sita, do you know that? Have you ever seen Sita? What do you think of Sita? Sita is my goddess. She’s my life. She’s my breath. Even
a shadow of a person like you.. ..hasn’t fallen on my sacred Sita. Taking the name of Sita why did
you allege her wrongly and falsely? Why are you playing with my life?
Tell me! I can’t tell you.
I’m sorry. And I’ll never tell you. You! I know how to get
out the truth from you. Will you tell me or not?
Tell me! Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!
Tell me! Will you tell me or not? Tell me! Tell me! At least now tell me. How will you tell me? You aren’t an ordinary enemy.
You’re a very big enemy. Kumar! Don’t call me an enemy. You beat me as much as you want,
I’ll bear it. But I won’t be able to tolerate
the word Ĺenemy’ from your mouth. I won’t be able to tolerate. If you aren’t my enemy
then why are you doing this? After all, who are you?
-Should I tell? See. Gopi? -Yes. Gopi! -Raja. Raja! Raja, Raja. Gopi Gopi -Raja. Raja. – Gopi. Gopi, I didn’t recognize you. I
beat you a lot. I abused you a lot. I even beat you with my own hands. Stop, Raja. Stop. Ok, tell me. Why did
you lie in the matter of Sita? When I came to know
that you’re my Raja.. ..i wished that you
should marry Radha and.. ..spend a happy life. That is why I wanted
to go away from Radha. Considering my lie as truth,
Radha will start hating me.. ..and loving you.
That is why I lied. – Gopi After the death of Sita,
this world.. ..means nothing to me. Till death.. ..I’ve no place for
other Sita in my heart. Your sacrifice can never change me.
Forgive me. Radha, who loves you,
should be yours only. It’s my duty to
get you both married. Raja -Yes, Gopi. I’ll do this only. Raja. Radha! Radha! I had promised you that.. ..I’ll bring to you the one
who has destroyed your sister.. ..and destroyed your family,
some day or the other. Now, I fulfill my promise. That man is no one but me. For the peace of
your sister’s soul and.. ..for the peace of your mind.. ..for the sake of your happiness,
shoot me. Shoot me. Kumar, forgive me. Without knowing the truth,
you who’s like a God.. ..I considered you
as guilty and cursed you. But a while ago, I came
to know the truth from mother. For my sister,
you’ve lived a painful life. Such a great man, you are. You married my sister and so didn’t
marry again. I’ve realized this. But I can’t understand one thing. Why did Gopi say that he
had done injustice to my sister? There’s a reason for that, Radha. Gopi, is my best childhood friend. He’s even ready to
give his life for me. When he came to know who I am.. ..thinking that after marrying you,
I’ll remain happy, he lied to you. Kumar?
– Radha. If I have to make
my life meaningful.. ..I’ll have to
get you both married. For the peace of my Sita’s soul.. ..you both will
have to live happily. You’ll have to remain happy. I’ll go and get Gopi. Gauri. Gauri. What happened sister? Why aren’t you speaking? Say! Gauri, Gauri! Gopi, after becoming
enemy with Rudra.. ..no one has lived peacefully,
till now. Not only have I
dishonored your sister.. ..but also my men. I destroy the man who
comes in my way. Rudra. Rudra! Sir, what happened? Why does the street
look so deserted? Sir. Rudra came with his men
and took away Gopi forcefully. All the people in the
market have gone to save Gopi. It’s my duty and
responsibility to save Gopi. What child? By questioning Rudra
you’re calling out your death? Kumar? He too had come at the right time. In order to save one lion
the other lion too got caught. To become the victim
of Rudra’s bullet the hunterů The hunter? I’ll teach
the hunter how to hunt, now. I’ve come to know that
you both are best friends. Today, you both will
die together and prove that.. ..indeed you’re best friends. A lion hunted the lion.
I’ll be getting this tag. Rudra! If you want to kill
then kill me! But spare Gopi. Now you both are my prisoners.
You’ll have to listen to me. Don’t order me, ok? He listens to you.. ..who loves his
life and fears death. But I fear no one. To save my friend Gopi’s life.. ..I can give up my life
and take your life. – Kumar. Life and death will
be with both of us. Ok, ok. Whether you remain together
or not, I’ll shoot you both. But before shooting.. ..wait. Leave me! Leave me! Gopi?
– Kumar? -Radha? If you both move,
the bullets from my men’s pistol.. ..will destroy your body. Without making any movement.. ..watch the drama
that takes place here. Hey! Tie this old lady. No, no! Mother!
– Gopi! I’ll take care of this girl. Gopi. – Rudra!
– No man. Hey girl!
Come behind that mountain. – No. Gopi! Leave me! Gopi! – Hey.. Now remove your clothes
one by one and give it to me. Don’t show too much attitude
or else I myself will remove them. Don’t come near me. I won’t come, girl.
Quickly, remove them yourself. No, no! Don’t come near me. I’ll
myself remove and give it to you. Now, you’re doing the right thing. See, what this is. Your Radha’s sari. This is the petticoat. This is blouse. And this isů In what condition is your
Radha now, you must’ve understood. Now, I’ll shoot you both. On hearing which, that
girl will come running over here. And on seeing her naked body,
my men will enjoy. Hey! -Wait! Go back. Before dying you
too can catch a glimpse. Ok? Rudra! The sari that protects
Radha’s honor, you’ve removed it. With the same sari,
I’ll take your life. Yes, but if you remain alive. Hey Rudra!
I’ll show you who’ll remain alive. I’ll kill you! Kumar. Kumar! Radha, Radha! Take this. Take it. Take this daughter.
Cover your body with it. Inspector.. ..whatever fight and murders
that have taken place here.. ..I’m responsible for all that. Raja. – No one else is
responsible for it, please. Inspector,
I’m giving this statement. Gopi. – Kumar. I’m leaving. Look, my Sita is calling me. Sita, Sita! Raja, Raja. “We’ve met;
let’s together begin a new life.” “Let’s begin a new life
filled with happiness.” “In the fragrance of
love let this life pass away.” “Come let’s together
fulfill our desires.” “The desires of the youth,
you fulfill them.” “Beloved, when I met
you my thirst was quenched.” “Beloved, when I met
you my thirst was quenched.” “In happiness I sing, embrace me.”