okay so today we are in ubud and we have
just checked into a place called rice paddy Arthur and it’s set on the paddy
field you know that so we haven’t seen the room yet so we’ll go in and we’ll
see it together you want to lead the way say let’s check this place out Sookie
the room small but it’s softer oh yeah and I like the window that actually like
from bamboo nice okay the mirror look at the design you
can not well you can look at the windows and you want our rice good I like this one all right decide do you
like everything si approves okay I’m gonna test the bed I’m gonna sleep now
all right so we are gonna chill here for a while because these places and then
real in Iowa pretty much it’s about four or five kilometers out of the main
center of your board you take me where is this place it’s like why you bring us
to the middle of nowhere so we just want to chill here a little bit and then
we’ll go find something to wear ant yeah so we’re gonna take a little day trip to
would art market and then after that we’re gonna go to the Monkey Forest to
see the monkeys something like that all right
so it’s probably about a 10 minute ride time where we’re staying you can do any shopping in the market
I’m actually looking for some banana here you’re looking for banana we don’t
need to go to the market sighs looking for bananas mercenaries just playing all right we have arrived to the board’s
art market do good stuff I wouldn’t if I will have
a look around anyway so Sai wants to buy a present yes for her friend’s wedding
you think this is an appropriate wedding present what right what did people buy
for their wedding buying one of these this is so like light I’m afraid you
know you know like sometimes you cannot fly the open air so I have to get the
big one so you find them no exact way need one in between that’s one cut in
between here one set given to all your friends which
one do you like this is not are you like a natural because this one might be lose
the color and this is not to learn all of them same like this okay I get this
one one twenty years you want that one what is that what they
put the smoke powered answer astray how does it look how does it look
it’s like I said or something or how we’re gonna get these through
customs ah this one better put it away and okay
okay no no happy yeah a little bit nervous okay
120,000 just under $10 thank you she’s happy now yeah you completed your
shopping it’s not for me anybody you don’t even
drink what what else would you use it for my best from suspicious she don’t
drink but she want one of this one my best friend getting married and that’s
our wedding tip I’m super naughty friendly but now she’s gonna watch the
video and she ain’t gonna know what’s in a box done watch the video people not much no pets allowed I need to leave you here I’ll leave you at the front so we have
arrived to the Monkey Forest in Ubud and tickets were eighty thousand each which
is you know five six dollars so pretty inexpensive you worried I’ve done it
it’s this huge monkey checking just get you prepared no I just bought it
not gonna be any monkeys now okay let’s get in thank you you know medicine children cheese water
I was finished now we can go monkey villa you want some sweet potato take it off
him sighs so scared of monkeys why so scared of them read the sign if
you smile make eye contact don’t point at them one so I will take it off you
he’s out of here you don’t want to lose it they love it when I beat you put them
on the head I was just playing with you so along the forest I have all these
nice monkey statues this one is size favorite really only you would notice that statue no I
was actually watching the monkey I’m like wait this statue is so different I
look at you and they even make like the monkey which I another once I believe it doing this thing mess with the monkeys well what’s going on over here guys he’s
loving life ladies vice you look so happy that’s how you look just after you eat
so that was the Monkey Temple so it’s a cool place in what would do in the area
you need to check out and doesn’t cost much to enter and probably spend about
one hour we walked around for about an hour and how do you like it
one bust of monkey we tried to prank me yeah yeah it’s full of naughty monkeys
we should try the iced eat anything we’ll get to please does she look like she’s from Bali every
day I got that actually look the same she looks similar like sisters now she’s gonna make us pay double you need to learn how to say yes in
Indonesian and then we’ll get a better price bolognese salad because is a raw
mango with the shrimp paste is like in Thailand I smell smoke yeah I was like
roaming so we stopped us for a drink but we’re gonna end up getting like a full a
full meal your snack is a full meal to other
people like a five-course thank you so I think she’s in Thailand now doing
her street shopping well I like that risk they’re all mine expensive I likes buying places where
there’s a dog sitting down in the dirt she’s happy is a big line now I would like to see how you make this
that’s okay okay
yeah we stopped a bayonet with it so I wants
to try one of those Salvage locals lining up queuing up for this it’s like you’re you got one of these to
you Oh one it had people say that manliness attack validation her this is
your shop your shop nor so yeah okay nice hungry the wall
mango yeah mommy don’t bother you what happened and
then I thought he liked Halloween sure all mango and welcome very popular you can’t keep up to many
customers yeah very popular must be good the media this she likes my solution Oh yeah Daniel against again Looby say yeah I’m gonna drive the wagon
comin by thank you if it’s good we’ll be back tomorrow you’re happy now oh yes that so we arrived back to the hotel and
sighs straight into her Bolognese salad I know I know it’ll be good I’m gonna
drive back and buy again mm-hmm you’re proof so there you have it
sy enjoys the Balinese salad so we’re gonna wrap up today’s video until next
time dream bigger my Serena piece so I just went to the bathroom and come back
with a dog I want to give you my shower I only keep you want to change a shower
you want to get back outside what what’s your name buddy you’d have
no emotional no for yourself you’re gonna take a shower for you does he have
so many on what is it called Dean wanna take a shower huh a minister
I mean in the shop you really got it did I let him talk with a lady and I was
like he was sitting there and they like you can’t play with him so when she turn
I hug him and I walk yeah I’ll take you me and nobody know okay
he’s lost hi hey guys okay