So today, I’ll be doing some online shopping the special thing is I will be shopping within a $100 budget today so I’ll be looking for some really affordable fashion pieces and To me $100 is quite a lot because I don’t really shop and spend a lot on my clothes I’ll be shopping online on this app called Shopee and apparently I heard there are a lot of affordable like clothings And Shopee is actually a leading like online mobile Platform that is a marketplace where people can actually browse shop and sell on that app itself So let’s begin and see what’s going on on the app itself so the main theme for today is more of like Clothings, and I’m actually looking for more affordable clothes that I can get in singapore I don’t really have any like special clothings that I have in mind, but a lot of choices around here I’m super into like plain T-Shirts nowadays Okay, so the thing about all these plain t-shirts, right? Is that you can always wear it like 100 times and it doesn’t look like you’re repeating your outfit because it’s just basics, right Can just match with a different bottom and it’s going to look very different I’m gonna get color three because it’s cute Okay, buy now Okay, I have a very bad habit when it comes to shopping onlines its because I don’t really check the reviews and stuff and sometimes I get stuff that it’s not really nice in person just in case you’re afraid of getting Secondhand items, and you are looking for just new items you can always filter it away can filter new items There is this plaided top for like 3.50 Buy now, I’m gonna get that I actually like the beige one. Let’s get the grey one since I’m here. Buy This is cute. It’s only $15 Let’s get it. It’s a pinafore Let’s get pinafore. Pinafore. Let’s get a black one So on top of the shopping marketplace where we can actually browse and sell and shop so there’s also a Shopee mall section where we can have access to thousands of products from hundreds of top sellers So the great thing is that there is a hundred percent authentic guarantee means that all these brands are really real so it wouldn’t be afraid of getting like fake stuff online and also there is free shipping and Fifteen days return policy so I just found this crop top that I think it’s really really cute, and it’s only fifteen dollars plus It’s hundred percent authentic and fifteen days return just in case it doesn’t fit me Okay, I know we are shopping for clothes right now, but I’m so like Distracted by the cables because I really need a cable, and it’s only 2.50 so let’s get it. Oh My God there is phone cases at 4.80 Let’s get marble pieces it’s so in trend. minimalistic So I was browsing through the Shopee mall Area at the woman’s apparel and I found this stuff like a pinafore thing again And it’s only at 9.90 there’s a flash sale, and it ends in a while So I’m gonna quickly get it before the sale ends and now my cart is ninety six dollars and thirty cents I have not exceeded the hundred dollars budget and I’m going to be checking out now So I’ve just placed my orders And I can’t wait for them to arrive so that I can film the second part of the video But I’ll be doing the Try on and also showing you all the items that I’ve gotten from this shoppe app So I’ll see you soon I’m finally back with all the items mailed to me not all exactly there are I think two items. They’re not here yet because I accidentally bought something from overseas, so they’re gonna take a while to ship here but surprisingly some of the items reached me in like less than three days and I’m so excited to show you what i have, I haven’t got to open them yet so I’m gonna open right infront of this camera and also try on some of the clothes hopefully that they will fit me for first item No idea Where it came from? Cant remember what I bought you actually it’s a pinafore that I got It looks really nice, and I’m really petite so I’m actually quite glad that it looks quite small The quality is quite good as well. I think I got this from the mall itself There’s a free gift next item is a cute dress is this a romper? i don’t know remember buying a dress did i buy a dress? yknow how you buy stuff from online and then after when they reach you it’s like a surprise Cos you can’t remember what you got next online Its a criss cross top that I got I remember getting this actually it looks a lot like bigger than what I expected it to be cause I think it supposed to be a crop top but Maybe it’s supposed to be an average person’s crop top, but I hope it works on me My God, this is the super cheap like $3 or something top that I got it actually looks legit This is just four dollars and 70 cents after shipping and mail, oh God next Oh, phone cases. Its cute This is the gold one. I think this is the bag that I got the black clutch Oh, it’s a legit like buckle inside Very spacious to put stuff as well there are like a lot of compartments So this is a good buy too and I like that it’s actually a like a legit click so last that we have here oh the Random cable that I got I’m quite surprised that all items comes out like a lot better than what I expected because some of them are really really cheap like $3 or something I’m done unboxing and unwrapping all the stuff I got from Shopee And I’m super excited to actually go back to shop again because the stuff are legit like legit they look good so just in a few days time shall be we’ll be having a 9.9 mobile shopping day and 9.9 is actually september 9 that means they will be having a crazy sale on that day for 24 hours So it will be a one-day sale starting from 12 a.m.. On 9th of september 2017 so one of the sales line up on the 9th of september mobile shopping day on shopee Is that they’ll be putting together boxes of some of the favourite products for their users and all the boxes will be retailing at $59.90 but they’re actually worth $150 so I’m so excited to go back to shop at shopping right now, so Considering that I’ve done a test trial and all their products turned out really nice so that is all for today’s video I hope you like it as always and see you soon Bye