Welcome everyone. So in today’s episode
I’m taking you on a shopping spree in Bugis Market Singapore so come let’s
explore this one down Bugis Street market is one of the
largest and cheapest market in the city of Singapore this is a place where
everyone comes and takes back loads of shopping bags along with a happy and
content smile on their faces you will get a number of things here right from
clothes, shoes, accessories, souvenirs electronics, knickknacks and so on and
there are as many as 800 stalls here which offer the latest in fashion and
all fairly priced too. Among the many popular item boogie street clothes
deserve a special mention as you can get a pair of jeans for merely $10 which in
Indian rupee approximately 600 and the starting change for t-shirt is around $5
and in Indian rupees it gets to around rupees 250 and the accessories are
available for as low as two dollars which is Indian rupee approximately 110.
The street market have recently gone a makeover and now covered with a
sprawling roof so that you can shop non-stop whether it rains or Shines. As with any popular retail spot in
Singapore Bugis street market has plenty of eating options to keep hungry
shoppers satisfied. Look for the excellent fresh juice bar on the ground
floor Reserve at least two hours to stroll
through the bubbled streets that make up the area. The shops on the ground floor
offer mostly cheap gifts and souvenirs and are very touristy. If you want to bring some souvenirs from
Singapore, Bugis street market is a perfect place to buy a few. You will find
different types of keychains postcards for only $1 I never miss to visit this shopping
Heaven for cheap and trendy items whenever I’m in Singapore I could fill
my entire luggage with Souvenirs bought from this place. Shirts, bags, chocolates,
toiletries, you name it and they have it so be sure to practice your Bargaining
art and haggling skills to get more value for your money I hope that you have really liked this
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