okay all right we’re here we’re here when was last time you read a book whether it was physical or an e-book for me it was like two years ago I read most of the alchemist but I never finished it and I was reading an actual book paperback version I’m here in Columbus Circle in New York City where Amazon just opened its seventh physical book store yep amazon has book stores where you can go in and buy physical books there are a couple interesting things about Amazon book stores number one all of the books the cover spaced outward you’ll never see a spine and that’s by design another thing all of the books about 3,000 titles are all rated four stars or higher and all the books have labels with a rating right in front of them. But why would Amazon open up a physical bookstore when it does insane sales online? Apparently people still like to read books physical books that is Lance Ulanoff, off our chief correspondent wrote a really good piece on this New York City store you should go check that out. We’re going to go shopping for a copy of the Alchemist so I can finish reading it and if they don’t have it we’ll find something else. Amazon IRL. So like I said before I want to find the alchemist and there are these price scanners there are no prices on the books themselves you can either scan it with the Amazon app or you can scan it on one of these barcode scanners so first I’m going to find the book then I’m going to scan it and I’m going to buy it. Now one thing I’ve noticed: A. there are a lot of people in here right now and B. the store it’s pretty small and cramped and I got to say this really feels like amazon.com IRL the way the books are laid out you can shop all the Amazon hardware. They did a really good job making you feel like you are in the IRL version after website it’s not well here’s something I didn’t know existed it’s called the echo B It’s a smart thermostat that has Alexa. Had no idea thing existed Alexa tell me a joke. Where do you take a sick boat? To the dock. Where was the Declaration of Independence signed? On the bottom. Wow This is crazy it’s literally recommending if you like this book you’ll love these and there’s a whole wall of these. And look it’s not just the books that are facing forward everything in this store is facing forward. And one thing about these Amazon customers review cards, I was told that they replaced not all of them but every Tuesday they replaced a bunch of them to keep them updated that’s dope. If you’re a Prime member you get the book for the prime price and if you’re a non-Prime member you get it for list price so I’m a prime member and we’ll see what the price difference is like. So I would imagine it’ll be in probably fiction, right? Let’s see fiction fiction we don’t see it also don’t know what cover they’re going to use Great Gatsby! Oh here it is: the Alchemist so you see there’s no price on here. One of my favorite books I’ve read So these are user ratings and the cards are updated pretty recently and again all the books in the store have a 4 or higher rating. All right so, scan for the price on the barcode do this so it’s 12.50 2 cents for Prime members and 17 bucks if you’re a non Prime member Now apparently I won’t have to pull out a credit card I think they could just look up my information I won’t have to swipe a credit card it will just use the credit card on file and just so you can see how this works I’ve got the Amazon app here I’m going to scan the barcode 12.52 save myself four dollars and forty-seven cents So the line starts here, pay with the amazon app if you scan that QR code you’ll get your own barcode and then you use that to pay. I am a Prime member, yes. Yeah, this is it. Alright cool You’re saving four dollars and 87 cents on this purchase because I’m a Prime member. Yay. so didn’t take out a credit card they got any cash I have this QR code on the phone that they scan, and then it charges the card on file now I just sign out. I’d like to printed a receipt, yes. Keep it old school the bag is great thank you so much. Take care. Boom. Really seamless experience. It’s good. So I’m outside the mall right now. If you’re a Prime member super easy to buy a book. They don’t have every title there again there’s only like three thousand titles and they’re super curated and the employees are really nice. It is a small store but is a great experience also I cannot remember the last time I bought a physical book but sure feels good