Welcome to the S word where I talk about, Shhhh…
sales! My name is Renee Hribar and if you are new here you’re going to want to hit
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am here to answer your questions! Today we’re talking about exactly why and how
to get someone to answer you when you direct message them. Whether it’s on
Instagram or Facebook or LinkedIn. You are on social media. You are connecting
with potential clients and people that can refer potential clients to you all
of the time! Thank you planet internet! How do you do it? I have a very simple
formula the 1 + 1 formula. Keep it short and simple one compliment, plus one
easy to answer question. For example I have a client who is very technical in
the work that she does. The work that she does is a done-for-you service which on
average takes minimum 90 days and on average six months to complete. So she’s
not a quick fix kind of girl. It was very hard for her to connect with people
after they had engaged with her page or engaged with a post or messaged
her it was hard for her to keep it short and simple in a text or message or
direct message or private message format but by using the one plus one formula it
was very simple and here are some mile markers to look for so when someone
connects with you or if you’re seeing someone saying hey I really want that
person’s attention you have to look them up you have to click on their profile if
they have a blog read it comment on it share it if they have a podcast listen
to an episode or five write a review share it comment on it if they’ve got
public information out there comment on it engage with it come into their sphere
come into their zone of reference offer value offer a cheering section sales
oftentimes is about coming to someone as a polite and kind and loving person so I
would talk all about this in my sell like a mother book because it is about
nurturing the sale it’s about caring for someone and having the best
intentions for them so when you’re coming at them and messenger keeping it
short and simple is vital no one has time for your blurb if it’s
bigger than the pop-up that alerts them that they have a message so you keep it
two to three sentences max when you are on their profiles you’re going to find
common ground that’s where you find out what you could compliment them on and
then you ask them one simple easy to answer question a yes or no answer this
is the opposite of what you would do if you were speaking on the phone or
face-to-face there you want to ask open-ended questions when you’re writing
something whether it’s an email a message in LinkedIn or anything on
Facebook or Instagram you’re going to want to keep it direct like do you write
about that often or are you from Detroit originally or have you always lived in
New Jersey simple not necessarily about business questions keep it simple you
the goal of the first message is to get them to answer you so you don’t want to
go in hard and fast with a fifteen hundred word essay and a link because
that feels bad from the receiving side and I think there are very highly
qualified highly intelligent amazing people out there that have a great
service to offer that are afraid to direct message anyone because they’ve
been on the receiving end of that crappy feeling so many times if you’re watching
this now you know one plus one formula keep it light eventually once you get to
know someone yes you will talk about business and I don’t mean eventually
like ten years from now I mean yes I am always from Detroit how about you yes I
am in fact that’s exactly where I filmed my show from oh really
what show oh it’s the S word and I talk all about sales and marketing and
training for service based providers oh really that’s interesting yeah it’s
actually awesome and I saw your profile and I thought you might be somebody
amazing to feature can I give you a link sure
see so it’s a conversation back and forth I’m not coming in like hey Pssst
link dropping a link in a message or an email first thing
without asking is like dropping your pants when you shake someone’s hand
don’t do it just don’t do it and my clients wouldn’t do that so when you
listen to this I want you to take this advice that 1+1 formula and know that
after 2 or 3 messages back and forth then it is appropriate to ask do you
want the link or I’d love to get on a coffee chat with you or I have time for
a quick call right now can I call you real quick right inside of messenger or
here’s my number can I call you real quick so you’re not putting a name on it
necessarily it doesn’t have to be a sales pitch or a sales call it’s a
conversation and every conversation lead somewhere whether it’s hey now you just
know someone else and the internet just got one person smaller that’s the worst
case scenario my friends that’s still a good scenario or they end up buying from
you you end up buying from them you end up collaborating something good will
come out of this I promise you’re putting good things out in the world now
when you go into messenger keep it short and simple I want you to put your
questions and comments below this ask away
because I’m here for you and if you’re having trouble even getting to the point
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