Today I’m going to show you how to present
limited stock on product pages in order to build urgency. Hi everyone! My name is Pawel Ogonowski and I’m the Ecommerce Optimization Guy. 
Building urgency is a great strategy that pushes users to take action. Showing limited
stock on a product page might be just that little poke your users need to add that $500
product to the cart. I’ve got 3 delicious examples prepared for
you today from Fabletics, Wolf and Badger and the one I like the most from American
Appareal. Let’s start with Fabletics — what do they
do to create that sense of urgency? They show you low stock message which is right over
here when you try to select the desired size. They wisely use red color to grab your attention.
Red might be a good selection here as it makes the message stand out plus it’s associated
with warnings! Another trick they use is that they show you
in that dropdown that some sizes have already sold out. So you better hurry up! Why does this kind of messaging even work?
Because as soon as you see a message like this you get a feeling of unease that forces
you to take action. You fear that someone might snatch this beautiful pair of leggings
right from under your nose. So what do you do? You add them to your cart straight away!
Sometimes you do not have to wait for the user to select a proper size in order to show
her the messeging! This is what Wolf and Badger does! They tell you straightaway that there
are only 2 rings left! One of every of two available sizes! You better hurry up if you
want to get one of those. What in my opinion both Fabletics and Wolf
and Badger could improve is the copy! It’s not that emotional and lacks a call to action.
But here is American Apparel that comes to the rescue and delivers just that — a wonderful
copy with a call to action that I’ve been missing. I truly love it — not only do they
give us the plain facts stating “low stock” but they also give us some nice emotional
call to action: “We only have a few of these left! Get it now before it’s completely gone.”.
How could you not act if it was your size and you liked this tshirt?
Ok, a few things to remember as a wrap up if you wanted to build urgency on  product
pages by showing limited stock: 1. Use emotional and persuasive copywriting. Recall the example from American Apparel and while writing a copy ask yourself “What
would a clerk tell me if he wanted to persuade me?” That’s what a user should read on
your website. 2. If you want to maximize the benefits from
this strategy, try followup the limited stock messaging in the cart and checkout. 3. Use color or motion to grab user’s attention. Red might be a good pick here as it’s usually a color
used for warnings. And last but not least — test it before
you implement it Have you ever tried this kind of urgency building
techniques yourself? Maybe you have bumped into some nice examples quite recently? Either
way, post a comment below and tell me what you think about showing limited stocks on
product pages as an urgency building technique. Ok, folks, that’s all for today! Have a great day and see you in the next episode
of Bite-size Ecommerce Optimization! Ta-ta! Hey! Why don’t we limit the availability of
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