It is typical problem situation for trade firms Excess stock, lost sales and frequent orders But SIMPLE-system can optimally decide what, when and how much to order This is initial data from your accunting database imported in text format All commodities, suppliers, moves of commodities to and from a warehouse Parameters about the conditions – order costs, lead times with deviations and so on Now we launch processing the data to develop optimal stock limits Positions are ranged We see the actual dynamics for each the inventory position and also lost sales calculated when remnants are shallow Those positions can be filters using marks on the left It is very convinient to see each position dynamic and also the need for order quantities which can be corrected right here Also you can check how SIMPLE-system can make forecast demand and possible deviation from what is expected We weigh each data and also use seasonality and trend expectation if data is enough This is part of stock norms calculation- for current and safety stock You can figure out that we use margins of positions together with all forecasts and supplying conditions – to calculate limits that lead to maximum ROI This is actual total dynamics in dollars – how commodities came in and out of the warehouse This is optimal ready order for “today” The supplier turns red- so optimal order point is already reached Total order amount could be corrected If we agree we put the order in transit state. It is shown under corresponding supplier We can see “goods in transit” also here …depicted Stock limits are shown as blue arrow Also very positive feature of SIMPLE-system is that you can make simulations of what would be if you have applied the developed policy Pink graph – simulated dynamics and it corresponds to data in last column of the table above You can see improvement in stock size, margin sold and order costs. The result- ROInventory rises greatly And it is the profitability of your trade business!!! Just think of it You can directly fix an time between orders of you have such a policy All is recalculated Deleting goods in transit leads to order recalculation Visit for FREE TRIAL