Hey guys, today we
are super excited because we’re going to be going
back to school shopping. So it’s only the
beginning of July, it’s July 3rd, but we are going
to be going away soon. So we need to get
everything before and first we’re going
to be going to Justice. So let’s see what school supplies
they have there. Oh, look at this unicorn
backpacks are so cute.>>Oh, I want this water bottle. Look at the pencil boxes. I’m so getting these.>>This is so true. I’m getting this ones. I’m getting this water bottle. So we just got back
in the car and it’s so hot. It’s like 96 degrees outside.>>It’s really hot.>>Uh-huh, I’m like sweating
on my forehead. So we got some stuff from Justice and now
we are going to go to Target and get some other
things for school supplies. We have our
school supplies list. So let’s see what we can find. So we are picking the binders and we don’t want
the plain ones. We are going to get these ones.>>Zebra.>>And mine’s flamingoes. Ah, this smells so good. Ooh, look at these pretty
glue sticks, we’re getting those. I think we are done
at this Target. We got most of the stuff and we’re gonna get the rest
out of different store. Emojis, I like the unicorn
and the poo poo. Ugh, smells like cleaners. Oh, these are so cute. It’s a cupcake unicorn. Pop, I need this. Oh, this is cute. There’s a lot of stickers. This Target does not have the
school supplies set up either, but they have some glue sticks. So let’s go and see if they have anything
else we need. Oh, these are so cool,
there is ice cream.>>Yummy.
I love ice cream.>>This one is also
really cool too. This is so cute.>>Yeah, they’re donut erasers.>>Look at these big
ice cream erasers. And then these donut ones
are so cute too. And look at these
ice cream pens. They’re so cute. I love ice cream.>>I like the pink.>>Oh, I need these
for my planner, they’re so cool. I want this composition book. It’s so cool. Okay, so we found
a few things but not a lot. So we’re gonna go and see
if Walmart has them. Walmart better had
the school supplies out. This is it? They have nothing that we need. So Walmart is a total fail. So we just got back home and we got a lot of stuff
for our school supplies. We didn’t get everything cause they didn’t have
everything, but we still got a lot of stuff, and we sometimes–
and we got some stuff that we didn’t really
need for school. But we just really
like, like these ones and a little erasers
but they’re super cute anyway.>>I love my backpack.>>So Evelyn got her backpack
and her pencil box. And we’re going away to Dubai and London, and we’re going
to be going to Smiggle. So I’m going to wait until we get there to see umm
what backpacks and lunchboxes and stuff like that they have. And we are also are going
to be doing a Smiggle haul when we get there. So don’t forget to subscribe
to see that video and don’t forget
to comment down below if you have gotten some
of your school supplies or all of it yet. And thanks for watching.>>See you next time. Please subscribe and>>bye.>>Thanks for watching
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