hello everybody today we make a Sicilian
style pizza okay for the ingredient I use, flower
I got a little warmer water over here this is for this dry yeast. And I got right
over here I need a little sugar, salt
anchovy, my plum tomato, I cleaned up already
everything. And I have an onion and we need a little breadcrumb. Because at the end we got
a pour on the top with a little drop of oil. Okay now first thing we start with
the dough. And this I got the yeast over here. and we put right inside this warm water
not too hot like a little warm and we live right over here stay over here. And
now we started with the flour I got over here the flour. Okay and now I got
over here the salt and I use one teaspoon salt. I got one teaspoon sugar and I got to use
it’s olive oil, olio de oliva. And I use three tablespoon, I put a little extra the oil. Because this is like it comes more thick the pizza dough. And now we gotta start with
the yeast mix it a little bit more. And we dump all this water, with the yeast over here. And we start to mix. now you can see this it’s a little dry
and you can put a little bit more water And start the mixing again making sure
the not be too soft and not too hard at the end I showed what he look like
okay now the pizza dough it’s almost ready but I got everything is sticking
in my hands what I do I take it a clean flour you clean up all the pizza dough
you got on your finger like this. After you start the mix again like that but
if you got a machine you can mix with a mixing machine but this is not a lot, I did.
And you can do by hand like that. Okay now this it’s almost done that’s what it
look like. And I want to put right on this dish. Now before I put on this dish
I put a drop of oil on the bottom. And if you don’t got olive oil, you can use of flour
but I use the oil. after you do put over here like this and you put a little
drop of oil on the top after that you gotta be Kovac at this you got a grow
and we got the the paper over here and we do like this and now this you gotta
grow you gotta stay for couple hour okay one
hour 45 for the two how kadhi see grow like two more time the size if this is
what it look like after
to Howard but not before we do this I gotta do the ingredient agar over there
I got the onion the saute with a plumber and injury and now we go and stealth
okay now we put the guests and of the spots okay we gotta start the for the
tapping for the pizza if we start with oil we leave a warm up a little bit to
the oil okay now let’s see okay Eggert now everybody the Cecilia pizza
everybody make like differ a maker within job in knowing job a if you put
this but I’m mega like this I like this one
okay now this are so tale of a bit of a companion a with garden choppy we give a
nice tormented enjoy it disappeared a melt all think the insurance danger is
so good a like in Java alright make a shooter not born at the
on you gotta be nice white like this okay now I got a diploma Tamara we put
it together it will low the flame a little bit think
of this and now you gotta cook a slow okay we put a little salt not too much
an inch over its assaulting and we put like
but this spoon a little black pepper okay enough okay this and I you gotta cook a little
bit at a time of these we cookin long we start the prepare the pizza okay now we
started with the pizza and we put a little oil and a barrel over here I was
washing my hands nice and clean air spreaded oil all over the place
I use a parchment paper like this agnostic and apart it’s really good now
I gotta use a little bit oil on this my hands look at this you look like a
mozzarella okay with porous and that we gotta make a show the spread all over
the place this okay this time of the pizza Cecilia pizza I need a little
extra oil in this you gotta use your finger and you make a little hole like
that like this is the sauce everything it goes really true okay now the time
the fat a be ready we live a stay like this again relax
a growing bit more ok now the top it was cooked like 13 the 14-minute a whip or a
over here I got a spoon and we gotta start the pourer on top of
the pizza a mega should not be too wet say it’s a little dry
and we start poor everything is smell really good all right enough we pour
everything every place okay now I got some bread crumb a we put on the top can
make the cross the nice a crispy look a nice it look it look beautiful
this wanna take a round for your own hmm okay now we put an oil oh you’re the
only good good all year with Belle nice color regard this oil okay now this
he got agony oven the oven it’s 400 degree it look up beautiful all right
hey I take around 1 it’s ready okay let’s ready the girl oh okay
look beautiful okay we live a cool off a little bit like this relax a little bit
a whip Orion this board over here in the corner
okay now let’s test the pizza ah look really beautiful not really hot
Apple right over here ya wanna taste them now let’s see look a beautiful
spawn shit it look like really really nice
nah it can taste that Tamara and the pizza don’t the Cecilia pits are really
good look at them mmm beautiful it come out delicious with the type everything
in the irony of the tomato then Jovi in the pits of dog it’s a delicious
I hope somebody make thank you very much the pizza it’s a really good thank you
and we see next time thank you okay now role of the bloopers governor
my wife you are a boner yeah a born move we’re on
opiates hey no pétain habits like that about me
no but they do we have it for Taylor – habits
no look you want to be on the pitch come over you NEX me you want to be on the
pitch okay now we put an oil or can i hey you
gotta speak good English okay it’s okay okay okay oh okay look beautiful all
right not rolling the bubbles okay now rolling the Papas okay now roll it the
boobless bloopers okay now roll it the bloopers Hey